Author: Furyan Goddess
Title: Bloodlust
Rating:NC-17. Language, situations. Talk of murder and death. Tasting of blood (hence the name). The link of blood to sex and eroticism.
Fandom: Riddick-Pitch Black
Disclaimer: Do not own Riddick, Johns or anyone else from the movie Pitch Black and I make no money at this. She's mine though.
Summary: Someone has a little blood fetish, do they have company?

Pairing: Riddick/OFC
Archive: Maybe, just ask
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Authors Note: This is dark and it turned into a different take of the movie. Didn't plan on it that way but we all know how the stories like to lead us. Some dialog and situations will be altered to fit this story.

Haima is pronouncedhah'-ee-mah

1 blood
a. of man or animals
b. refers to the seat of life
c. of those things that resemble blood, grape juice
2 blood shed, to be shed by violence, slay, murder


Those who know of me would fear me, if they lived through the experience. The few that dare whisper my name, taste the end of my blade once I track them down. Why? Because I like it, no other reason. I love to kill. I love the sound of their pleading. The scent of their fear and the taste of their blood. Copper. Delicious.

I'm a ghost. A phantom and I kill at will. Evil some might say. Perhaps. I don't kill kids and usually spare women. Most are dumb cunts anyway who have no idea who they're fucking with. Vengeance. I kill the fucks that need killing. Merc's, rapists, child molesters and murderers, if they step over the moral line I've drawn up in my head. I respect some, others need to die. I make them die and cum in my pants while I do it.

How did I become a killer? Was it forced into it? Scared as a child? Molested? No. I kill because I can. Because I woke up one day and wanted to see what it was like. I searched out my victim, studied him closely. Followed him and watched as he grabbed a woman and pulled her into a back alley. Stupid bitch. She had no idea how easy of a mark she was.

I crept up behind him and spoke. He turned around and let go of the woman. I told her to run and to my surprise, she did. The man looked at me, sneered and figured I wasn't much of a challenge. Just a kid so I increased my innocence and took a step closer to him. He thought he had an easy kill. He was wrong. He never saw my shiv. Only felt it as it slipped in-between his ribs and punctured his heart. He gasped, coughed and spit blood on my face. I tasted it and had my first orgasm. Now, I'm addicted to it like a drug. I can't get enough of it. Not enough of the blood or the death.

Bleeding the victim, that's the best. Just watching it drip and drip. Such a turn on. I wear a charm around my neck and it opens up into a small cup, perfect for a half ounce shot. That's all I need. Just a taste and I'm lost.

I've lost count of the number I've killed a long time ago but I do know one thing. Because of me, people have a better chance at a safe life. Well some do. Others are living on borrowed time. Just depends on what side of my blade you're on.

Always on the look out for my next sip. I can smell it, can almost taste it. Hummm. A+, laced with Adrenalin and the slightly bitter taste of morphine. Yum.

It's a merc this time that needs to be dead. Johns, William J. He killed a few kids for the fuck of it, just to collect a bounty. Sick. He needs to die. I'm gonna help him with that.

Follow him. Watch him. He's strung tight. Cocky. Got his payday. Big man. I breathe deep. He's a killer and he smells like heaven. AB-, the rarest type. Never tasted it before and I find myself almost drooling for a sip. Not yet. Maybe he'll offer me some, on his own. Maybe I'll just take it from him if he doesn't.

The payday stops and cocks his head in my direction. He can't see me but he knows I'm there. Blindfolded. He can't smile cause there's a bit in his mouth but I have a feeling he is. He's got my scent as sure as I got his. Interesting. Wonder if he wants a taste of me?

Need a boarding pass. Ships full. Who to kill? Not the kid. Girls strong, O-, universal donor, and getting ready to bleed for the first time. The couple's strong too and I only need one locker. Not the holy man or the kids, all O+. Most common. Innocent. Too sweet for my taste. Ah, the little weasel with the glasses. He's useless and just plain slimy. I don't even want a taste of him. It'd be bland and flat, your basic A+. Lick the blade clean, force of habit. He was dead soon anyway, high cholesterol. A ticking time bomb.

Slip into the locker across from Johns. I can keep an eye on him here. Same with the tasty AB-. Look at all those chains. Fuckin' sexy.

Wonder if this tin can will make the long journey? Hope so, don't feel like dying just yet. Too many people to kill. Tasty man looks my way again and growls softly. I watch his nostrils flair and feel my blood start to sing. Calling him. Humm, I want a piece of him. With or without the chains, doesn't really matter. Need to get rid of Johns first.

The fuck Johns just looked at me and smiled. He has no idea that he's staring at death. Bet he didn't think it'd look like me. Five-five, thin with blonde hair and black eyes. Angel of death.

Blood turns blue. Fuckin' cryo. Messes with the taste. As I slip under, I lick my lips and dream of AB-.


The scream of alarms is the first thing I hear. Then I smell the blood. Three different donors. All men. Not Johns and not AB-. Good. The ships lurches and rips in half then everything goes black.

Voices. Blood. The sting of butane and the heat of fire. My coffin opens and I'm looking up at a woman. The one from the couple. Glad I didn't kill her. She's O +. Strong. Dependent and very useful. Same with her man.

I only got a busted lip. Not bad when you consider the look of the ship. Most of the passengers are gone. Blood and death everywhere. My kinda place.

Kid lived, so did Johns. AB- is gone but he's still around. Can smell him. Hear him. The ebb and flow of his blood speaks to me. He's uncut but nothing can hide his scent from me now.

Captain. Female. A+. Smells like guilt and nerves. She's weak, unsure. She'll be stupid and believe the shit that Johns spews to her. Pat her on the back. Thank her for saving us. Right. From the looks of the debris trail, we hit full speed with no one at the controls.

I know I should kill Johns now, but it'd draw too much attention. They'd know it was me and turn on me. No, need to bide my time and make nice with with my colleague. I catch a glimpse of AB- chained to a beam and I make my way to him.

I sit across from him. He's still blindfolded but there's a slight tear in it and he can see me. More than likely, he's like me and using his other senses. We don't speak. No need too. Biding our time. He'll escape and then we'll find each other. What happens then is anyone's guess.

Is he the kinda man that has to be top dog or will he be willing to play who's the better killer? First contact has been made, now to put on the show for the other fucks.

Take inventory. No water. Grab some food, a bottle of liquor. Tuck them in my bag.

He's gone now. Johns' pissed as hell. Too fuckin' funny. Weapon up, strap on the big gage. Scare them some more Johns, project your fears. Skull fuck you. That's a good one. Need to remember that. I grab a few more knives just 'cause I like them and to make it look good.

Johns' watches me and amusement in his eyes. Thinks I can't handle them. Big mistake Mr. Johns. Big fuckin' mistake.

Shazza's making breathers. Grab an extra when no one's looking. May come in handy later. Johns' will never give AB- one.

Three sun's, interesting. Fucking hot as hell. Can't kill Johns under the cover of night. Need a new plan.


AB- has a name and his name is Riddick. I've heard of him. Bloody bastard. Lethal. Surprised I didn't recognize him before. He's kinda like an idol of mine. A secret crush if you will. Maybe it's cause he's missing the goggles. My day just improved drastically and Johns chances of living just dropped down to zero. Riddick won't care. Kill him when he gets the chance. Everyone knows he's a killer. Not me. Got to play it cool. Riddick knows though.

They search for water. I search for Riddick. Seven stones to keep the devil at bay. They have no idea that the devil's woman is walking right beside them, smiling.

Trees. What a dumb fuck Johns. Trees move. Those don't. A huge graveyard. My kinda place. Would lay money on Riddick being here. Shelter. Shade and death calls to us. Search the bones while the kids play.

A strong arm grabs me and pulls me up. I'm under him, a homemade bone shiv to my throat as his weight presses against me. I look him straight in the eyes even though I only see my reflection and smile and press a little harder with my right hand. He raises a brow at me and eases the blade away. So do I.

I sit up and make room for him as I offer him a drink of liquor. He takes it and drinks a long pull, never taking his eyes off me. I take a sip, unknowingly leave the blood from my split lip behind on the rim. Riddick takes the bottle back and licks the drop of crimson from it and recaps it. I shudder at the sight and feel myself getting wet. He grins, knowing the effect he has one me. Fuck, I can't wait to taste him. Soon.

We both can hear Johns and Fry talking from where we sit and shake our heads. Seems Fry's got good reason to smell like guilt. She tried to kill us all in our sleep.

He whispers in my ear, "Party's moving. Get going."

I shiver from the sound of his voice and his hot breath against my ear. I jump down and join the band of marry travelers earning a strange look from Johns. I can tell he's wondering where I was at. He actually thinks I'm gonna fuck him. Right, never happen. I remain quiet and give him an innocent look. He falls for it. Tells me not to wander off alone and to watch out for Riddick. I nod solemnly and agree. He moves closer and I can smell the drugs leeching out of his system along with his sweat. He's about due for another spike.

One of the kids finds a robot. Strange but when we come across a small settlement, not so much. Deserted though. Everything left where it was. Something happened to these people.

Fry finds a ship and thinks we can fix it. Ship isn't big enough for all of us, I can tell that right away. Six cryo chairs, a pilot and co-pilot. Eight chairs, eleven people. A few short. Who'll be left behind? Gee, I wonder?