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A/N: 'Thoughts' are Seph's

'Thoughts' are Cloud's

Forever pt 2

Sephiroth made his way downstairs ready to face a very angry Cloud but to his surprise he finds said blond sitting at the table in the dining room next to the kitchen, his head laying ontop of his hands, like he was asleep.

'Has he been crying?'

Sephiroth slowly approaches him, "Cloud..?" He asks in a questioning tone, not sure what to say instead. Cloud gives no response, so Sephiroth decides to get him a glass of water and places it in front of him.

As soon as the glass hits the table, Cloud looks up and murmurs a "Thanks" before slowly gulping the water down. His face has no tear stains nor is his eyes red. In fact he looked fine to Sephiroth.

'Well other than the depressed look he has right now.'

Sephiroth takes a seat in front of Cloud and starts to think of what to say. He doesn't have to think for long as Cloud decides to start off with "I'm sorry you had to see that. I guess I'm stressed," He laughs but it doesn't sound happy, "I don't handle stress that well but you can see that clearly." He sighs, "I shouldn't have said that to Zack even though he's the one that got me drunk and messed with my clock. I overreacted badly and said things I didn't mean and what's worse is that it's Zack, my brother who I know probably has a reason for it other than what I accused him for." Cloud sighs once more, "Well thanks for listening Seph." He then starts playing with the empty glass.

Sephiroth just blinks amazed that he didn't have to say anything to get Cloud to calm down, he had done it himself! But he still had something to say to Cloud, "You say you don't handle stress well but you managed to reason with yourself pretty well Cloud. So you will be able to make amends with Zack, I'm sure everything will be ok if you tell him what you said to me." He says this with a small smile but Cloud just nods still playing with the glass. Sephiroth looks down for what he's about to say.

'He's probably going to get mad again but I can't just let Zack get blamed for something he didn't do.'

"Cloud," The way Sephiroth said Cloud's name made him stop playing with the glass and look at him instead. "Your clock... Zack didn't do it. I did. I set the time." With that last sentence Sephiroth looked up to meet Cloud blank stare.

For a moment there was silence before it was broken with "What?" Cloud face finally had some emotion in it, confusion.

"Why, Seph?"

Cloud almost sounds like he was whining. Almost.

Sephiroth sighed, "Like you said you get easily stressed, however I planned to use that as an advantage. Have you noticed something Cloud?"

Cloud pondered for a moment his right hand leaning on his cheek. The cool metal of his watch suddenly made him shiver.

'Watch..? Wait why am I wearing-'

The realization soon hit him straight after as he stood up and looked down on himself. "I'm already dressed? When did I..?"

Sephiroth had to stop himself from laughing at Cloud's panicked face. He couldn't stop the smile though, "I figured you would be stressing out that you were late so you focused on getting ready. I know you Cloud; once you focus on something you will be solely dedicated to that alone. I apologize for tricking you, but it was for your own good."

Cloud opened and shut his mouth a couple of times before facepalming.

'Do I stress out that badly, that you had to even trick me so that I get ready for my own wedding?'

He shook his head before facing Sephiroth with a smile that somehow did not reach his eyes. Sephiroth shivered slightly; there was something with that smile. "Thanks Seph! Seriously I wouldn't have been ready by now if it wasn't for you!" Cloud seemed cheerful he even patted Seph's back.

However that action caused Sephiroth to stand up from his seat.

"Um you're welcome Cloud. Now I should get re-" He was abruptly cut off by Cloud holding onto his shoulder.

"While I do appreciate you helping me there's still the matter of tricking me Sephy-kins..." Cloud grinned, while Sephiroth gulped inwardly.

'Sephy-kins only can mean one thing...'

After Sephiroth had left him alone, Zack started to get ready but he could not get Cloud's words out of his mind.

"I know Seph told me it will be ok but,"

He sighed while running a hand through his spikes.

"I really need to sort out this misunderstanding with Cloud," He started to make his way out of his room.

"I just hope Seph was able to cal-"


After hearing that Zack sprinted down the stairs, fearing for Seph's life since Cloud sounded like he wanted to kill!

He rushed to the dining room exclaiming, "Wait! Cloud don't! It's my fault-"

Zack cut himself off as he stared wideeyed at the sight before him. Sephiroth was laying on the floor not dead face red from laughing too much probably caused by Cloud who appeared to have been tickling him given the positioning of the two.

Cloud got up and looked to the side unable to meet his brother's gaze on him. Whereas Sephiroth managed to catch his breath before getting up slowly with Zack's help. Zack looked at his brother sadly once more before facing Seph with a slight smile.

"I guess you got the patented tickle torture timeout that we Strifes are well known for!"

Sephiroth shook his head at his friend's words before looking serious. Zack noticed this and looked down. Sephiroth nodded his head before patting Zack on the shoulder and turning to face Cloud as well. "Well I better go get ready or the bride to be will be the next to one to the give the tickle torture timeout." Cloud and Zack laughed inwardly at this.

"But remember what I said." With that he started to make his way leaving the two brothers alone.

It was silent in the room, both brothers looking elsewhere. However Zack decided to break the silence with, "Um... Cloud... I'm so-"



Cloud looked at his brother meeting his confused gaze before letting out a sigh, "I'm sorry Zack, and I shouldn't have said those things to you."

Zack blinked before turning to look at the side. He rubbed his head, "Well apology accepted, I'm sorry too cos I started this mess." He then smiled at Cloud.

Cloud smiled back before crossing his arms, "Cos you got me smashed?"

This took Zack by surprise as he waved his hands frantically, "What? No! I didn't get you smashed! Why do you keep thinking that?"

Cloud ran a hand through his spikes, "Well I woke up with a major headache and I don't remember much from yesterday so I reckon that equals me getting drunk" He replied rather coolly.

"Wait... I can understand why you don't remember a lot but...You still got a headache even though all you drank was camomile tea? Geez you really are a lightweight!" Zack laughed and while that made Cloud happy that his brother was no longer depressed, he was still confused about the situation.

"Tea... What... You..?" Cloud unable to form a sentence was only able to say three words.

Zack calmed himself down though he still had tears from laughing so much.

"Oh like wow... Ahem! Anyways allow your dear older brother to clear things up!"

"Well that would be nice" Cloud replied rolling his eyes with annoyance because Zack laughed at him.

"Well ok here's what happened, I knew you would be stressing out and panicking about today. So I got you some camomile tea which supposedly helps you relax and I guess helps you sleep. I made it cold so you would think its juice or something but then again I don't think you wouldn't have noticed seeing as you were already stressing out."

Cloud facepalmed yet again 'Seriously am I that bad that my own brother had to make some tea for me to relax?'

"Camomile tea affects more than others, I guess it depends on how sensitive you are to it," Zack chuckled "But you must be super sensitive considering you knocked out straight after drinking it. I was seriously worried for you until I realised you fell asleep. Having a good night sleep must have made you forget but caused you to have major headache in the morning!"

Cloud shook his head and looked at the floor. "I'm sorry. All you did was to try and get me to relax and I-"

Zack with a smile gave his brother a hug. "Hey its cool. You already apologized there's no need to do it again. I would have told you what I was doing, probably Seph too but then again it wouldn't have worked as well right? Cos you would have known Seph set your clock so you would wake up late anyways and knowing about the tea would have made you think how to relax which would have made the tea ineffective. So don't worry Cloudy everything is ok now" He patted his brother's back before letting go.

Cloud looked up at his brother and smiled "Yeah... It is...Thanks Zack you're the best brother ever."

Zack grinned, "Well of course!"

"So that doesn't include me? I'm hurt Cloud." Sephiroth now dressed entered the dining room with mock hurt on his face.

Cloud shook his head, "You are the best brother-in-law!" He replied with a laugh which caused the other two to laugh as well.

With all misunderstandings cleared up the trio made their way to the church. The brothers made their way to the ceremony room to meet with their mother while Sephiroth went to the brides room.

Aerith now dressed in her wedding gown was sitting in front of the mirror. Tifa was putting the final touches to Aerith's hair when Sephiroth arrived. Aerith smiled widely once she saw her brother in the mirror's reflection. "Hi Seph!"

Tifa turned around, "Oh Seph hey! You look so smart!"

Sephiroth smiled, "Why thank you Tifa, you look very pretty but..." He placed his hands on his sister's shoulders looking at her proudly "I'm afraid the bride looks absolutely beautiful."

Aerith giggled with a flush of red in her cheeks while Tifa smacked Seph's shoulders playfully. "Well of course she does! She's always is!"

Aerith turned to face Tifa, "Aww Teef..." and took her hand. Tifa smiled before giving her a peck on the cheek. "I'll be outside if you need me, just going to check up on my fiancé and your husband to be. I hope they weren't too much trouble for you Seph."

Sephiroth had to hold back his laughter bit managed a, "Not at all, though this morning was pretty eventful."

Aerith and Tifa looked at each other confused, before Tifa shook her head and left the room saying goodbye to the siblings.

"So do you want to tell me what happened this morning then?" Aerith asked turning to her brother.

Sephiroth smiled, "Nothing serious just Cloud being Cloud and unfortunately Zack being Zack but..." He then explained what occured today morning.

Aerith laughed, "Oh my poor Cloud. I hope he's ok now."

Sephiroth nodded, "He will be fine, once he sees you."

Aerith flushed again, "S-stop it Seph... You're making me blush too much!"

"But," She got up and hugged her brother who in turn held her close. "Thank you. Thanks for everything Seph. I want to say it now cos I won't be able to cry there. Even mum and dad not being here is ok, all because I still have you."

Sephiroth patted her head, "And you always will. But don't say mum and dad aren't here cos they are and they would be so proud of the woman you have become Aeris."

They let go of each other with a smile. Aerith wiped some tears away, "It's a good thing Teef didn't put on my makeup yet!"

"That's because she knew how you were."


Sephiroth got smacked again on the shoulder but he didn't mind.

It was just moments now until the ceremony and Cloud stood alone at the altar. Zack had left with Tifa to prepare for the bride's arrival. With all the guests present and his mother smiling at him, he managed to keep it together, however inwardly he was panicking.

'Please let everything go well. Please.'

Zack and Tifa walked down the aisle first hand in hand as the best man and maid of honour. Once they reached the altar, Zack noticed his brother's panicked state and tried to reassure him by patting him on the back.

The person on the piano began to play a melody, it was one of Aerith's favorite and if anything it suited her well. The simple melody could be thought of as Aerith's theme.

Cloud froze as soon as he saw her. She was walking towards him with Sephiroth by her side. All his stress and panic disappeared as he stood mesmerized by his bride.

Sephiroth hugged his sister and kissed her on the forehead, then smiling at Cloud's reaction before sitting down.

Cloud had not taken his eyes of Aerith since he first saw her. He looked down at her when they were face to face.

She looked away shyly before looking up at him. She placed her hand on his cheek which he leaned into. "Are you okay?" She whispered.

He took her hand that was on his cheek and kissed it before smiling that smile only for her, "I am now that you're here with me."

Aerith flushed once again at his words, remembering what her brother told her moments before. She shook her head before smiling at him, "Shall we?"

Cloud nodded before he held her hand and they both turned to the face the priest.

"Dearly Beloved..."

The ceremony went on without any problems. It ended with Cloud kissing Aerith passionately on the lips with the guests all cheering and clapping.

"You finally did it bro!" Zack swung his arm around Cloud.

"Yeah I can't believe it," He looked at his ring, then at Aerith who was with Tifa and Sephiroth talking to Airelle. "I'm married to the girl of my dreams."

Zack rubbed his head, "I can't wait for my big day now," He looked longingly at Tifa, "At least I won't be panicking like a certain someone..."

Cloud punched his brother. It hurt but he didn't care.

"Zack you shouldn't be embarrassing him on his big day. Besides you can joke about this later on!" Tifa teased with a wink.

Zack laughed, wrapping his arm around Tifa "That's my girl!"

Sephiroth and Airelle shook their heads with amusement while Cloud looked away but he was happy because his family were happy. A hand touched his arm and made him turn around.



She laughed which made him pull her into his arms.

"This...I want this..."



"Aww that was sweet story mum, except you broke your promise with no mushy stuff!" Sora pouted.

"Well if the priest says to kiss the bride, I can't just not kiss her, Sora!" Cloud replied with a chuckle.

"Okay I guess, I'll let that one slide." Sora smiled once more.

"Dad I can't believe how stressed you were and then that thing with the tea!" Roxas couldn't stop laughing.

Cloud flushed in embarrassment as Sora and Aerith joined in.

"Yeah, yeah go sort out the boxes!"

This stopped the laughter as the twins groaned.

A few hours later...

"Oh my! Look at the time, its already time for dinner!"

Aerith exclaimed and then shook her head at her twins laying on floor completely knocked out.

Cloud hugged her from behind, "And we managed to clear the attic boo hoo."

Aerith turned around and smacked Cloud playfully on the chest. "You shouldn't be booing you should be cheering. Anyways wake the boys up, I think we should give them a treat for working so hard."

At the word treat both boys shot up as if they weren't passed out moments ago.

"Can we have pizza?"

"And burgers?"

"Oh and icecream"

"Chocolate remember?"

The two parents looked at one another before wisely replying, "How about we surprise you?"

The boys simply ran downstairs to get ready. Aerith and Cloud just burst out in laughter at their sons' actions.

"Hey Sora are you coming? Mum and dad are waiting, hurry!"

"Yeah I'm coming give me a minute."

Roxas left the room as soon as he heard his brother's reply.

Sora fiddled with the frame before setting it next to other.

"There perfect!" He grinned at the two frames before following after Roxas.

The photoframe that Sora had held the photograph of a younger Cloud, Aerith, Sephiroth, Zack and Tifa. The one next to it was a recent photo taken in the park nearby. In it was Sora grinning his right arm around Roxas and his left holding Kairi's left. Roxas had a slight smile which seemed to because of Namine holding his right arm. Namine herself was giggling. Kairi on Sora's left was happily waving her left hand. Riku stood behind them all being the tallest, with Xion sitting on his shoulders smiling widely. Her hands holding onto Riku's for support. Riku simply gave his usual smile.

Somethings just never seem to change. They even last forever.

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