I didn't do much at the party; it kind of passed me by

I didn't do much at the party; it kind of passed me by. I would talk to the other guys and heard them congratulate me, but I was looking for Mark. I haven't seen him and he haven't come yet. I know Stephanie told him to come; maybe he's angrier than I thought. No, he wouldn't do that. He would miss the night when I was looking killer in this form fitting black dress that had a lacey at the top.

Most of the guys around the party were really acknowledging me. I know Randy came up to me to strike a conversation.

"You look beautiful tonight." He said.

I lowered my eyes and looked up, "Thank you. I appreciate you coming here."

"No problem, if you start a men's line I want to make sure that I get first call of the clothes." I started laughing, "Wow, Mark was right. You do have a beautiful smile."

"You are a charmer aren't you?"

"I don't call it charming, I call it paying a beautiful woman a compliment."

"I bet you do."

"So, if you don't mind me asking, are you seeing Mark anymore?"

"You have been really sweet Randy, but I do actually mind you asking."

"What's wrong?" he said looking at me with concern.

"It's nothing really just your normal thing that people go through."

"Well, I hope it's nothing to prevent anything else from happening." He said slightly rubbing my shoulders giving me that innocent smile. Oh please, from what I hear, the last time he was innocent was when he was born.

He so reminded me of Aidan, the typical playboy look. I just talked to him to be nice or to just past the time till Mark showed. I wouldn't try to make him jealous by using Randy; Mark may kill him.

"Hey Orton, don't you have somewhere to be?" I looked up and saw Glen.

"I'm exactly where I want to be." Randy said not taking his eyes off me.

"No, I mean don't you really have somewhere else to be." Glen said slightly pulling Randy towards him.

"What the hell is your problem, man?"

"A guy not recognizing when someone is trying to save him." Glen said narrowing his eyes.

"I'll talk to you later Amiyah." Randy said moving back inside and I waved at him.

"Thanks." I said to Glen when I was sure Randy was gone.

"I figured better me than Mark."

"He isn't coming, is he?" I said looking down at my hands.

"I haven't really talked to him about it. I know he did tell me he has something to tell you." Glen said with a little smile.

"What? What's going on?"

"Hey, I don't know. He said that he had something to tell you."

"So, how do you feel about Wrestlemania, we leave tomorrow?"

"I'm always pumped. A few of the guys went ahead and headed out to party out there."

"I was wondering where some of them were. Could Mark already be there?"

"He didn't say anything."

"Do you think it was wrong to pressure him?"

"Nah, a little pressure for Mark does wonders. I know you are a good person and you are good for him. He may think you need something else, but he needs someone exactly like you or better, he needs you." I laughed.

"Thanks Glen, you know I think I'm going to turn in early."

"Looking like that, you are leaving your own party?"

"Yea, I don't really feel to well."

"He'll come around sweetie."

"No, I just really don't feel well. I'll be okay. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Alright, good night." I gave Glen a kiss on the cheek and walked over towards Stephanie dancing with Paul.

"Hey, what's up?" she said.

"Hey, I think I'm going to turn in."

"Are you sure? You can't leave just yet."

"We have to get up early tomorrow, I might as well go."

"Alright, I'll see you in the morning." I nodded and gave Paul a kiss on the cheek, "See you later, big brother."

"Hey, I'll come by your room to get you tomorrow morning."

"If you must." I whined with a smile and he mussel my hair, "Hey!" I pouted.

"Get some sleep." Paul said and I left.

I went to wait for the elevator; I thought I should call Mark when I get to my phone in my room. Friends talk to each other, we can do that. It doesn't have to be so cold and why am I backing down from my own stipulation. Man, I'm weak.

Once I heard the elevator, I walked in not noticing if anyone was in there. I was ready to curl up in bed or pace the room on whether I was going to call Mark. As soon as it started moving, I slipped off my shoes realizing how much my feet were starting to hurt.

"Still can't handle high heels, huh?" I blinked at the voice and realized whom it sounded like.

I turned around and saw Mark leaning against the back of the elevator, now how the hell didn't I notice his big ass. Let you know how much I wasn't paying attention.

"You know me and heels."

"You look good tonight." He said and I kept facing the front.

"Thanks. Where were you heading?" I said turning half way towards him.

"I was actually on my way to your little party until I saw you in here. Why did you leave early?"

"I just wanted to go ahead and get ready for Wrestlemania tomorrow. You know a big day tomorrow."

"Yea, I know."

"Are you ready to be 16-0?" I smiled and he smiled back.

"I don't know if I'll get this one."

"Don't you say that, you know you are the master out there. Go kick Edge's ass even though I do like Adam." I laughed as he shook his head.

It fell silent for a minute for awhile, the first uncomfortable silence we ever had, "Darlin', if I ask you something, will you tell me the truth?"

"Every time." I smiled.

"Why do you draw me?" I sighed.

"I guess I can finally answer that. I admired you back before you introduced yourself to me. I guess in a way I was hoping."


"In ancient time, they believe that if you paint someone that you have a little piece of them with you and then if it's someone you desire, then they will return it. In a way I guess I was hoping that you would return it."

"I have to admit when I first saw the picture I thought that you were maybe a crazy fan, but when Mickie showed me your picture, something told me that I had to get to know you." I looked down kind of shifting my feet.

"This has to be the slowest elevator ever." I said finally looking up and smiling.

He just kept staring down at me. I turned back around to face the door. I felt his hands touch my lower back and I jumped. Oh come on, all the times that we had sex and I'm still jumping when he touches me! My body and I need to have a serious talk.

"I know you are smiling to yourself Mark and it's not funny." I said not turning around, hearing him laughing.

"If you have my point of view it is." And I couldn't help but laugh with him.

Okay, I'm feeling goofy; I need to get out of here. The elevator finally reached my floor.

"Well, I better get to bed." I said walking out, "Good night."

"Night Amiyah."

I watched the elevator door close and that's when I headed back towards my room. I sighed to myself feeling a little better about things. I finally got that off my chest and what the hell did he mean about the crazy fan part. I better ask him about that tomorrow.

I slid in my keycard and opened the door; I threw my shoes on the couch and pulled my hair down. I was heading to my room when I heard the knock of my door. I wonder who that could be.

I went to open the door and was shocked to see Mark standing there. I just stared at him as he stood there against the doorframe. I stepped back as he moved inside, closing the door behind him. His eyes darken and his tongue took a swipe across his lips almost like he was hunting me. Suddenly he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him to kiss him.

I leaned into the kiss as he ravished me. I held on to the back of his neck, trying to return that same animalistic pleasure that he was giving me. He pushed me back into the bedroom. I got so lost that I didn't realize that Mark had unbutton and pulled down the top of my dress. I don't even remember helping him. I pulled away long enough for him to take off his jacket and throw it. His lips returned back to mine and I felt him pulling down the rest of my dress. I stepped out of it and felt him push me down on the bed. He looked down at me and took off his shirt.

I was waiting to feel him on top of me, but he didn't comply. He kneeled down and rubbed the back of my thighs. His hands reached up to my underwear and slid them off. He spread my legs wide, rubbing my hot moist center. I bit down on my bottom lip as I felt his huge fingers inside of me. He pushed them in quickly and slowly withdrew them out. Yea, I think this is a form of torture, it's nice, but torture none the less. He pulled his fingers out and pulled my butt to the edge of the bed. He spread my pussy lips and I felt his thick tongue inside of me. I got short of breath as he continued to push his tongue in. I was thrashing my head around going mad with pleasure. I could feel myself cumming soon.

"Oh Mark." I said grinding my pussy against his manipulative tongue.

I felt millions of sensations burst through me. I arched my back as he let me ride his tongue till I calmed down. He pulled himself away from between my legs and I lifted up to grab his belt buckle. I wanted him inside of me so bad. He pulled my bra straps down and I finished the job for him, taking it completely off.

"Get back in the bed." It wasn't a request, it was an order. I pushed myself till I was at the head of the bed. He took off his pants and I saw his glorious cock, hard and he started stroking it.

He climbed on top of me, and I welcomed his weight on top of me. He kissed me again, this time it was a little bit gentler, but I could feel his cock slowly pushing itself inside of me.

"Amiyah, I have something to tell you." He said. He wants to have a conversation during sex? I drew my eyebrows together in confusion.

"I was stupid for hurting you even if you want to tell me I didn't, I know I did." He was fully inside of me, "Every since you bumped into me, I have wanted you. I tried to deny it, but I just got pulled more into you." He started to move inside of me slowly.

My heart was starting to tug at what he was doing inside of me and what he was saying.

"I never been one to be good with words, except for when I tell you how you feel wrapped around me like right now." He said and I dug my nails into his back chewing on my bottom lip.

He started to quicken his pace a little, baring his teeth. I pulled him down to kiss him to hide my moans.

He pulled away realizing what I was doing, "As much as I love to kiss you, I like to hear you scream my name."

"Oh Mark." I breathed as I wrapped my legs around his waist.

"That's it. Oh baby, you got me where you want me, I can't be with anyone else and I don't ever want you to forget who you belong to."

"I won't baby." I said meeting his rhythm feeling myself cumming again soon,

Oh my God, he wants to be with me. He honestly wants me, just the sheer thought of that made my eyes water. Sexually or otherwise, I knew I could never want anyone as much as I wanted him and he pretty much let me know that the feeling was mutual.

He leaned down and licked my neck. I ran my fingers through his hair as I moaned out. I could feel it; I could feel my body giving in.

He whispered into my ear, "I love you." I screamed out his name as I finally came again.

My eyes were closed as I heard him growled. I could feel him pulsating inside of me finally cumming inside of me. I opened my eyes and felt him lay his head on my shoulder. I ran my fingers through his hair as I smiled. He lifted up and his intense green eyes met mine.

"Did you honestly say that?" I smiled.

"Oh yea, I really do."

"I love you too." I said and lifted up to kiss him.

"Well, you got me now, no turning back." I said as he stared down at me, moving a few stay pieces of my hair out of my face.

One of corner of his mouth turned up into a smirk, "Good." He said.

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