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Title: Androgynous Kitsune.

Rating: M

Warnings: Yaoi, rape, Mpreg, future lemon(s) etc etc

Pairings: SasoDei main, KyuuDei rape, HidanKonan. I may decide on others…depends.

Summary: Like a pebble in a pond, one event can cause many ripples. Some of these ripples fade away while others rebound back to the original happening. A pebble in a pond happened to Deidara…how many ripples will rebound? Sasodei kyuudei rape Mpreg

Hope you enjoy!!


Chapter four:

Deidara slowly woke up, blinking his eyes as he rubbed at them slightly to try and rid of the itchy tiredness that burned at his eyes. He yawned widely before sighing softly. Throughout the whole night his sleep was disturbed by nightmares that caused him to wake up at least ten times during the whole night. He had only had about four hours of sleep in total, all broken up so it felt like as if he hadn't slept at all. He slowly slid out of bed and stood up, his limbs moving sluggishly as they didn't want to move as of yet. The blonde gave another yawn, his eyes going to the mess on the floor. He gave a sigh. He should clear all that up…and soon. He didn't particularly like the idea of stepping on broken glass and slicing his foot open along with everything else that had happened over the last few days.

He heaved another sigh as he bent down and picked up the drawers, placing them back into the chest before picking up the scattered clothing and placing them in the drawers, folding them up neatly so that it took longer. He looked about the silent, empty room before shivering. It felt so…empty and cold. And worst of all…lonely.

The blonde wrapped his arms around himself before he dressed himself in his Akatsuki attire, wrapping the cloak around his small frame tightly. He stepped out of the room and down the corridor towards the kitchen. He was feeling hungry. When he entered, Hidan was the only occupant at that time on the morning. The Jashinist was munching on some toast, his eyes staring blankly at the wall as if lost in thought.

Deidara came up behind Hidan and poked him sharply. The violet eyed man jumped and turned to look at him before blinking,

"Deidara…you look like shit. Did you even sleep?"

"A bit, un…I kept waking up, un." The blonde gave a small laugh, making Hidan scowl at the obvious fakeness of it. The Jashinist gave a grunt before turning back to his toast asking,

"Is there anything you want?"

The blonde blinked,

"Um…I…don't know…"

The other male rolled his eyes before getting up, using a hand to push Deidara into a seat at the table,

"I'll make you toast then since you can't make up your fucking mind."

The blonde let himself be sat down, watching Hidan with dull, tired eyes. A sigh fluttered past his lips. He needed sleep more then anything…but he was too scared of the choking nightmares that threatened to suffocate him in his sleep, the deadly claws of those nightmares threatening to rip his remaining sanity away from him with its merciless grip. A shudder ran through his body at that thought. He was snapped back to reality when Hidan dumped a plate with a couple slices of toast on it before sitting down to continue eating his own.

The blonde stared at the toast before picking up a slice and taking a bite, chewing on it slowly before swallowing,

"You know its not going to fucking hurt you…" Hidan muttered. The blonde gave him a small glare before he gave a pout.

"Shut up Hid-chan, un."

The violet eyed male chuckled slightly, taking another bite from his toast. The blonde gave a sigh before he slowly ate his own. When he had finished, he pushed his plate away from him, giving a small contented sigh. Hidan snatched up the plate before going to the sink and dumping them in there muttering a "its Itachi's turn to wash up" before he came back to the blonde,

"Oi do you-" He was stopped when the door opened to reveal the leader, Pein. The temperature seemed to go below freezing as the man stepped into the room, walking over to the kitchen, ignoring the murdering glares of the other two in the room. Two pairs of eyes, one a sky blue, the other violet, watched the red head in a murderous fashion. After making himself some porridge, he turned and looked back at them, his eyes half lidded as he observed the pair,

"Something you want?" He asked in a silky murmur.

Deidara gave a hiss, standing up and walking over the Pein, grabbing the front of his Akatsuki cloak and pulling him to eye level with the blonde. Pein raised an eyebrow before he jerked away from the blonde,

"Don't do that Deidara…"

The blonde's eyes narrowed dangerously,

"So…I can't do that to you, yet you're making me do…carry something which I don't want, un?"

Pein tilted his head to the side as he regarded the blonde before giving a smirk,

"I am the leader here and you go by my command. Do not make me angry, do you understand?"

"No, un." The blonde stated clearly, giving another hiss.

"What don't you understand?"

"I am a human being, un! You have no right to treat me like this, un!"

"I did the moment you joined."

"I didn't ask to join, un! You made me! And now you're making me do this, un! Why?!"

Pein was quiet for a few moments before he spoke in a low voice, his words just reaching Deidara's ears,

"The Kyuubi is a demon Deidara…the most powerful of the nine Bijuu. That child inside you now is half demon and half human. If we kept and raised it, think of how powerful it would be. And the Kyuubi did this on purpose so he must want the child…so we can use it for a lure. Do you get that, Deidara?"

The blonde gave a convulsive swallow, his tongue flicking out to wet his dry lips as his head nodded slightly. He then glared at the Akatsuki leader,

"Fuck this…I hate being used like this…I'm leaving the Akatsuki, un."

There was a pregnant silence in the room before the sound of chuckling came from Pein. It started off as a low laugh but then it increased in volume. Deidara stared, wide eyed at the leader, completely caught off guard by this.

"W-what?" He asked, feeling a bit scared of the manic laughter from his leader. Pein snapped his eyes up and locked them with Deidara's,

"And tell me Deidara…who would accept a pregnant…man?"

Deidara stopped. He hadn't thought of that. He was silent for a while, biting his lip, his blue eyes flickering to the floor. Another chuckle escaped Pein as he stepped past Deidara, a hand coming up to stroke soft blonde hair briefly,

"Just stay here where you are safe Deidara. Most likely the Kyuubi will come after you and the child. We don't want that now do we?"

The blonde shook his head, not trusting himself to talk. Pein nodded and pulled away from the blonde, going over to the door, glancing at the two once more before walking out, shutting the door with a soft click.

Hidan, who had been watching everything from his position from the table, slowly walked over to Deidara, placing a surprisingly gentle hand on the blonde's arm. Deidara was silent for a few moments, taking deep breaths, trying to calm himself down. The worst thing is that Pein was right. Right in every single fucking way. Especially about here being the safest to be…he didn't want to go near Kyuubi again. That thought made him cringe and want to sink into the ground to disappear forever. This was just so…humiliating…why couldn't Pein just let him kill it? Free him from this shame? It shouldn't have happened in the first place. He was a ninja, a S-class missing nin! He should have been able to defend himself.

The blonde heaved a shaky sigh, wrapping arms about himself,

"I hate him, un."

Hidan gave a small laugh,

"Well he's the leader, he's there to fucking piss us off."

The blonde gave a small smile,

"Yeah, un…"

"Listen…Dei…even if that fucker is a bastard…I'll be here if you need anything…"

The blonde snapped his head up, looking at Hidan, gaping in amazement. Did Hidan just say that? Deidara stared at the slightly shifting Jashinist before he opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by Hidan,

"I'm not saying this out of kindness! Konan would fucking skin me alive if I didn't help you!"

Deidara tilted his head as he regarded Hidan before he gave a smile at the obvious attempt to cover himself,

"Thanks Hid-chan." He said before wrapping his arms around the taller male in a hug, Hidan blinked before hugging the small blonde back. He then said in an almost gruff voice,

"Shouldn't you be having a shower?"

The blonde smiled more before letting go and walking out of the room to go back to his room so that he could have a shower.

He opened the door to his room and stepped inside, closing the door behind him and moving over to the cupboard where his towel and bathrobe were. Once he had grabbed the two items, he stripped, wrapping the bathrobe about his body, clutching it tightly to him. He made a move to exit the room when his eyes caught something on the floor. He went over and picked it up, blinking in surprise. It was a picture…that obviously been in the photo frame he had broken yesterday.

It was a picture of him and Sasori. He frowned, tilting his head to the side slightly as he regarded it with curious eyes. This picture was taken almost 6 months ago when they were all in the living room watching a horror film. Deidara had been scared and this picture showed him with his arms wrapped about Sasori's neck with his face buried in the other male's chest. The red head looked a little uncomfortable in the picture with one arm loosely around the blonde's waist while the other was rubbing his back as if to try to calm him. Deidara gave a sigh. He missed having such close contact with Sasori like that…but lately…the puppet master seems so distant… He didn't blame Sasori really…not after all had happened. The red head most likely thought him as disgusting…

The blonde gave a forlorn sigh and shook his head, placing the picture on the drawers and walking out of the room to have his shower, leaving the picture on the chest of drawers to gather dust.


Time skip 1 monthDeidara now 4 months


"This is fucking ridiculous…" Hidan growled as he cut through some foliage with his scythe. Kakuzu glanced at the platinum haired male briefly before grunting and turning back,

"Leaders orders…don't argue."

"I'll argue all I fucking want. Not like he can fucking stop me." Hidan snarled back, glaring at the other male.

They both stumbled into a clearing with Hidan muttering a 'fucking finally'. Kakuzu ignored him and continued on his way down the path. They were a few days walk away from the Akatsuki base as they had just finished a mission for Pein. Hidan hated being away from Deidara. He couldn't help but worry for his small blonde friend. He knew that Konan was there to look after him, but Pein usually took up a lot of her time. Sasori might be looking over the blonde during both their absences. Although the red head tried to hide it, Hidan knew that he cared for his partner. Which in Hidan's opinion was a good thing because the blonde would always have someone looking out for him as the living puppet didn't need sleep at night so he could always take night duty.

Kakuzu came to a halt all of a sudden, causing the Jashinist priest to stop as well,

"What the fuck is it?" Hidan asked, irritation colouring his voice. He just wanted to get back home. The taller male turned, his green eyes narrowed slightly,

"Them." Was all he said as he pointed a finger somewhere behind Hidan. The platinum haired male turned and his eyes widened before they narrowed into hateful slits. It was the Kyuubi host, along with his team mates.

The two teams stared at each other, the atmosphere cold and electrifying as they glared at each other. All of a sudden, Hidan stepped forward, his three bladed scythe swinging in a threatening manner, his eyes were fixed on the Kyuubi host, who gulped and stepped back at the killer intent directed at him. The silver haired Jounin stepped in-front of the demon host, getting into a fighting stance. Hidan scowled deeply and took another step forward. He would have gone further, but Kakuzu used his threads to pull the man back to him. The Jashin priest glared at Kakuzu,

"What the fuck is that for? Just let me rip that fucker out of the brat's stomach and make it pay!"

The taller male gave a sigh before he looked at the Konoha team,

"Don't bother trying to fight us, we're not really interested in you right now. We are doing something else right now…" He turned his glare into his partner, telling him not to make a scene, "You can get at it later." He whispered in a low, warning voice. The violet eyed man growled and glared back at the team, who were looking at them, confusing written plainly on there faces. Hidan wriggled away from the other man, looking at Naruto in a longing fashion.

Kakashi's visible eye was narrowed as he looked at the two Akatsuki members, sizing them up and deciding that it would not be a good idea to start a fight, as re-enforcements wouldn't be able to arrive for days. And at that point it would have been too late. He gave a sigh, still shielding Naruto with his body, although the blonde was peering around his body to stare at the two immortals.

Hidan turned his glare towards Kakashi for shielding the demon host, stopping him from exacting his revenge. He shifted his feet slightly, his eyes looking at where the pink haired girl and dark haired boy were positioned. There were on either side of Kakashi, also in a defensive position, ready to fight them if need be. His eyes flickered back to his partner, his grip tightening on his scythe. He just…wanted to get his hold on Naruto…and get hold of that filthy demon that dared to touch his friend. He shifted his weight again, turning his gaze back to Naruto. He then asked the Kyuubi's host,

"What is that demon planning?"

The blonde blinked in a confused manner,


Hidan narrowed his eyes. Either this host knows nothing about the demon or he was just playing idiot. He said then in a slow and clear voice so that the blonde wouldn't miss a word,

"I asked you, what is that demon up to? What…is…Kyuubi…doing?"

Four pairs of eyes looked at him in a blank manner,

"What do you mean?" Kakashi asked, his eyebrow brought together in his confusion. Hidan paused before he hissed,

"That thing did something when he had escaped his host four months ago!"

The four looked slightly shocked and Kakashi looked behind him at the Kyuubi's host. Hidan smirked at his distracted attention and rushed in for the attack, his scythe held low. When he was close enough, he twisted his body slightly, swinging the blades forward towards Kakashi. The white haired nin shook out of his shock and jumped out of the way, leaving Hidan's path towards Naruto free. He heard Kakuzu swear behind him, but he took no heed as he grabbed onto the small blonde's jacket and lifted him into the air, the blades of his scythe pressed against his throat. Panicked blue eyes looked at him, begging him to let him go.

Hidan's violet eyes glanced at the other Konoha nins,

"Come any closer and I will slit his throat and sacrifice him to Jashin. Get that motherfuckers?"

The other three nodded as they glared at him and Hidan could tell they were planning to rescue the blonde, their gaze sometimes glancing at Kakuzu just in case he tried anything as well. He wasn't planning to kill the host. They needed him to extract the demon. He just wanted to know what the fuck that demon was up to. He brought the blonde closer and whispered in his ear,

"Just tell me what the Kyuubi wants with us and I'll let you go, get that brat?" Naruto looked at him, his blue eyes confused,

"W-what are you talking about you bastard! I don't know what Kyuubi wants!"

"Then…let me talk to him."

Blue eyes widened in surprise before he squirmed, but Hidan was stronger and kept his grip on the small blonde tight. After a few moments the blonde went still, causing the violet eyed man to frown in confusion. Naruto looked up and Hidan's eyes widened slightly when he looked into blood red eyes. The boy's lips curved in a smirk before he asked,

"What do you want?"

Hidan frowned more, before it turned into a scowl. It was the Kyuubi. His grip tightened even more before he hissed,

"Just what are you planning with that stunt you pulled with Deidara, you fucker!?"

The Kyuubi was silent for a little while before he shrugged one of his shoulders,

"I wanted offspring and Deidara seemed….the best target that I had come across." His smirk then widened, "He was a good fuck as well."

Hidan growled low in his throat,

"I loath you, you shit eating donkey raper."

The Kyuubi laughed at that, a deep menacing sound that sent shivers down Hidan's spine. Jashin how he hated this fucker. He hissed into the demons ear,

"Don't go near Deidara or the child or I shall sacrifice you to Jashin, Get that Shithead? I don't give a shit what Leader-sama wants. Touch my friend again and I'll be having you." And with that, he dropped the blonde onto the floor, turned and walked back to Kakuzu, who was watching him with curious green eyes. The platinum haired male ignored him and continued on his way but stopped when the Kyuubi asked,

"I'm curious to know…is he keeping it or is he just going to kill it?"

Hidan turned with a scowl,

"You have no right to know that asshole."

Kyuubi smirked,

"I have all the right in the world. Don't forget that." His smirk widened when Hidan growled and made to march towards him, but was stopped by Kakuzu who said in a quiet voice,

"Don't bother Hidan. He's just trying to get under your skin. Don't let him."

The violet haired man growled, but stopped struggling against his partner. He glared once more at Kyuubi and spat,

"Remember asshole, go near him and the child and I will sacrifice you and the rest of your bijuu fuck buddy's to Jashin."

The other Konoha nins watched the scene with wide eyes, not understanding what was going on. They looked from the Akatsuki to Naruto's blood red eyes and smirking face. Kakuzu gave a sigh before he grabbed onto Hidan's arms,

"We're going."

With that, he dragged the pissed off priest off, leaving the confused Konoha nins standing in the clearing. Kakashi, Sakura and Sai stared at Naruto, who closed his eyes and opened them again to reveal his sapphire blue eyes once again. He took a step forward, only to stagger slightly and fall to the ground, rubbing his head with a pout. Sakura ran up to him and shook him lightly,

"Naruto, what was that about? What were they talking about?"

Confused eyes looked at her,

"What? Sorry…I blacked out for a few minutes there…what happened?"

The other three stared at him with wide eyes before Kakashi cleared his throat,

"We got attacked by some Akatsuki members and one was talking to you. One was talking about a child and was threatening to sacrifice you to Jashin."

Naruto's blonde eyes widened,

"W-what!? I-I don't remember anything!"

Sakura frowned and then asked hesitantly,

"Naruto…do you know what the Kyuubi did when he left your body a few months ago?"

Naruto blinked and thought to himself for a little bit before he shook his head,

"No…I don't…I was in a coma, remember?"

The girl looked thoughtful before she said,

"Well… I think that he did something which has upset the Akatsuki a lot. And I also think that, just now, Kyuubi took over your body so he could…rub it in their faces?"

Kakashi frowned,

"What could the Kyuubi have done to upset them so much?"

The pink haired female shrugged,

"I don't know. I think we need to go back to Tsunade," Her eyes trailed to Naruto's stomach where the seal was, "I don't think the seal will be able to contain that demon for much longer."

Kakashi gave a sigh and nodded,

"Hai…and we also need to find out what it did to the Akatsuki. And maybe if we can use that to our advantage."


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