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Chapter 7

Arthur and Terry both got out of Arthur's Jaguar and made their way towards the entrance of the club, on entering Olly was waiting.

"I thought you two would never turn up," Olly said.

"Would we turn this establishment down?" Arthur said, "Well Terry get up on stage."

"Uh…yeah," Terry mumbled.

"What the hells wrong with his voice?" Olly asked Arthur.

"'E's just relaxing it to make sure its ready for the performance," Arthur replied.

"Well get up on stage then!" Olly shouted pointing towards the stage.

Terry slowly made his way towards the stage, in no condition to fight Olly's bouncers, or to sing.

Dave walked into the club after his relief had arrived at the Winchester.

"This is a…" Terry mumbled coughing, "…song called Margery."

"Oh my gawd," Arthur said leaning over the bar, "Large VAT please."

Terry began to sing in a slow, groggy tone "When the moon is blue…"

Dave made his way towards Arthur, "No Bob Dylan is he?"

Arthur replied, "no, I think I just better see a man about a dog."

"You stay were you are Daley!" Olly shouted, "Shut it Terry!"

"Look, we don't want any trouble we'll just go," Terry said to Olly making his way down from the stage.

"Then give me my money back Arthur!"

"All of it?" Arthur asked wanting to still make a small profit.

"Yes, the 30 quid I gave you before the performance"

"And let me guess, another 30 after," Terry said thinking about the 20 pounds in it for him, "Thanks a lot Arthur."

Arthur reluctantly pulled the money out of his wallet and handed it to Olly, "I want you two gents to leave now please!"

Arthur, Terry and Dave left the club, "Arthur, you can forget all that manager rubbish you were talking about, from now on my musical career is over." Terry complained.

"But Terrence, a first gig is bound to go a little wrong, I've got a mate, who's got a mate who's getting married and needs some entertain…" Arthur stopped as Terry walked very quickly in the opposite direction, "Terry! Terrence!"

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