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GBH of the Ear'ole

What happened after "Quids and Quavers"? Here it is revealed as Arthur gets Terry a job as a singer.

"'Ello Marge," Terry said, "Why the siren?"

"Oh that was another police car, my Cortina is outside." Margery replied, "Who was that walking out your flat? looks familiar."

"Arthur…Arthur Daley," Terry replied reluctantly.

"Sounds familiar too, my mum bought a TV of him from some man selling them from door to door, I think she needs a hearing aid now."

"'Earing aid?"

"Yes, well apparently the sound waves are not built for humans, so how do you know him."

"I 'er do a bit of work for 'im."

"Work for Arthur Daley, dodgiest dealer in London!"

"Yeah, well 'e gives me a bit of cash from time to time, lets go out for a drink!" Terry said trying to drop the subject.

Arthur got out of his Jag and walked into a club.

"Hello Arthur, aint seen you round here for a while," The manager said.

"Hi Olly, look a boy of mine 'as got singing talent! E'll be on Top of The Pops in no time!" Arthur said.


"Well lets get a few performances rolling down 'ere, there'll be a nice littler earner in it for both of us!"

"I want a big earner Arthur!"

"Yeah cause Olly! Lets say you give me a ton for putting 'im on!"

"Me pay you? Look that'll be happening when he's a big hit."

"Look lets say e'll turn out massive, people will want to stay in the club and get more drinks, meaning more earnings for you!"

"Alright Arthur, I'll give you 50, for one night and I'll see what he's like."



"Deal," Arthur said excitedly, "when is 'e on then!"

"Tomorrow night! The band in has to clear out early and then your boy can come on!"


"Tomorrow or no deal Arthur!"

"Alright, alright, show us the readies then!"

Olly pulled out a load of cash from his pocket. "30 now 30 after."

"Alright," Arthur said already taking the money.

"Always out for a earner aren't you Arthur, you'd even make your Minder Terry sing wouldn't you!"

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