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-Thursday, December 20, 2007-

Hyuuga Hinata was curled up on her large, western style bed. Her head tucked in between her knees and her arms wrapped around them. Just like her speech, Hinata's sobs were quiet, even more so when they were muffled by her legs.

Thoughts of her latest run in with her father, Hyuuga Hiashi, were still ringing in her ears and running through her head.

The throbbing in her normally pale arms didn't help the memories subside any faster either. The black spots forming on her fair skin looked so out of place on her soft arms, and -if she would show you- her back.

"Hinata-sama? Are you still in your room?" a male voice called out softly before peaking into her room.

"I'm r-right h-here, N-Neji-nii-s-san." He could barely hear her, with her head bowed toward her stomach, but continued in anyway.

"I brought in your ointments, like you asked," he said, placing them on her bed. She slowly uncurled herself from her self induced cocoon shape, stopping at particularly painful spots. Once she was uncurled, he caressed her cheek, though she had flinched away at first. "You have a bruise on your cheek," he muttered.

"A-Ari-g-got-to" she said, slowly picking up a first of many containers.

"Hinata-sama," he said, taking the wooden container from her hands. She understood, and simply let her branch family cousin administer the creams; just like he did every other time this happened. "Do you want me to do your back, Hinata-sama?" he asked, as he finished her bruised shins and arms. Like every other action she did in this state, she slowly began to lift her top over her head, and deposited it on the floor beside her bed. Working around the straps of her bra (which he barely dared go near) he finished her back as well.

"Do you want me to send word to your sensei that you're ill and unable to go to your training tomorrow?" he asked starting to put the ointments away, back into the simple box they came from.

"N-No tha-thank you, N-Neji-n-nii-san. I- I'll bb-be b-better b-by mo-morning," she stuttered out.

"If you insist. Good night, Hinata-sama."

He bowed as he left her room, closing the door behind him.

She fell backwards and bit back a cry as her tender back hit the mattress, and fell asleep fairly quickly as the pain subsided.

Neji stood outside her door thinking. Who was she closest too? Who outside this family would stop this? He was the last person to get himself mixed up into business that didn't have anything to do with him. But…

-Friday December 21, 2007-

"Where the hell is Hinata? She's never late!" Kiba growled, pacing back and forth with Akamaru nipping at his heels. Neither Shino or Kurenai answered, they couldn't, no one knew where she was.

Suddenly, Kiba stopped pacing and Akamaru began jumping around and barking before running toward the village.

"Akamaru!" Kurenai called. "Kiba, what is it?" she asked, standing up.

"Hinata's here… but…" he muttered. Kurenai turned toward the direction the small dog had run off in. After a minute, they saw the young Hyuuga girl walking towards them with the pup in her arms.

"Hinata!" Kurenai called, waiting for the girl to raise her head and smile at them like normal, but she didn't.

"What's wrong with her, Kiba? Can you tell?" Shino asked, also standing up. He didn't expect growling to come from the Inuzuka boy, but from that point on, he knew there was something wrong with her.

Hinata finally reached her teammates, but she still didn't raise her head, not even to move her face away from the puppy licking her left cheek. Kiba ran over to her and grabbed her by her shoulders, growling even more when she flinched.

"Hinata, look at me." he ordered, look down at the girl. "Hinata…" she shook her head. "Why?" He didn't get an answer, letting go of one of her arms, he moved Akamaru away from her face and heard her whimper as he ran his hand along where his dog had been licking. "Who did it?" he asked with clenched teeth, trying his hardest against his instincts not to yell and kill whoever hurt his friend.

"I… I can't t-tell, Kiba-k-kun," she said, staring down at the puppy still in her arms.

While all this was happening, Kurenai and Shino stood off to the side.

"Do your bugs know what's wrong with her, Shino?" she asked quietly.

"She's hurt."

"Was she training with her father last night?"

"Someone hit her," Shino said, his hands secretly clenching under the sleeves of his jacket. "And not with Jyuuken. She has at least one bruise, on her face, that's why she isn't looking up." Kurenai narrowed her eyes and started over toward her two wards, but the Aburame Gennin stopped her.

"Kiba can take care of this. He's closest to her, if anyone will get her to confess, it's him." Kurenai looked toward the two, with Kiba rubbing her cheek "There is nothing we can do if she doesn't admit someone hurt her. She'd just deny it to the Hokage." Kurenai nodded. He had a point.

When Kurenai looked back at the two, she seen Kiba merely leaning on Hinata, his head down… had he given up?

"Kiba-kun…" the white eyed Gennin muttered quietly. He looked up, his eyes still somewhat angry, but certainly much calmer then they'd been minutes ago. "You… You h-have t-to promi-ise me y-you wo-won't go after h-him…" she whispered, holding her pinkie up to him.

"On Squad 8 life," he answered, interlocking his pinkie with hers. Just as she was about to tell him, Kiba picked up a familiar scent and Akamaru ran into the woods.

"Not again! Akamaru!" Kurenai called.

"It's alright Kurenai-sensei…" Kiba called half heartedly, letting go of the Hyuuga heiress who quickly hid herself behind him. Akamaru returned on the back of a much larger dog with an eye patch, barking happily, a woman looking a lot like Kiba followed them out, laughing at Akamaru nibbling on the other dogs ear.

"Oi, Baa-chan, what are you doing here?" Kiba mumbled.

"Inuzuka-san?" Kurenai asked, surprised. Hinata glanced between the new woman and her defensive team mate. She doesn't look old enough to be his grandmother, but why else would Kiba call her Baa-chan?

"Kiba-kun… Who is she?"

"Kiba, what did I tell you about calling me OLD!?!" yelled the woman.

"She's going to kick your ass one of these days Kib-Ow! Akamaru! Let go of my ears I said!" called the dog.

"H-He talked Kiba-k-kun!" she said to the boy, pointing at the older dog. Kiba laughed at the girl and nodded.

"Yeah Hinata, most of her dogs can, Akamaru will one day too."

"So this is Hyuuga Hinata-sama." the new woman said, suddenly in front of Kiba and Hinata. She hid further behind Kiba in surprise, causing the Inuzuka woman to flinch. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you," she said, slightly scowling when she seen the dark mark on her otherwise flawless skin. "That is quite the beauty mark he gave you there, isn't it, Sunshine?" she asked. Kiba glared at the woman as Hinata hid her face in her guardians' hood.

"What do you want, Baa-chan…?" Kiba growled.

"First of all, don't you growl at ME, pup, second of all, if I've told you once, I've told you 100 times, stop calling me an old woman and third of all, she is why I'm here."

"Hinata? What do you know that I don't?" Kiba asked, bringing his arm around his back to comfort the girl hiding herself in the folds of his jacket.

"One of the Hyuuga boys stopped by a while ago on his way to training, saying that he hated butting into others' affairs, but he said it was his responsibility to protect her—"

"N-Neji-n-nii-san…" the smaller girl sobbed. Kiba turned around to see tears running down her face.

"Hinata! What's wrong?" Hinata latched onto him crying. He wrapped his arms around her, and put his own head against hers in comfort.

"He- he's p-protec-cting m-me K-Kiba-kun!" she cried.

"Kiba, he told me who bruised up this little angel…" Kiba glared.

"Start talking." he growled again, the woman looked annoyed, but let his rudeness slide for the time being.

"Hyuuga Hiashi…"

"That Son of a Mutt! I'll kill him!" Kiba barked, his eyes taking on a surprising red tint.

"N-No Kiba-kun." Hinata cried, clenching his jacket in her hands. "Y-you promised," she whispered. Kiba sighed, his eyes turning back to normal and just hugged the younger girl until she stopped crying.

"I won't go, Hinata, but you aren't going back there either," he whispered.

"W-where would I go?" she asked as she wiping her eyes. Kiba sent a hopeful glance at the woman behind him and she smiled, nodding.

"You're going home."

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