Hello again. If you liked my story "The Wish Granter" Then I'm pretty sure you'll like this fanfic. Although you have to read it and find out! The story will eventually lead into the time-skip, so do not worry. Also this is based off of the TRUE MANGA IN NARUTO! Thank you Kishimoto, I solute you! Also opening by: Long Shot Party. (I will try to get a new opening later)

Normal Character


Thoughts, Skips, (Etc.)

He was walking. Walking with his beautiful wolf demon wife. She was large, beautiful, green colored fur and 8 tails. He was bigger, red colored fur, muscular and had 9 tails. He looked over at his beautiful mate and she looked at him. It was then that the Kyuubi, and Hachibi decided, that they would have a human demon. One that was handsome, and would grow up to be a fine man.

"My beautiful Hachibi, tonight we shall make a demon/human. I shall mate with you with my up-most love and strength." Kyuubi said and licked her mouth. She licked his and they both engaged in a lust filled tongue lock. They separated for air.

"Yes, my handsome demon. I shall bare your child, and we shall make him both up of you, and me." Hachibi said and the demons made their way back to the mountain cave, just next to the Hidden Leaf Village. As they were walking a villager saw them and shouted in terror at the two monstrosities.

"DEMONS! HELP THE DEMONS ARE ATTACKING!" She said and soon leaf village ninja heard her and got on the walls. They gasped and alerted the other ninja. Then the ninja started to attack the two loving demons. Kyuubi got in a defense stance and the ninja started to blow fire in his direction. He took the fire without getting one scratch on him and screamed. A giant wave of red chakra pierced the sky, killing the opposing ninja.

"Run my 8 tailed beauty! I will hold them off here, just run!" Kyuubi shouted and screamed again. Hachibi ran for her life and got to the, humongous, mountain cave. She his inside the hole until her love was finished. Kyuubi screamed again and more ninja fell dead. The ninja called for more of their forces and Kyuubi ran away, trying not to provoke them. He ran into the mountains and disappeared.

"FUCK! IT GOT AWAY!" One ninja shouted. Kyuubi walked on all fours inside the cave (Not like they were walking on all fours in the first place) He saw his green beauty laying down.

"Are you okay, my beautiful demon?" He asked with concern and worry. She perked her head up and ran over to him and she kissed him on the nose, using her own nose. She rubbed her head against his furry neck and he licked her neck, making her moan. She then saw something on his fur. She gasped as she saw him bleeding.

"Oh no! You're hurt!" She said and licked his wound. He rubbed his face against her neck and after she was done licking his wound they both engaged in a lustful kiss. Kyuubi growled at her seductively and she licked his lips.

"It is time, my beautiful demon, to share the gift of love, and produce our offspring." He said. She nodded and turned around to wear he was facing her back. He smiled and hoped up on top of her and thrusted his long, thick penis into her. He was 20 feet long and 10 inches thick. He started to thrust into her, slowly, making her moan in pleasure.

"Kyuubi, go faster, harder. SHOW ME THE DEMON WITHIN YOU!" she yelled. Kyuubi did as he was told and went faster and faster, harder and harder. She moaned his name and soon she felt herself about to cum. Kyuubi was feeling it to. Then they both let out a deep groan and they cummed into each other. Kyuubi released his seed into her, fertilizing her egg.. They were both panting and Hachibi fell to the ground and curled up in a ball. Kyuubi, satisfied with his work joined her and they both fell asleep, and waited, till it was time for her to give birth.

9 months later

Hachibi was about to give birth and Kyuubi stood at her side, waiting for their family members to get there. The other tailed demons arrived and saw the pregnant female wolf.

"So good of you all to come. I have been waiting for you all to see the child that we gave birth to." Kyuubi said. The massive demons walked in and went over to the pregnant female.

"Oh I'm so excited to see what little demon pops out today!" Nibi said excited.

"Yes we shall see what it is that you two have made." Ichibi said. Soon the air grew silent and Hachibi let out a piercing scream. They all watched as she gave birth to their first child. Soon the room erupted with the small cry of a small baby boy. He slid out slowly and they all looked down at him. They all then shrunk to a size small enough that they could see the small child. It was a boy, and he had small whisker marks on his face, and small furry blond ears sticking out of his small head.

"IT IS A HUMAN! NOT A DEMON!" Gobi shouted. They all studied the boy and Hachibi was panting. Kyuubi looked down at his new son and licked the blood off of his baby.

"Oh he's so cute! I just want to eat him up!" Sanbi said. Kyuubi and Hachibi growled at him. "I was just kidding! Geez." He said. Kyuubi sniffed the baby and smiled. He used his tail and carried the boy to his mother. She rejoiced and held her son in her tails grasp. She licked the boy and soon, she thought of a name.

"What should we call him?" Hachibi asked. Soon an eruption of names filled the room.

"We shall call him Juubi!" Sheichibi yelled.

"No we shall call him Kuzoku!" Rokubi yelled again.

"No!" Shibi said. They all looked at him. "We shall call the boy! DINNER!" he yelled. Kyuubi and Hachibi growled at him. Soon Kyuubi came up with a perfect name.

"NO! We shall call our child. Naruto Uzumaki Kitsune." He said and the room came about in roars of rejoice and comments. Kyuubi smiled at is beauty and kissed her, then looked down at their baby.

"Naruto Uzumaki Kitsune it is then. I will love you, even when I die." Hachibi said. After all the demon left Kyuubi and Hachibi looked at their sleeping child. He coughed a bit and just continued sleeping. The demons both smiled at each other of their creation and kissed.

"He is beautiful, my green furred demon." Kyuubi said. Hachibi looked at him and smiled. Then Naruto started to cry. Hachibi knew what to do. She gripped him softly with her tail and held his mouth up to one of her six nipples. He started to feed on her warm milk. They both heard him grunt a little, enjoying the warm taste of her milk. They smiled and waited for him to finish. Then they all went to sleep, and awaited the years to come.

7 years later after Naruto's birth

YOU ARE MY FRIEND! aa, ano hi no yume, ima demo mada wasuretenain dashou?

YOU ARE MY DREAM aa, hajimete bakka, kimi wa MY LONG LAST FRIEND!

Whoa, ima tabidatsu yai.

EVERY DAY, kono saki no SHINE de.

I WANNA SEE YOU, hikaru MY SOUL ON FIRE! Koro de miosame no FUN DAYS.


I'LL GO THE DISTANCE! Mihatteru sora SO FULL nonkonda STARTING ore ga saikou ne POWER, FULL TILT!

YOU ARE MY FRIEND! aa, ano hi no yume, ima demo mada wasuetenain dashou?

YOU ARE MY DREAM! aa, hajimete bakka, kimi wa MY LONG LAST FRIEND.

Woah ima tabidatsu yai.

THANK YOU MY FRIEND. aa, ano hi no koto, ima demo mada oboeturu kara.

YOU ARE MY DREAM. aa, mou kondo koso mamoru MY WAY.

Woah the distance!

A streak of blond rushed into the forest. He was about 4'8 and had blond hair. He had small gangs and small ears that were blond, and blended with his hair. Naruto Uzumaki was running throughout the forest. He was wearing no clothes, yet, and played near the river of the nearby mountain bank. As he was playing he heard the sound of his father calling him.

"Naruto! Naruto Uzumaki Kitsune! It is a time that you and I have a talk about something!" His father roared, not angrily. Naruto ran back to the cave. He could see his father in the distance since, well, he was 100 meters high! Naruto laughed as he moved throughout the trees.

"Wonder what dad wants? Maybe it's something important." Naruto said and got to the cave. His dad was waiting for him and Naruto approached him. "Hey dad! What do you need me for!" He yelled at the Fox. The fox lowered his head and licked his son on the face.

"Naruto. Your mother is going out to get you some clothes, and I think that it is time for you to become a ninja of Konoha. No matter how much I despise you being there, I want you to become successful." The fox said. "Your mother has gone to pick you up some clothes for your time in the village. You will not live in the village, but you shall go there and attract a trustful mate using you charms, brains, and overall your seductiveness. But also be aware that you are not ready to mate until your manhood is fully grown. I see that it is growing very well. By 18 years old you shall be a man, and have a fully grown manhood." Kyuubi said. Naruto nodded, then got confused.

"How is mom supposed to fit in with all the other females. It's not like a 90 meter tall wolf can walk into the village!" Naruto said.

"Your mother has the ability to change into a regular women, along with the rest of us." Kyuubi said. Naruto nodded.

With Hachibi

Hachibi was walking around Konoha as a beautiful green haired women. She had very big breasts, and her eyes were also green. She had a lean sexy figure and she had a long green dress. She was looking around and didn't see anything, until she came to a store. He eyes caught something immediately. She saw an Orange jumpsuit. It had a white collar, had blue coloring near the chest, and it had matching pants, that were also orange. She looked at the price. It was on sale for only 10000 yen. She checked her wallet and had enough. She went inside and all the other ladies looked at her and smiled and said hi. She smiled back at them and went to the counter. The lady looked at her and smiled.

"How may I help you ma'am?" She said happily.

"Yes I would like that orange jumpsuit please." Hachibi said. The woman nodded and got the jumpsuit off the hanger. Hachibi had also found some boxers for Naruto and laid them out to.

"Your total will be 10900 ma'am." She said. Hachibi paid the money and she left the store. She exited the village and got far enough to wear no-one could see her and she transformed into her natural green beauty of a wolf she was carrying the bag in the teeth and ran home. Naruto and his father, Kyuubi, were waiting and Hachibi arrived.

"Mom!" Naruto said and ran over and hugged her. She smiled and leaned down and licked him on the cheek. He kissed her on the lips in return. She lowered the sack to her child and he looked inside. He took out the orange jumpsuit and put on the boxers that had a heart shaped pattern on them. His eyes gleamed as he saw that orange jumpsuit. "Thanks mom! This looks awesome! I'm going to try it on!" He said and put the Orange jumpsuit on. The demons watched as their son put on his suit. "How do I look?" He asked.

"My, my. You look very handsome in that suit. If I were a mate I would very well fall for your handsomeness." Hachibi said. She looked at Kyuubi and he smiled to and nodded.

"Now my son, you must use the genjutsu that I taught you to cover up your ears. If you don't the villagers will not hesitate to kill you, my son." Kyuubi said. Naruto nodded and made a tiger seal. Then his small blond ears turned into regular ears on the side of his face. He looked at them and smiled. They smiled back and looked at him.

"Alright! I'm ready to become a ninja! I'll see you guys tonight!" Naruto yelled and sprinted off towards the village to become a ninja, and to find the girl of his dreams.

"There he goes. Off to become what he was destined for. A ninja of that pathetic village. He will surpass them all with the training we gave him." Kyuubi said and licked Hachibi. Soon they both felt a rumble in the Earth and they saw Sheichibi running with all the other demons behind him. He was carrying Rokubi on his back. The two couples rushed over and helped her. Hachibi's eyes widened as she saw Rokubi had a small bulge in her belly, and was gradually going down.

"Hurry! We must get her in the cave at once." Hachibi said. They all nodded and ran into the cave.

Meanwhile with Naruto

Naruto had entered the village and he looked around. The people smiled at him, having no idea he was the Kyuubi's son. He smiled back, even though he didn't want to, and looked around. He went to the Hokage Tower and saw the Yondaime Hokage at work at his desk. He sensed Naruto's chakra and looked behind him. He saw Naruto and smiled at him. Naruto smiled back and observed him. He had blond spiky hair like Naruto, and he wore a white cloak with a dragon on the back. He wore a Konoha forehead protector that kept his hair up. Underneath the white cloak he wore a green vest and wore a regular pair on black pants.

"Come on in there son. What do you need?" He said smiling. Naruto nodded and pushed and went inside the window, since it was open. The Yondaime got up and shook Naruto's hand. "Well look at you. Judging by why you had come here, you must be looking for the Academy, right?" He asked.

"Ya, that's exactly what I was looking for." Naruto said. The Yondaime Hokage nodded and gave Naruto a slip.

"Sign your name here and you'll be able to access the Academy." He said. Naruto nodded and signed his full name. The Yondaime's eyebrow rose as he saw the last of Naruto's name. "So you last name is KITSUNE?" He asked. Naruto nodded and the Yondaime thought. "Could he really be the child of those two demons? Well, unless we don't want the village attacked, then I shall let him enter." He said mentally. Naruto handed the signature to the Hokage, but he shook his head. "You're supposed to put your age, date of birth and I'll accept it." He said smiling. Naruto nodded and put that he was 7 years old, and he was born October 10th. He handed the paper to the Yondaime and he looked at it. "Alright, welcome to Konoha Naruto Uzumaki Kitsune. Glad to have you here. I'll give this to your instructor and you will be going to the Academy tomorrow, okay? Also you're entering the Academy at the same age I did." (I made it up. Just wanting to be fluid is all) He told Naruto.

'Whoa, really? Are you serious?" Naruto asked. He received a nod and Naruto smiled his 100 percent smile.

"Okay then, well I hope to see you tomorrow. I'll be looking forward to your abilities." The Yondaime said. Naruto smiled and bowed. The he jumped out the window. The Yondaime closed it and thought to himself. "If he really is their son. Then we will have to keep an eye on him in the mean time. But I will assemble that when he reaches the age of 12." He said mentally and returned to his work. Naruto was walking through the park and watched as the other children played. He was about to go join them when he heard a small shriek. He averted his gaze over to the shriek and gasped as he saw a pink haired girl being harassed by a group of 5 boys. They looked about 12/13/14/15 years old even.

"Okay guys, let's have her one by one." The boy leader said and the others yelled 'yes.' He was about to grab her until his hand was caught by another hand. The pink haired girl looked up. She gasped as she saw a blond haired boy with small blond ears and red eyes.

"What the hell? Let go of me you freak!" The boy yelled. Naruto threw him against the tree and scratched his stomach, making it bleed. The boy yelled in pain. Naruto looked at the older boys and they started to back away. The leader knew that this was not the time for a fight. Naruto looked at him.

"Never, ever! Do this to another girl again! If you do I'll kill you and your buddies. Also I was holding back, just so you know, and promise never to tell anybody about me, or your life will be mine. Capiesh!?" Naruto said angrily. The boy nodded and his friends grabbed him and they ran away. Naruto looked at the pink haired girl and smiled at her. His crimson eyes frightened her and she cuddled herself. Naruto's eyes returned to normal and he bent down and stroked her hair. Her eyes shot wide open as he stroked her hair, softly. "Don't worry, I will never hurt someone as cute as you." Naruto said. The girl looked at him and she nodded. "What's you name anyway, cutie?" Naruto asked and winked at her. She blushed and smiled.

"M-My name is S-Sakura Haruno." She said.

"Sakura Haruno, eh? That's a perfect name for you, because in my eyes, you're perfect." He said. She blushed madly, about 10 shades of red. Naruto moved in and hugged her. She felt his warmth. She was absorbed in the hug, until she realized what she was doing. She let go and pushed Naruto back a bit. He looked at her confused.

"Umm, what's your n-name?" She asked. Naruto smiled at her and gave her a wink.

"That's an easy one! My name is Naruto! Naruto Uzumaki Kitsune!" He said giving her a foxy grin, which he inherited from his dad. Sakura nodded and looked at his features.

"Why do you have those whisker marks on your cheeks? And why those furry ears?" Sakura asked.

"My dad passed them on to me I guess." Naruto answered back. Sakura nodded and got curious. She extended her arm and felt the whisker marks on his cheek. He flinched a little. "Not to hard now. They're very sensitive." He told her. She nodded and scratched the mark softly. It made him start to purr a little. Sakura laughed at him and stopped caressing his cheek. He looked at her with some bit of confusion. She looked at his head and saw the two small furry blond ears he had.

"Your ears look so cute. Can I, umm, maybe touch them?" She asked. Naruto smiled and bent his head down so she could reach his ears. She started to rub them a little bit, making him purr again. She laughed and stopped. Naruto looked at her, and observed her. She had emerald eyes, bubble gum pink hair, she was wearing a pink t-shirt, and light pink shorts. She also had a wide forehead, which really brought out the beauty in her. Naruto extended his hand and rubbed her forehead, out of curiosity. "I know, it's big isn't it?" She said and frowned a bit.

"It may be big, but it brings out how cute you look in my eyes." He said and his beautiful blue eyes sparkled at her. She had a small tint of red crawl across her face. Naruto saw it and smiled back at her, showing his growing fangs. Then Naruto looked behind him and the adults, kids, ninja, and everybody were staring at him. "Oh crap my ears! I have to hide them quick!" He half yelled and made a tiger sign. His ears disappeared and he had the regular ears of a normal regular 7-year-old kid. The other people were only smiling at them both, and had not noticed his small demon ears. Naruto sighed in relief and looked back at Sakura. She was smiling at him and blushing. The position they were in made Naruto blush as well. Naruto was leaning over Sakura, who was against the tree. Naruto smirked and put his arm against the tree, as if he was shielding her from harm. He leaned in and kissed her forehead. Sakura's eyes widened and she felt dazed as his soft lips, and fangs, hit her forehead. Naruto pulled away and he lifted her hand and they both got up. They smiled at each other. Naruto was a little bit taller than Sakura. Then Sakura held his hand and they both walked off to go get something to eat. "So what do you want to eat?" Naruto asked. Sakura thought and probably knew that Naruto couldn't afford her tastes.

"How about some ramen from Ichiraku's ramen shop?" Sakura asked. Naruto perked up immediately.

"Sweet! Ramen's my favorite meal of the entire world!" He said practically drooling at the mouth. Sakura laughed and they both ran to the ramen shop. Once they got to the stand Naruto ordered an extra large miso-ramen with chicken. Sakura had a small bowl of the shrimp ramen. "Idaktadimasu!" Naruto yelled (At least I think it's spelled that way) and started to eat like a pig. Sakura smiled and looked at her bowl.

"Idaktadimasu!" She copied and they both ate. Naruto couldn't believe he was actually on his first date with a girl he had only met 20 minutes ago. It made him feel good inside to see that he was going to have Sakura as his first mate. After they finished eating Naruto and Sakura walked over to the academy playground and Naruto saw a small swing for him to push Sakura.

"C'mon Sakura! I push you on that swing over there!" Naruto stated and Sakura nodded. Sakura got on the wooden swing and Naruto got behind her. Naruto started to push her and she was enjoying it by how she laughed. Naruto then did an underdog and went under Sakura while she flew in the air. But she had lost her grip and she fell to the ground. She screamed and waited for impact and closed her eyes! But she had been caught by something. She opened one eye, and there was Naruto, holding her small body. She blushed and Naruto set her down. "Are you alright Sakura?" He asked checking for any wounds, bruises and such.

"I'm okay, and thank you." She said and kissed him on the cheek. Naruto's eyes widened and smiled at her while his hand was on his cheek. Sakura smiled back and Naruto sat on the swing and waved her to come over and sit with him. She did and she sat on his lap and Naruto just rocked them both slowly. "So, how old are you? Naruto?" Sakura asked.

"I'm actually 7 years old." Naruto said proudly. "How old are you, not that it's any of my business." Naruto asked her. She giggled at him and looked up at him.

"I'm 6 years old, and when I grow up to be big. I want to become a ninja, just like all the other girl ninja in the world." Sakura asked.

"Hey! I'm going into the academy tomorrow! Would you like to come with me and see me smoke the others?" Naruto asked. Sakura giggled again.

"I would like to do that, thanks." She answered back and sat back to wear she was against his chest. Naruto smiled and kissed her head. Soon the sun was going down and Sakura had fallen asleep in Naruto's lap. Naruto looked at her and smiled. He got up and lifted her up bridal style. Then he went to take her home. But the problem was, that he didn't know where her home was.

"Maybe I can take her back to the cave?" Naruto asked himself and smiled and then nodded. He ran out of the gates of Konoha with his pink haired girl and along the way. Released the genjutsu on his ears. Once he had gotten back to the cave he heard a ruckus in it and went, with Sakura in his hands, to investigate. His eyes widened as he saw his whole clan talking over something with Rokubi. They heard him come in, and once they saw Sakura in his hands they all gasped. Kyuubi looked at Naruto and the girl in his hands and smiled.

"Ah, my son. It seems as though you have already found yourself a female. I'm very proud of you. Also please come here. There is something we would like to show you." His father said. Naruto nodded and the other members moved so he could get through. He saw his Aunt Rokubi, cradling something in her hands up to her nipple. Naruto's eyes widened as he saw a small baby, feeding off of her milk, grunting like he did. Rokubi looked at him and smiled.

"Hello there Naruto. Come closer if you like." Rokubi said. Naruto nodded and went closer. He saw the baby feeding and his eyes lit up. He looked at Rokubi and smiled.

You now have a brother, my son." Kyuubi said and Naruto's eyes widened.

"I-I have a brother now?" He asked. Rokubi only nodded and Naruto got a little to excited. "I HAVE A BROTHER NOW!" He yelled and made the baby cry. As soon as he heard it he zipped his lips tight.

"Oh boy, well nothing lasts forever." Rokubi said and rocked the baby back and forth. It calmed down after a while and she started to think of a name for the boy. Meanwhile Sakura had woken up and saw Naruto, cradling her. Naruto perked up as he heard her yawn and looked at her. She smiled and he did to.

"Wait for it." Ichibi said. Sakura rubbed her eyes and looked around. She gasped and her eyes widened as she saw the legendary beasts, all-looking at her. She cuddled up to Naruto and hid her face. Naruto cuddled with her and she looked again. Naruto was looking down at her and she got the courage to say something.

"N-N-Naruto? Where, where am I?" She asked as she clutched onto Naruto's jacket.

"We're in my home. Sakura, this is my family. I want you to meet my uncles. Ichibi, Sanbi, Shibi, Gobi, and Sheichibi." He said and Sakura waved a small hand, while still clutching onto Naruto's jacket.

"It is nice to meet you." Gobi said.

"Yes, I can finally rest now that your son got a girl. Now can I eat her please, I haven't eaten anything in what seems like days. And that girl looks awfully tasty." Sanbi said. Naruto shot a death glare at his uncle and his eyes turned blood red. "Alright, alright! I was just kidding!" Sanbi said and Sheichibi hit him on the head with his paw, making him yell 'OUCH'.

"You'll have to excuse our brother. He only thinks about his gut sometimes, you know. Anyways, I'm Shibi, it is very nice to meet you." Shibi said.

"I'm Sheichibi, also known as the 'Nightmare' if you will. It is glad to meet one of Naruto's most prestigious female counterparts." Sheichibi said.

"Now I want you to meet my Aunts. Nibi, and Rokubi." Naruto said.

"Oh my, well aren't you just the cutest little thing! I hope you treat her with care Naruto!." Nibi said in her, always but sometimes annoying, perky voice.

"My name is Rokubi, the one who had just given birth to this beautiful child of mine. It is nice to meet you." She said. Naruto nodded and Sakura waved. Kyuubi and Hachibi were patiently waiting for Naruto to introduce them.

"Now I want you to meet my Mom, and my Dad." Naruto said. Sakura looked at them and they smiled, while waving their tails.

"Oh my, it's very nice to meet you now. I've been wondering when Naruto would be coming home with a girl. But not this soon, anyway, but nice to meet you. My name is Hachibi, and the handsome boy holding you in his arms, is my only son." Hachibi said smiling. Sakura looked at Naruto and he was smiling also.

"I am Naruto's father. I was also wondering when my son was going to be bringing home a female of your species. I hope that one day you will see my son as one person you can depend on, and love with all your heart. That is all, and I am known as the Kyuubi, leader of this powerful clan, we call, the Kitsune." Kyuubi said. Sakura's eyes widened as she was now waiting the Kyuubi of legend, right in the face. She swallowed hard and smiled a bit.

"N-Nice to m-meet y-you, sir. My name is Sakura Haruno" She said and buried her head in Naruto's jacket so they couldn't see her. Kyuubi and every body nodded in approval.

"Well, anyway now that the introduction is over, we should be coming up with a name for the baby, umm, is it a boy or a girl?" Naruto asked. Rokubi checked and smiled.

"Tis a boy, Naruto." She said. Naruto nodded and thought. Just then the room filled up with screams of names for the newborn.

"I want to call him Toku!" Gobi said.

"No! We should all call him Juubi!" Ichibi said.

"NO!" Sanbi said. "We shall call him. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert!" He yelled, earning an unpleasant growl from Sheichibi and the rest of the gang, including Naruto. "I was just kidding, gosh, what's a demon to do around here to get something to eat?" Sanbi asked.

"Well if you would quite thinking about that gut of yours then you wouldn't be so chunky, honey!" Nibi said. Every body laughed. Sakura was even laughing and they all stopped and saw that she was cracking up, and tears were coming from her eyes.

"Chunky! Ha ha ha! That was really funny!" Sakura said. Sanbi growled at her, and she stopped and hid inside Naruto's jacket. He smiled proudly and looked at Naruto. He lowered his ears because Naruto shot him a death glare. Every body smiled and Kyuubi and Sheichibi thought.

"Maybe we should call him. Kimimaro?" Kyuubi asked. Sheichibi's eyes shot open and looked at his brother.

"Good start old chap. But we shall call him, Kishimaru Kaguya Kitsune." The intelligent dog demon said. The room was then filled with rejoice and happiness as they all had a new member of the family. Naruto smiled and Rokubi was getting annoyed at the shouting, because it was waking Kishimaru up.

"Every body shut up! You're waking my child." She shouted angrily. Every body closed their mouths. Naruto rolled his eyes and looked down at Sakura. She was shaking in fear of making them all mad, and they would soon put her on a plate and stuff an apple in her mouth, only to feast on her. Naruto rocked her back and forth. She calmed down and Naruto leaned down and kissed her on the head. Every body awed and Sakura looked from out of Naruto's jacket. Naruto set her down and she stood up, knees shaking.

"It's okay Sakura, they're not going to hurt you. I won't let them in any way. I promise" Naruto said and hugged Sakura. She blushed a little and Naruto shot her a foxy grin.

"Thank You Naruto. I'm really glad there are people like you in his world." Sakura said and kissed him on the cheek, earning a seductive growl from him. Kyuubi heard it and eyed Naruto. Naruto looked at him in a confused way.

"What? I didn't mean it in that way! Geez." Naruto pouted while gripping Sakura. She giggled a bit and hugged him.

"So, my son. Did they let you in the academy?" Kyuubi asked and every body listened.

"You bet! The Yondaime Hokage let me in! Now I'll be able to make you proud, and when I'm a ninja, I'll be able to go to all sorts of places!" Naruto said back. Kyuubi nodded in approval. Naruto looked at Sakura and she was feeling very sleepy and leaned against Naruto. "Hey, dad. Can Sakura stay here tonight?" Naruto asked. Kyuubi thought about it and nodded.

"Yes, she may stay the night with you. BUT NO MATING!" Kyuubi yelled. Naruto nodded at his fathers' words and went over to his bed that was made of straw, and other things to keep them both warm. Naruto pulled some of the straw over them and pulled Sakura into him so she would stay extra warm. Naruto then watched as she fell asleep next to him. He then fell asleep to and they both drifted off too sleep, dreaming of each other in their future. "Isn't that sweet. My son has now found his girl." Kyuubi said.

"You know honey, that kind of reminds me of when you and I found each other, and went on our first date and fell asleep. Yes, you cuddled around me and kept me warm. Oh it was so romantic." Hachibi said. Kyuubi blushed a little and cleared his throat.

"Well, brother I shall see you and your child tomorrow, and we shall see what happens." Kyuubi said.

"Okay, brother. See you in the morning. Bright, shiny, warm and whatnot. Well come along Rokubi my sweet. We must be on our way. Cheerio every body!" He said and they both left with Kishimaru on tow. Every body else left and the loving Kitsune couple stared at their son and his girl. They both smiled and got in their bed. Hachibi snuggled up to her red fur coat. And Kyuubi cuddled around his mate. They both kissed, and licked and fell asleep.

Well there you have it. Another story successfully done. The next chapter will be here shortly. So be patient and stayed tuned for the next chapter.