"Amiyah, could you get me a latte?" Melina said fingering through her hair.

"Sure, no problem." I said making some notes on pad.

Let's see where I should start. I guess with who I am, I'm Amiyah Tinning and I work for the WWE. I always wanted to work her ever since I saw my first wrestling match. Of course I'm not a wrestler, I work with costumes, designing and possibly fixing little mistakes. Somewhere along the way, costumer designer became personal assistant for some of the wrestlers. It's always Amiyah get this, get that. Or, I need this or I need that. It bugged me at first but after awhile I got used to it.

I kind of keep to myself most of the time. I have a few friends here, mainly Stephanie McMahon and Mickie James. The rest of the group just thinks of me as kind of geeky and the go fetch girl. With the way I dress, I don't really blame them. I wear clothes two sizes too big hiding any possible shape I may have under here. Don't worry about my shape, it's mostly round with no definition in my opinion. I wear glass and usually my hair is all a tumble and curly. I try to squeeze as much as possible into a ponytail but it just end up with pieces sticking out looking like I didn't do anything. I'm pretty tall maybe about 5'9" with caramel complexion and I'm 29 years old.

After getting everything for Melina and a couple of other wrestlers, I went into my little office and start sketching a new design. I love to design clothes, a guilty pleasure of mine. There have been so many things that I've done for Stephanie and other divas around here, even helped with a couple of suits for the guys. I never have worn any of my works, I usually have Stephanie or Torrie model it. My house is pretty much the same too, full of clothes or picture designs.

I heard a knock on the door and looked up to see Stephanie coming in, "Hey honey, how are you?"

"Good, just working on some things."

"Oh, got something good for me?" she said peeking over my shoulder.

"Hey!" I said clutching the tablet to my chest, "No peeking. An artist is trying to work."

"Well, excuse me." She laughed and I couldn't help but laugh with her.

"So, what brings you here?"

"Come to see you, Paul is busy with promotion and I can't find Mickie."

"You should check Kennedy's room."

"No way, are you serious?"

"Yea, they hooked up about a week ago, remember when she blew us off a week ago? It was for him."

"Wow, good for her. Although, I thought it would be someone other than him."

"You and me both."

"Well, now all we have to take care of is you."

"And do what?" I said looking at her strangely.

"Get you with someone."

I still have internal bruises from the last one."

"It was Chris Masters and he was a jerk anyway. Besides, you didn't dress up or anything."

"I don't have girlie clothes."

"But you have girlie designs." Before I knew it my sketch book was snatched out of my hands.

"Hey Steph, give it back." I said reaching for it.

"You have plenty of girlie designs here and…" she stopped at one picture, "Is this Mark?" she said staring at the drawing I made.

"Maybe." I said crossing my arms.

"You have been drawing him? Oh my God, do you have a crush on him?"

"It's nothing." I said taking my tablet back, "It's just, I wanted to see if I can draw people and I used him as a model."

"Well, they are really good. You know if you do have a crush on Mark, you should tell him."

"So, he can point and laugh."

"I don't really see Mark as the point and laugh type guy."

"The point being I'm not his type. I'm no one's type, no one wants me. Aidan taught me that himself."

"Amiyah, are you still harboring over that jerk. How dare he tell you that he doesn't think you are good enough for him?"

"It's okay; I'm completely cool with that. My mom has a great life and she was never married."

"Sweetie, you are too good and too sweet to not have someone enjoy you. Come on, I'll find Mickie and we'll go get some lunch."

"Oh fine." I said sitting my tablet down, "But if they are doing anything I want to make a request to have my eyes clawed out."

Mark walked around the place trying to locate that girl. He remembered hearing that the costume designer was here, but where was she? Damn, people never around when you need them. He had this premiere to go to and he needed his pants hemmed. Every damn tailor was full so he just went along with the person here. He was about to give up when he saw his good friend Glen walking up

"Glen, what's up man?"

"Hey, where are you rushing too?"

"I need to find that tailor girl."

"Oh yea, I think her name is Amy or Mia or something."

"Yea, her, you know where her office is?"

"Yea, it's right around there." Mark walked past him, "Hey, what are doing?"

"I need to get these pants fixed and Dave told me she's real good."

"She is but she keeps to herself; besides talking to Stephanie and Mickie. I know John talks to her too when he's here."

"I don't care who she talks to as long as she can do these pants."

"Hey man, how are things going with the divor…?"

"Don't ask." Mark said cutting him off.

Mark had been divorce for the past couple of months now. He knew it was coming; there were just too many things that weren't the way it was in the beginning. In the beginning, there were love letters, unexpected drop in and sexy calls. Everything slowly stopped and the calls were fewer and fewer. When she finally sent word to him that she was moving out, that's when he hurried home. It was collapsing right in front of him. Then she said those words, I want a divorce. Mark could fight it but he chose not to. He lost the feeling long ago as well, it was like coming home was more of chore and that his wife was just some stranger. Something that started so simply didn't end that way; she got vicious and wanted half of everything. Good thing Mark did invest in that prenup, the best advice Vince ever gave him. Now, Mark started to enjoy the single man stays and found himself the object of a lot of women. Who says you can't be a playboy after 40? Mark has been with most of the cutie new divas around here and kept his heart out of the equation. Everything gets a lot easier that way.

The two big men finally reached the door and Mark knocked a couple of times. No answer.

"Maybe she went to lunch or something."

"Damn it, I bet she won't mind much." Mark opened the door to the chaos.

Clothes were thrown on the couch and pieces of paper were all over the desk by the sewing machine. There was a mannequin in the middle with a piece of fabric wrapped around the lower part.

"She takes her job seriously." Glen said.

"I guess so." Just then Mickie walked in shocked not to see Amiyah.

"Hey, what are you two doing here?" she asked.

"We are looking for the wardrobe girl Mia." Mark said.

"Or maybe her name is Mya." Glen said.

"Close gentleman but her name is Amiyah and I'm looking for her myself. What's going on?"

"I need some help with my pants." Then something caught his eye. He went closer to the table to look at the tablet and saw him. Well his picture and it was the best drawing he ever saw, but why was it of him and who is this girl.

"Her name is Amiyah?" Mark asked.

"Yea." Mickie said trying to see what capture Mark's attention so.

"You got a picture of her or something."

"Yea, this one we all took a couple of months ago." She dug into her purse and pulled out the photo. He recognized Stephanie and Mickie but then he saw the mess standing between them. She looked like she had potential but a little geeky. He didn't know why but he was somewhat drawn to the little mess there.

"Next time you see your friend, tell her to come see me." Mark said handing her back the picture and leaving Mickie stunned.