Chapter 1 - The Calm Before…

Kieran sighed. He had a long day ahead of him. As he sat in the Viridian pokemon centre, he tried to plan just how he was planning on reaching The Indigo Plateau. After all, it wasn't like you could just stroll through Victory Road. He looked around. There weren't very many people around. There were a couple of boys sitting at a table on the other side of the room, and a young girl, stroking a Cyndaquil, just a couple of tables away. He sighed again. For the first time in months, he might have to start the day without a battle.

Just then a girl walked in, older than the others. 15, maybe 16, and with the air of someone who knew what she was doing. Her long dark purple hair swung as she walked straight up to the desk and talked with the nurse, who checked each pokeball the girl handed her – only three? – before giving them back with a nod and a smile. As she was walking towards the exit, she suddenly noticed the Cyndaquil girl.

"Jenny?" said the trainer.

"Verena!" said the little girl, a joyful expression on her face. It quickly changed into a scowl. "It's Jennifer!" The Cyndaquil looked up, and the girl –Jennifer- carried on stroking it.

"How are you?" Said Verena, sitting down. "I didn't know you were in Kanto!" Both girls smiled, and Jennifer responded happily.

"Yeah, we moved just after I got Cyndy. But why are you here, shouldn't you be fighting at the gyms?" Verena smiled.

"I have. Well, seven of them." Kieran looked directly at them. She must be good! He couldn't miss a chance like this. "But how are you? Have you got any other pokemon?"

"Yes." said Jennifer. "I got this egg, and it hatched into a Latias! Look!" and there and then she opened up a poke ball and, sure enough, out came a Latias, which snuggled up to the young trainer. She patted it, and returned it. Verena stood up.

"Well, I think I have to go. I need to find somewhere to stay that's a bit more private then this place. Maybe we could catch up later, if you're planning on sticking around. I should be here for about a week or so? Bye!" and she started to walk out of the door.

Kieran jumped up, and ran for the door before she could leave. He said "Hey, you!" Verena turned around, one eyebrow raised. "Did I just hear you say you have seven badges?" She nodded. "Can I have a battle with you?" She sighed.

"Fine. My name's Verena. Full battle?" She said.

"Yeah. I'm Kieran." They walked out to a square outside the gym, where spectators could watch.

"Go, Blade!" Kieran's ultra ball released a Scyther, who looked glad to be out. Verena smiled.

"Go, Vapour!" A Vaporeon appeared, and looked directly at the Scyther.

"Blade, Gigaslice!" The Scyther's blade glowed, and it leapt at the Vaporeon.

"Vapour, dodge, then use your Ice Beam!" The Vaporeon got away with barely a scratch, and fired a blinding bolt of blue light at the Scyther which blasted the mantis pokemon into a tree. Kieran ran to it, but it had already fainted. He didn't let it get him down.

"Nice try Blade, return. Go, Ampharos! Thunder jolt!" Before Verena could even speak, a bolt of lightning had struck her Vaporeon. But it didn't faint. Quickly, she said

"Vaporeon, Sheer cold!"

"Ampharos, thunderbolt!" As the arc of lightning shot towards Vaporeon, the temperature plummeted, and Ampharos fainted. So did Vaporeon. The trainers glared at each other, and chose their next pokemon.

"Go, Lucario!" Said Kieran, as Verena said

"Go, Swellow!" Kieran smirked.

"A Swellow? Flying attacks can't touch Lucario." Verena smiled.

"Swellow, Flare Blitz!" Kieran's mouth changed to an 'o' as the Swellow was surrounded by fire and it struck his Lucario. Lucario fainted. Muttering darkly, he returned it. Choosing another poke ball, he threw it. A Kabutops came out.

"Kabutops, Rock Slide!"

"Swellow, Leaf Storm!" yelled Verena.

Kieran looked outraged.

"Fire and grass attacks on a bird! Isn't that cheating or something?!" Verena just smiled as razor sharp leaves struck the Kabutops and knocked it out, moments before huge boulders K.O.d the Swellow. Wordlessly, they both returned their pokemon. Unperturbed, Verena threw out the third and final pokeball on her belt. Kieran glowered at her smile, and threw out his fifth. He wasn't doing well. On Verena's side, a Jolteon. On Kieran's, a Charizard. Kieran put his head in his hands. The type advantage was hers. Going by experience, she didn't even need it.

"Sparx, Thunderbolt!"

"Charizard, Firedive!" A bolt of blue lightning seared the air where the Charizard had been, just as it flew high into the sky. Now Kieran smiled.

"Firedive?" Said Verena. "What is that?"

"Like Fly. Now, Charizard!" Kieran responded, still smiling.

"Sparx, dodge it!" The Charizard crashed into the ground, scorching it into a crater.

"Now, Discharge!" A cloud of electricity flew in all directions.

"Oh." said Kieran, as his Charizard fainted. "I've so lost." Verena looked at him quizzically.

"Why?" Kieran didn't say anything, just threw his last pokeball. A Gyrados appeared, shouting its power to the wind. An 'oooh' came up from the crowd. There was a crowd? Thought Kieran. How long has that been there?

"Gyrados, Bounce!" Verena smiled again, a sharklike smile.

"Thunder!" The sky went cloudy above the Gyrados, and a bolt of lightning struck it full on. Its yell reverberated through the whole city, and Kieran quickly recalled it.

"Ok, ok, you win. How are you so strong! You don't even have all eight badges yet!"

"I'm good." She said, somewhat arrogantly. They glowered at each other, and then collapsed into helpless laughter. Kieran walked forwards.

"Good battle. Do you think I could… um… buy you a drink?" "That'd be nice." The two fifteen year-olds walked back to the pokemon centre.


Gigaslice-Normal Type, Power 90, Accuracy 95, PP 10, High Critical hit rate. An upgrade to Cut, and may cut down trees. Physical

Thunder Jolt-Electric Type, Power 40, Accuracy 90, PP 25, Strikes first, May Paralyze. An Electric Quick Attack. Special.

Firedive-Fire Type, Power 130, Accuracy 95, PP 15. May burn, causes recoil. Flying on first turn. Like HM02, Fly with same weaknesses, cannot be used to reach other cities. Physical.