Sandy's Vacation

An Original Story By Writer's Blah's Sister (Sigh)

© Writer's Blah, 2007

DISCLAIMER: I do not own SpongeBob SquarePants. It belongs to Nickelodeon, Stephen Hillenburg, and United Plankton, Ltd.

Once upon a time, Sandy broke some news to SpongeBob. "I'm going on vacation, SpongeBob."

"Can I come too?" asked SpongeBob.

"No way, SpongeBob. This is a private meeting between us squirrels only."

After Sandy left, SpongeBob went to get a sign for his house that said "Sponges and Starfish only".

SpongeBob went to talk to Patrick. Patrick threw his house for unknown reasons and turned his attention to SpongeBob. He got his house back, and then he ate the remote. SpongeBob asked, "Umm…why is there a rectangle in your stomach?"

"I ate my remote, that's why." Patrick said. "Now let's go jellyfishing before Sandy comes back!"

Meanwhile, Sandy had gone to her secret ocean to relax. After that, she had a solo picnic. Strangely enough, SpongeBob stumbled into Sandy's relaxation area by accident. Patrick grabbed SpongeBob just as he was about to run to Sandy. "You can't go willy nelly…wait. What was I talking about again?"

"Err…something about willy nelly?"

Sandy was about to leave, when she saw SpongeBob and Patrick. "Ahh!! What are you two barnacle heads doing here?!?"

SpongeBob and Patrick got scared of Sandy, so they ran away. Sandy chased them. "Not so fast, SquarePants! No one bothers me without punishment!!"

SpongeBob directed, "RUN FASTTER PATRICK!!!"

Patrick yells, "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!"

SpongeBob argues, "No, you run!!"

SpongeBob and Patrick sprinted at top speed, and they saw a large seahorse grazing in the seaweed. SpongeBob stupidly asked, "Can you give us a ride?"

But the seahorse got angry and chased both of them. They kept on running, but as they thought they were safe, Plankton showed up. Patrick scratched his head, "Plankton? What are you doing here?"

"Oh just out for a stroll. Get out of my way and I won't have to vaporize you, you pink blob!!"

SpongeBob asks, "What do you mean?"

"It means I'll use this gun to disassemble your molecules!!"

SpongeBob and Patrick got scared again. Now three people were chasing them. But as they thought they were home free, Sandy got on a blimp that came out of nowhere. She crashed into SpongeBob and Patrick. "Talk about your crash and burn!" joked Patrick.

She says, "Hold on there you two! I got the whole thing on tape!"

"I didn't notice a camera."

"There's one now!"

Patrick had a camera in his pocket for some weird reason. "Got it. It was around your house, SpongeBob."

SpongeBob put it back inside his house. Night fell, and they said good night to each other. SpongeBob went to his room, and climbed into bed, and says, "G'night, Gary."


SpongeBob went to sleep, and dreamed that he was in an extremely large city that he had never seen before. It was called "Bikini Top". He saw a castle in the distance. He also saw a statue of a genie. Patrick appeared out of nowhere behind SpongeBob. He woke up, and heard, "I Wrote This". Then everybody stormed Spongebob's house and destroyed the radio. For some reason, Dennis didn't show up.


I know. I'm confused too. Thanks for reading anyway. My sister says, "Bye!"