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Double Trouble Twelve-On the Trail

"Sorry." said Janine. "I haven't seen any girls that look like that."

Verena swore.
"She's an Eevee changeling, have you seen any Eevees?" she asked desperately.
"A couple, yes. Only one was female… her trainer was headed for the next gym, in Saffron." she said.

"Her trainer?" asked Jennifer.
"Yeah, tall guy, brown hair, green eyes. Wore glasses. Skilled trainer. Why are you asking this?"

"Thank you." said Verena, already outside.
"The Eevee is her daughter." explained Jennifer as she left.

Janine was left behind in the gym, more confused than she had been before they arrived.

* * *

"Go, Alakazam."

"Go, Eevee!"
"Counter with the same!"

Two blasts of mental energy collided, cancelling each other out.
"Psycho Cut. Slash through their attacks!"
"Protect, then Flamethrower!"

Up until then, the fighting skills displayed by Nathan's pokemon had failed to impress Sabrina, even when his Lunatone and Gyrados had defeated some of her pokemon. But this Eevee was making her stand up and pay attention.

"Focus Blast." she commanded, now really thinking.

"Shadow Ball!"

The orders went thick and fast, each one counteracting the previous, a Focus Blast shattered by a Psychic that was neutralised with a Shadow Ball, before an Earthquake knocked Alakazam to the floor.

Sabrina stared numbly as the Eevee followed up with a Take Down and a Bite, and her Alakazam fainted before she could begin another attack.

"Where did you get that Eevee?" she asked.
"Viridian Forest." replied Nathan with a smile. "A few years back, but now she's my strongest pokemon."
"I saw that." observed Sabrina. "You said that this was your eighth badge, correct? Where next?"
"Yep." said Nathan, scooping up the Eevee and holding her in his arms. "Next we're headed for Johto."
"I see." said Sabrina. "Then take these."
She handed over two things, the Saffron City badge, and a small CD. The CD was a TM-a device that could be used in conjunction with a pokedex to unlock hidden talents in pokemon. A small sticker upon it read K49-Psywave.

Nathan smiled.
"Thank you." he said.
"Good luck in the Johto League." Sabrina replied.

Nathan grinned, and left.

* * *

"What is it you seek?" asked Sabrina.
"We're looking for a boy, maybe sixteen. Brown hair, green eyes, tall. Had an Eevee with psychic and fire techniques." said Jennifer.
Verena hovered behind her, pacing agitatedly back and forth, her eyes red from lack of sleep.

"You're looking for Nathan Woods." answered Sabrina. "He battled me with his Eevee a few days back. Very powerful. He said he was headed for Johto."

Jennifer groaned, and Verena burst out.
"She's not an Eevee, she's my daughter!" she shouted.

Jennifer stared at her, worried, as her friend shouted at the gym leader. She had never seen her lose her cool like this.
"I'm sorry to hear that." said Sabrina. "If it's any consolation, he seemed to care for her, and she looked happy."

Jennifer winced.
"Happy?!" shouted Verena. "She's not a pokemon! She's a human too, and I'm going to get her back."

* * *


"Hello? Verena? How are y-what? Are you sure? Nathan Woods? I'll make sure he doesn't get far. Promise. I'll call you. Good luck, cousin."

* * *

"Of course I'll battle you." said the man, his tone friendly. He had longish gold hair-though it looked dyed. He was tallish, and quite good looking. He drew a pokeball from his belt. "What did you say your name was?"

"Nathan Woods." said his opponent, releasing his Eevee, who blinked at the sight of the other man.
"Don't leave this room." said the man, his tone suddenly frosty.

Nathan was utterly confused. He didn't have a clue what was going on. If he'd asked his Eevee, she might have been able to explain, not that Nathan could understand.

The man returned with a police officer.
"I have reason to believe that she is a Pokeblood." said the man.
The officer blinked.
"Adam, what evidence is there?" she said to the man.
"My cousin called me. There's evidence enough, just wait until she arrives." said Adam.

"What are you talking about?" asked Nathan. "I caught her fair and square in Viridian Woods."
"That's where she went missing." said Adam. He leant down to the Eevee. "Ellie? Is it you?"

The Eevee seemed to come out of her shock, and embraced him with a loud 'vee'.
"Has he done anything illegal?" Adam asked.

Ellie thought, and then shook her head.
Adam sighed.
"Then I can't hold you." he said.

"She's… a Pokeblood?" asked Nathan, dubious.
Adam nodded.
"Then… I'll stay." said Nathan.

* * *

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