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Title: Androgynous Kitsune.

Rating: M

Warnings: Yaoi, rape, Mpreg, future lemon(s) etc etc

Pairings: SasoDei main, KyuuDei rape. I may decide on others…depends.

Summary: Like a pebble in a pond, one event can cause many ripples. Some of these ripples fade away while others rebound back to the original happening. A pebble in a pond happened to Deidara…how many ripples will rebound? Sasodei kyuudei rape Mpreg

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Androgynous Kitsune

Deidara grumbled to himself as he walked through the trees. He was on the lookout for the Kyuubi so they could capture and seal it. From their information, the Kyuubi had somehow escaped the host without killing Naruto. But that didn't matter right now as all they wanted to do was capture the Kyuubi and seal it away. Though Deidara was curious as to how the demon managed to escape the blonde without killing him…although Naruto was now in a coma due to the fact that he couldn't live without the demon in his body…in fact…Deidara wondered how long the boy will stay alive without the demon in him.

Deidara gave a sigh as he pushed some leaves out of his way. He would fly, but the leader had asked him to comb the forest by foot so he could use his flying transport as a last resort and he would also be able to be more thorough on the ground.

He stopped when he heard the snap of a twig behind him. He looked over his shoulder, scanning to surroundings carefully with sharp blue eyes. After a few minutes of silence he carried on, although keeping an ear out for any other sounds.

After about ten minutes of not hearing anything else, he assumed it was some animal. He gave a shrug and carried on. Or rather…would have carried on.

A strong hand clamped over his mouth as another wrapped around his body pinning his arms to his body. He froze in shock for a second before he gave a growl and struggled but was unable to loosen the grip. How strong what this guy!?

"If I were you…I would stop that…" A male voice growled in his ear. Deidara stopped moving and tried to see who his assailant was. He heard a small grunt in his ear before he yelped as sharp teeth bit into his neck, drawing blood. He shuddered when he felt a hot tongue licking hungrily at the wound. He heard a sort of purr as the other said,

"Hmm…you taste so nice…I think I'll use you…" There was a chuckle as the male continued to lick at the bite wound on his neck. Deidara blinked. Use him? Use him for what? Whatever it was, he didn't like the sound of it. He resumed his struggling as he bit the hand covering his mouth. The other male cursed as he jerked his hand away. Deidara tried wriggling away, but suddenly found himself pinned to the ground with the other male sitting on his back.

He squirmed violently, trying to twist around to punch the man in the face,

"Who are you, un!?"

He felt a sharp claw dig slightly into his neck as the other chuckled,

"Spirited thing aren't you?"

Deidara was suddenly flipped around so he could see the face of his attacker. He blinked when he looked into deep red eyes. The face of the male was angled and quite feminine looking. Long red hair surrounded the beautiful face in bangs. From what the blonde could see, the male was only wearing black leather trousers so his well muscled chest was exposed. The red head smirked down at Deidara,

"You're looking for me aren't you?"

Blue eyes widened,

"Kyuubi, un?"

Kyuubi chuckled again as his tongue flickered out to lick at Deidara's chin, causing the blonde to pull a repulsed face.

"Right you are….Deidara…"

"What do you want, un?"

Kyuubi looked down at him with thoughtful red eyes,

"I want…offspring…"

Deidara blinked before scowling,

"Go look for some woman or fox, un. That has nothing to do with me, un!"

Kyuubi gave a soft hum,

"Actually Deidara…It has everything to do with you. I hate the Akatsuki and I want to give them something to remember me by…"

"What the fuck, un! I'm a guy!" Deidara hissed. Uncaring eyes looked at him,

"And? That matters to me?" Kyuubi replied before holding up a hand that glowed with menacing red chakra. The demon smirked at the blonde's frightened expression. All of a sudden, the hand slammed down onto Deidara's lower abdomen. The Akatsuki member screamed as a burning pain raced through his body, making his vision hazy as all thought was erased from his mind. All there was, was the pain, nothing but the pain…mind numbing killer pain. Tears leaked from his eyes as a hand clamped over his mouth again to quieten his screams. He felt like he was going to die at the demons hands. He didn't want to die like this…wasn't his way! He wanted to go with a bang, not like this! Not at the hands of the prey that they were hunting!

All of a sudden the pain stopped, leaving his body tingling all over. He groaned as the hand over his mouth was removed, panting to get air into his starving lungs. He blinked his blurry eyes, trying to clear his vision. He was sweaty all over and his limbs felt heavy. He heard a chuckle and he tried his best to glare up at Kyuubi.

"W-what the fuck was that for, un?"

Kyuubi didn't answer him, but instead started to remove the blonde's cloak from the blonde's numb body. Deidara growled, but couldn't do anything since whatever the demon had done to him had weakened him and he couldn't move.

"What are you doing, un!?" The blonde asked, feeling slightly panicked. Kyuubi didn't reply to that but instead dipped his head to lick and nip at the smaller male's delicate neck. The blonde shivered slightly before squirming weakly,


The demon ignored him as he nibbled on the blonde's earlobe, making Deidara give a small involuntary moan. Kyuubi smirked as he pulled away slightly to look at the slightly glazed eyes of the male underneath him.

"Enjoying yourself are we Deidara?"

Deidara shook his head and tried squirming away again, although he was too weak to be able to.

"Go a-away, un…"

The red head chuckled before using a hand to forcefully open Deidara's mouth as he kissed the blonde roughly, his tongue thrusting into the Akatsuki members mouth, exploring the hot cavern. When Kyuubi pulled away, Deidara hissed and tried getting away again, although a hand on his chest prevented that. The demon licked his lips,

"Hmm…you taste so nice."

Deidara gagged and tried struggling more. He wanted away from the demon. He didn't care if he was supposed to be capturing the creature, all he wanted was away! He didn't like that the kitsune was doing. Kyuubi gave a chuckle,

"You're weak as it is Deidara. There's no point in trying to get away from me. I shall do what I planned to do and then be on my way back to my host…I wish I could stay longer, but if Naruto dies I will as well…I haven't figured out how to permanently…yet…"

Deidara frowned. What did that mean? Before then blonde could figure that out, Kyuubi took hold of his hands, pinning them to the ground with the demons red chakra so Deidara was unable to move them. The demon moved further down, placing his hands on the hem of Deidara's trousers. The sculptures eyes widened and he tried kicking the demon, only to have his thigh held in a bruising grip. He hissed, only to get growled at in return.

His breath hitched in panic when the demon started to pull down his lower garments with one clawed hand.

"W-what are you doing, un!?" He screamed his voice slightly higher then normal due to his panicked state. The red head glanced up at the blonde before taking off his lower garments completely. Deidara hissed before tossing his head, turning his face away. This felt so shameful. He wasn't able to stop the demon from doing this. This was humiliating. He was an S-rank nuke nin. This shouldn't happen!

He then gasped and threw his head back when he felt a hot tongue lick his whole length before the demon sucked gently on the head. The blonde bit his lip to prevent from moaning. He cried out when the Kyuubi swallowed him whole, giving a harsh suck, making Deidara moan loudly and try to thrust his hips, but the demons hands prevented that. He gave a whine when the red head pulled away from his member.

Kyuubi smirked before putting three fingers in his mouth, coating them with saliva. Deidara didn't notice this as he was cursing under his breath. He was cursing at how stupid he was in choosing to search this part of the forest. He gave a squeak when Kyuubi suddenly lifted his legs so that they pressed against his chest. He then felt something poking at his entrance. His eyes widened as he realised that it was the demons clawed finger and he pleaded,

"Please! Leave me alone, un!"

He got a grunt in return as the demon's finger thrust inside him, wriggling about. It felt so weird. The blonde wriggled, trying to move away, but a menacing growl stopped his attempt. He then hissed as a second finger entered him, making a scissoring movement as well as thrusting in and out, making it slightly pleasurable. He gave a pained yelp as a third entered him, stretching him further,

"S-stop, un!" He cried. Kyuubi gave a chuckle, smirking at the blonde as he removed his fingers. The blonde glared at him before he suddenly screamed as the demon thrust into him forcefully and quickly. The demon stopped to look down at Deidara with a grotesque smirk marring his beautiful face. He pulled out and thrust back into the tight heat of the blonde, giving a small half moan half growl as he did so. Deidara whimpered at the pain as tears of humiliation poured from his eyes.

He didn't want this, this was so…humiliating, shameful that this was happening to him. He was a ninja…he should be able to defend himself…and now he was lying half naked on the forest floor with the demon thrusting into him, making him moan uncontrollably even though he tried to stop the sounds from slipping from his mouth. All of a sudden, his eyes widened as he let out a loud cry as he felt white hot pleasure race up his spine, causing him so see stars.

He heard the Kyuubi chuckle before his prostate was thrust into again, causing him to cry out louder. He didn't want this, but he couldn't stop this! He hated this! It made him feel so helpless! He was being violated and there was nothing he could do about it…nothing to stop it…

Deidara continued to cry out in unwanted ecstasy as the demon continued to thrust into him hard and deep, making his own sounds of pleasure. All of a sudden, the blonde gave a whine, arching his back as he came onto his stomach, his walls clamping around the demons large member, making it tighter for the red head.

Kyuubi gave a small gasp before he thrust once more releasing his own seed into the male beneath him. The blonde mumbled something under his breath before he blacked out.


Kyuubi looked down at the Akatsuki member as he passed out. He pulled out of the smaller male before standing up over the blonde. He pulled a face. He didn't want the Akatsuki to find out what happened this soon. He knelt beside Deidara, cleaning and dressing the unconscious man carefully so to not leave any indication of what had happened. Though, before he put the cloak back on the feminine blonde, he dipped his head and bit into the soft skin of his lower abdomen.

He pulled away and licked away the blood sweet blood to smirk when there was a small fox shaped mark left there that looked like a small scar. The demon then held up a hand which was glowing with red chakra before he touched it briefly to the blonde's forehead. He then stood up and made his way away from Deidara, glancing once over his shoulder before disappearing into the forest.


Sasori gave a scowl. He had, as instructed he had been searching the forest for the Kyuubi and instead he had come across his partner asleep in the forest. He angrily made his way to the sleeping figure, kicking Deidara lightly in the side. The blonde gave a small grunt and snapped his eyes open, blinking up at Sasori. He then sat up with a small hiss and mumbled,

"What the fuck happened, un?"

"I don't know…you were asleep…you tell me…"

Deidara blinked, rubbing his head lightly and then frowned,

"I don't remember, un. All I do remember is walking through the forest and then…nothing, un…I have a headache, un."

Sasori stared at Deidara before giving a snort,

"Whatever brat, lets go…."

Deidara's blue eyes flashed angrily.

"I'm not a brat, un!"

Sasori snorted again before he turned away,

"Come on let's go…"

The blonde grumbled before he slowly got to his feet, wincing a couple of times as he did so. The red head looked at Deidara curiously,

"Did you hurt yourself?"

"I dunno, un…might have done…"

Sasori gave a frown. What was up with Deidara? He gave a shrug and turned away,

"Come on…you don't want Leader-sama to find out that you have been slacking off on the job now do you?"

The blonde shook his head before walking after his partner, limping slightly. The puppets frown deepened. Although he didn't outwardly show it, he did care about Deidara. He wondered what had happened to the blonde…surely he couldn't have hurt himself too seriously by passing out…could he? He looked around at the surrounding forest where he had come across the blonde…something wasn't right…but first thing first they had to report their failure to the leader…


Deidara sighed as he stretched out over his bed burying his face in his arms. Thankfully Sasori hadn't told Pein about him falling asleep on the job…though something didn't feel right…

He tried to think on what happened, but all he could remember was walking through the forest and then nothing… For some reason he felt uncomfortable about that. He shifted to curl up in a ball, hugging his knees to his chest. For some reason he had this pain in his lower back which annoyed him though he wasn't sure what had caused that. And it had been there ever since he had blacked out in the forest.

He yawned, rubbing his eyes in a tired manner. He sat up on the bed before slipping off. He felt dirty and was in need of a shower. He grabbed his towel and walked to the bathroom, knocking to make sure that there was no one in there before he entered locking the door behind him. He stripped and entered the shower, turning it to a hot setting.

After he had scrubbed himself thoroughly and thought of himself clean, he stepped out of the shower. He took his towel off the rack and dried himself down quickly. He then paused. He blinked at the small scar like mark on his lower abdomen. It looked like a…fox? He frowned and poked it gently, tilting his head as he regarded it thoughtfully. He then shrugged before wrapping the towel around his waist and going back to his room.

He sat back on the bed before giving a wide yawn. He should go to sleep…he felt so damn tired…

He closed his eyes with a deep breath. He wondered where they would have to search tomorrow…most likely the demon had returned to his host. From what he knew, the host and demon could not survive without each other. Not long anyway. Though he was curious as to what the demon was up to…though he was sure he would find out soon. And Deidara didn't know how right he was.



The leader looked back at the source of the voice, raising an eyebrow when he saw that it was Sasori.

"Is there something you want Sasori?"

"Ah…yes there was. I didn't tell you earlier, but when searching the forest, I found Deidara unconscious. I don't know what happened to him, but he doesn't know either. He said that all he remembers is walking through the forest and then nothing. He's also limping as well since then…I think something happened to him, but he doesn't remember what."

The leader was silent for a little bit before saying softly,

"Keep an eye on him."

He then disappeared into the shadows leaving Sasori alone in the dark corridor.


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