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Going Home

Danny was the first person up the next morning. He groaned as his backside hit the bed; though it was no were near as sore as it had been the night before he and the other two had been made to sit at the dinner table for supper and then sit while watching television which never gave them time off their butts until they went to bed.

A quick look at the alarm clock on the small dresser separating his bed from Flack's told him it was only eight o' clock. He sighed and rolled onto his side, taking the pressure off his backside. He continued to shift and sigh until Flack woke up fifteen minutes later.

"If it's not nine o' clock or later you will regret it," Flack warned.

Danny stilled instantly not wanting to irritate the older man but after another minute of stilled silence could no longer keep quiet.

"I'm gonna get up," Danny informed him.

Flack looked at the clock and gave a little growl. "You are not getting up before nine thirty so don't even think about it."

Danny stood up not carrying what Flack said. Flack responded in kind; Danny tried to lie back down but Flack reached him first. Flack quickly tucked Danny under one arm and swatted him a dozen times. When he was done Danny had silent tears on his face.

Flack gripped Danny chin firmly in his hands. "It's going to be a long day already. Do not make it any worse."

Danny nodded and Flack gave him a hug before telling him to go back to bed until nine thirty; Danny complied.


Flack stayed up after his encounter with Danny and took a shower; he came out to find Ducky waiting to go in. By nine thirty Danny was on his way in to the bathroom and Ducky was checking on Morgan, who was already up and dressed, and Reid, who was in the shower.

Morgan came out of his room and helped Ducky cook breakfast. No one missed the fact that Danny was shifting more then the other two boys. By eleven o' clock Danny and Flack were saying their good byes. Morgan drove them to the airport in the car rented by Tony.

Danny stormed onto the plane fully intent to make the plane ride home hell but a warning look from Flack quickly changed his mind. He sat down and began to instantly sulk.

Two hours later Ducky and Tony drove Morgan and Reid to the airport. The two younger boys hugged and Tony apologized for getting Reid in trouble. Reid brushed the apology off with a smile and said he'd talk to Tony…eventually.

Morgan had to drag Reid onto the plane as Reid's feet some how became planted to the ground. The older man was willing to drag but when Reid started to try to break free he stopped and turned his steel gaze onto him.

"Little boy, you can either get on the plane and be able to sit in some sort of comfort or you can fight me and then sitting is going to be the last thing you'll want to do." Morgan warned.

Reid's feet worked after that though later Reid would swear it was on their own violation.

Tony returned the rented car after dropping Morgan and Reid off and then followed Ducky to a restaurant inside the airport while they waited the half hour before they had to be on the plane.

When it came to getting on the plane Ducky made sure to have Tony's arm in his grasp though Tony made it onto the plane on his own. There were unshed tears in Tony's eyes as he buckled himself in.



Flack ushered Danny through the airport and home before Danny could even register that Mac wasn't there. Mac had just finished up a case and barely made it back to his apartment before Danny did.

Flack ushered Danny through the door and gave Mac a smile as Danny suddenly grounded his feet into the ground. Mac walked over and gave his son a hug; he quickly looked the younger man over himself and when satisfied Mac took a couple steps back.

"Go unpack your bag and wait in your room. I'll call you when supper's done and then we will talk." Mac ordered.

Danny scowled and turned, ready to storm to his room but a swat to the seat of his pants made him re-think that tactic.

When Mac heard the Danny's bedroom door shut, a little harder then necessary of course, he turned to Flack. "How was he?"

"He was repentant last night and moody this morning," Flack answered honestly. "From what I could gather the guy he punched did have it coming; on the other hand Tony was trying to get them out of the bar."

Mac sighed and rubbed his head, "Thanks Flack, I owe you one."

"Don't mention it," Flack replied with a grin.


Supper that night was tense as Danny continued to sulk. Finally the two had the dishes cleaned and left over put away and went to the living room. Mac directed Danny to sit on the couch and then sat down on the coffee table directly across from him.

"What happened?" Mac asked.

Danny sighed and explained everything about their vacation from the first day to the moment they left. Mac didn't say a thing though he was seething on the inside. Danny looked up and met Mac's eyes. 'I'm never gonna sit,' he thought to himself.

"I've already talked with the Gibbs and Gideon and we've come to the conclusion that while you are each responsible for missing curfew and going to a part of town we told you not to go, you are not each responsible for the fight or being thrown in jail."

Danny gulped as he realized what Mac meant. Mac had seen the slight panic in the younger man's eyes and waited until Danny's attention was back on him before continuing.

"Since you missed curfew you are grounded for three weeks. You got thrown in jail, that's another three weeks. Since you had an attitude with Flack this morning you're grounded for another two weeks. That's eight weeks total. That means no working extra shifts, you stay here, no phone calls, and we can discuss watching TV."

"That's not fair!" Danny protested loudly as he realized it meant he was getting spanked for everything else.

Mac didn't say anything as he stood up, pulling Danny with him, and then took the younger man's seat. He pulled out a hair brush and laid it down beside him; he could hear the small whimper come from Danny. Mac took a deep breath, as much as he wanted forget what had happened or wait to handle it, he knew he couldn't. He knew neither of them would sleep that night with this, sitting over their heads.

Danny looked defiant for a couple of minutes but then he looked down and when he looked back up Mac could see the tears in his eyes. Danny slowly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down to his knees. Mac guided him over his lap before pulling down his boxers to join his jeans. Mac didn't waste any time bringing his hand up and then down with a sharp SWAT. Danny flinched.

"When you," SWAT "are told" SWAT "not to go" SWAT "somewhere" SWAT "it's for your own" SWAT "good;" SWAT "not because" SWAT "I want to" SWAT "run your life" SWAT "but because" SWAT "I want you" SWAT "to be" SWAT "safe." SWAT "The same" SWAT "goes for" SWAT "when I SWAT" "give you" SWAT "a curfew." SWAT

Mac put more force in his swats towards the end and Danny's legs began to kick. Danny couldn't help but squirm. Mac's hand came down a little faster as Danny began to protest. After the upturned backside was a nice shade of red Mac stopped and began to rub circles on Danny's back, waiting for him to calm down before picking up the hairbrush.

Danny tensed when he felt the brush lay on his backside. He shook his head and couldn't stop the whimper that came to his lips. Mac took his free hand and gave his it a reassuring squeeze. Not wanting Danny to get any more worked up then he was Mac raised the hairbrush and brought it down wit the flick of his wrist.

"Please Mac; I'm sorry! OW! It won't happen again!"

Mac had to steel himself to keep going even as Danny's cries turned to sobs. He knew he had to see it through.

"You do" SMACK "not" SMACK "ever" SMACK "get in the car" SMACK "with a drunk" SMACK "driver!" SMACK "You do" SMACK "not" SMACK "throw the first punch," SMACK "ever!" SMACK "If you have" SMACK "to protect yourself" SMACK "then yes," SMACK "go ahead and throw" SMACK "all the punches" SMACK "you can." SMACK

When Danny's backside was a deep shade of red Mac stopped and threw the hairbrush onto the other small sofa and began to rub circles on Danny's back and waited for him to calm down. It took him a few minutes but he did. Mac gently eased the boxers in place but removed the younger man's shoes and jeans. He knew that the jeans would just cause more undo discomfort.

Mac led Danny to his bedroom and tucked him in, making sure to be gentle the entire time. When Danny was encased in his blankets Mac told him he'd be right back. He entered the room again a few minutes later in his own pajamas and an extra blanket and pillow. He lay down on top of Danny's blankets and held him close. He knew there'd be plenty of time in the morning to talk but right now Danny needed to know he was forgiven and loved.


Garcia and Gideon stood side by side not talking as Morgan and Reid came into view. Morgan shook Gideon's hand and gave Garcia a kiss on the cheek. Garcia hugged Reid before taking off to drop Morgan off at his car which was still at the BAU.

Reid stood, planted in his spot, and stared at Gideon. The older man gave him a smile and a hug before ushering back to his car and then home. Once home Gideon served the food he'd cooked before leaving and had kept warm. Reid had skipped lunch and was starving.

After their early dinner Gideon sent Reid to his room to unpack and wait for him. He cleaned up the leftovers of the meal before making his way to Reid's room.


"Wanna tell me what happened?" Gideon asked.

Reid wasn't fooled; he knew the behind the question was an order. Much like Danny had with Mac, Reid began with the moment he got into the airport until he saw Gideon earlier that day.

"I didn't drink as much as everyone thought I did," Reid informed the older man.

"No?" Gideon raised an eyebrow.

Reid made a face, "I hate beer. I saw some people not tilting their glasses and the beer had a lot of foam so that's what I did and I only had a half glass to every two and half of theirs."

"I'm glad you didn't get drunk but if Tony and Danny are your friends then why did you feel you had to lie to them about it?" Gideon inquired.

"I didn't lie because of them. I just didn't want Tony's other friends thinking I was a baby or anything." Reid explained.

"That still leaves us with you staying out past the allotted time, going to a part of town I told you not to go to, and getting into a fight." Gideon's voice was stern.

"The fight wasn't my fault. I HAD to or Tony would have gotten hurt," Reid protested.

Gideon's face showed that he wanted an explanation. For once Reid was hesitant and grateful at the same time.

"Tony told me and Ross to not get involved so we didn't but then…then these two guys came from behind Tony and hit him. Danny and Jimmy were to busy fighting their guys so Ross and I went to get the guys off of him. Jimmy saw us and told us to leave the fight and after Tony stood up, we did."

Gideon ran a hand over his face, "Since you were protecting Tony, then I won't penalize you for it…this time."

Reid nods his head in understanding. He knew that Gideon didn't really want to punish him but he also knows that he's broken the rules and for that he'll have to pay the penalty.

"In talking with the other father's we agreed that missing curfew, while not a good thing, is also not the worst thing. So for that you are ground for three weeks. Do you understand?" Gideon asks.

"Yes, sir," Reid responds knowing that they're all getting off lightly.

"You went to the other side of town, by ways of a drunk driver, and in doing so put your life in danger. I won't ever allow that. You remember what I told you would happen if you ever did that?" Gideon inquired.

Reid nods his head unable to speak. He watches with wide eyes as Gideon goes to his dresser and grabs his brush. When Gideon comes back he gives Reid a comforting hug.

"Pants down," he informed the startled boy.

Reid wanted so desperately to protest but he didn't. He slipped his night pants down to his knees and allowed Gideon to pull him down and over his lap. Reid's upper body was balanced on the bed.

Reid hid his head in his arms as Gideon pulled down his boxers to join his pants. The embarrassment didn't last long as the fire in his backside soon took precedence.

"You do not" SWAT "go" SWAT "to a place" SWAT "where you put" SWAT "yourself" SWAT "in danger" SWAT "or you" SWAT "will not" SWAT "like" SWAT "the consequences." SWAT "Do" SWAT "you" SWAT "understand?" SWAT

"Y-yes sir," Reid cried out.

"Almost done son," Gideon said as he rubbed a couple comforting circles on Reid's back.

Reid couldn't help but tense when he felt the brush rest against his backside. He grabbed a hold of his quilt.

SMACK "OW!" SMACK "Gideon please," SMACK "no more!" SMACK "I'm sorry!" SMACK "AH!" SMACK

Gideon's threw the brush back onto the dresser and gingerly pulled the younger man's boxers and night pants back up. After a spanking Reid always needed the human comfort and like every other time, Gideon was happy to provide. He sat Reid on his lap and rocked him back and forth, willing to hold him until he stopped crying.


Tony was trembling by the time he and Ducky pulled up the NCIS building. He gave Ducky pleading eyes but Ducky only gave him a smile of encouragement. Ducky led the way to the autopsy room where Gibbs had asked him to keep a "hold of Tony" until he got there. Tony had to wait for two hours.

Ducky had taken pity on the poor younger man and brought a pizza. He had, had to order Tony to eat. Tony sat around in Ducky's office looking every bit like a man being sent to his death. 'Not getting off that easy,' Tony mused to himself.

Two hours later Gibbs stormed in and looked at his 'son.' After a quick check to make sure he was indeed ok, Gibbs swatted him twice and then dragged him to his car. He stared lecturing as he was driving.

"What were you thinking? You could have been hurt or worse yet killed. Damn it Tony!" Gibbs took a deep breath knowing that yelling would only cause Tony to withdraw into himself. "Tell me what happened."

Tony told him everything about that night. He knew he would be able to talk about the rest of the trip later. He even made sure to tell how Ducky had already "sp-punished" him.

"Why didn't you just try to get Danny out of the club?" Gibbs asked, his voice showing his confusion.

"I did; honest Gibbs," Tony pleaded. "Johnny and I both did but the guys friends started in and soon it was five…we had to protect Danny from getting beat up."

"Where you drunk," Gibbs inquired.

"When we first headed to the bar but I nursed two beers and had some coffee so I had sobered up by the time the fight started," Tony admitted.

"Was Johnny drunk," Gibbs voice was hard.

"I-I mean…" Tony closed his eyes, "yes."

The rest of the drive was silent as each man lost themselves to thoughts. The car ride home went quicker then Tony ever remembered. As with the other two boys Gibbs sent Tony to unpack and wait in his room since he knew that the younger man had already eaten.


Gibbs entered the room and sat down beside Tony. "You know what you did so I'm not going over it again. Because you stayed out till four you are grounded for three weeks. I know you wanted to help your friend but in doing so you got thrown in jail and risked losing your job. For that combined you are grounded for three weeks."

"What does that mean?" Tony asked softly.

"It means when we're not on a case you will be staying here, you will not stay in the office any later then I tell you and you will not go back until I tell you. You will not be going out on dates or using the computer, or using the phone. I haven't decided about the movies."

Tony nodded. He looked up time to see Gibbs grabbing a hairbrush out of pocket and placed it on the bed; he paled. Gibbs sent him to change into his night clothes and when he came back Gibbs pulled him over his lap and quickly bared him.

Gibbs didn't bother to lecture right away knowing full well that they'd discussed what the younger man was being punished for. He didn't want to over do it. Not until he felt, more then heard, Tony begin to cry did he start.

SWAT "You" SWAT "will not" SWAT "go where" SWAT "I've told you" SWAT "not to go" SWAT "again" SWAT "or you will" SWAT "be more" SWAT "sorry" SWAT "then you" SWAT "are now." SWAT "I" SWAT "will not" SWAT "lose you" SWAT "because you" SWAT "want to" SWAT "impress" SWAT "your friends." SWAT SWAT

"Gibbs please, I'm sorry," Tony cried out.

Gibbs waited until Tony had caught his breath before bringing down the hairbrush with a first smack causing Tony to yelp.

"You don't" SMACK "get into" SMACK "a car" SMACK "with someone" SMACK "whose" SMACK "been" SMACK "drinking." SMACK "Got it?" SMACK

"Y-yes Gibbs;" SMACK "OW" SMACK "I-I got it!" SMACK "OW!" SMACK "AH!"

Gibbs rubbed circles on Tony's back until Tony calmed down enough to stand up and straighten his clothes. Gibbs stood up and opened his arms which were all the invitation Tony needed. He stopped into the older man's hug and cried.


The fathers talked that night to tell each other the period in which their boys wouldn't be allowed to talk to one another since they all lost phone and computer privileges. Danny would be 'gone' the longest with two months, Tony next with six weeks and Reid last with only three weeks.

As they went to bed that night the fathers couldn't help but be content for the first time in days. Their sons were home in their own beds…with sore backsides but that was ok. They would heal and for now everything was back to normal.


Two Months Later…

TroubleI'm free!

Bond: Nice to see you again

Genius Boy: Same here

Trouble: I can't believe we survived!

Bond: If you call being unable to sit for two days surviving

Trouble:It could have been worse.

Bond: I don't want to know…Spence you there?

Genius Boy:Yeah, I was just thinking

Trouble/Bond: about?

Genius Boy: Where should we go next time?