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Part 2

With shaky legs Cameron dismounted House's motorcycle swaying slightly as he reached out steadying her as well as a cripple could. He studied her face, her beautiful eyes wide with wonder and the flush of her climax still clinging to her cheeks. She was breathtaking there was no doubt about it and foolish male pride began to swell in him because HE had done this to her.

"Come on." He gripped her right hand with his left leading her up the stairs into his apartment. It should have felt awkward, the way Cameron looked around as if she was entering some Middle Eastern palace with intricate moldings and fantastic art refusing to meet his gaze, but House understood.

This was new territory to the young ingénue. Sure she wasn't a virgin but House was willing to bet his entire stock of Vicodin that she had never experienced anything so raw, so hedonistic as what occurred in the ride over. And he was going to press further, bring her into a world of Sex and Pleasure beyond her wildest dreams.

She wasn't playing with little boys anymore, someone she could lead around with the crook of her finger and the promise of a blow job or even an actual fuck. No, House was a grown man and he was going to teach her grown up things. No more missionary position with no consideration to her pleasure. No Cameron was going to come and come again tonight. He was going to enjoy every minute of it as was she.

House led Cameron to his couch; the leather creaking as she delicately tucked her legs underneath her body. After the intensity of her orgasm she was loathe to not having her lower half muscles clenched, the buzz still vividly awake within. She looked up at House expectantly preparing herself for the barrage of rough physical contact surprised when he gently smoothed her helmet flattened tresses studying each strand as it slipped through his fingers.

House then left Cameron's side and quietly padded around the room removing his leather jacket and disappearing into the kitchen. Seconds later he returned with a bottle of water and offered it to her. "Th…thank you." Cameron murmured as she accepted the water completely taken aback by his hospitality and gentleness. "I…I just thought."

House grinned leaning forward lifting Cameron's chin to have her eyes meet his. "That was just the beginning and believe me we are going to finish and I'm going to fuck your whole world up but right now, you need to recover. Trust me, we have all night." House took his place next to Cameron, she nudged closer to his proximity curling up perfectly under his outstretched arm, head resting on his chest.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, time enough for Cameron to finish her drink and clear the cobwebs from her mind. The need began to build in her once again, the heat radiating off from House beginning to drive her wild. She shifted her position proceeding to straddle House's legs but placing more weight on the left side.

House raised an eyebrow, questioning her intention "Are you sure you're ready?" He asked, still wanting to give Cameron the option all the while praying to a god he didn't believe in that she wouldn't change her mind.

"Uh-huh." She nodded, rubbing herself against House's rock solid erection. Trying to hide her nervousness and uncertainty. She couldn't believe she was here with him and he wanted her. It had never been like this in her whole life, the need, the hunger, the all consuming power House held over her. After that earth shattering performance on the motorcycle Cameron knew she was a slave to his whims for eternity.

House pulled Cameron's face to his deciding on the track to take with her. He was going to make her forget about any man who had EVER touched her before, all the Chase's of the world, the fumbling teenage boys, the collegiate drunk assholes and especially the bastard who took her virginity. "Cameron," he breathed in-between feather light kisses, "When's the last time you got thoroughly fucked?"

Cameron moaned, almost coming on the spot just by his words. House kissed her passionately his tongue mating with hers while his hands roamed across her body, massaging her calves then thighs, inching closer and closer to where she desired the most.

His hands reached the scrap of garment that lay between her legs and it seemingly melted away in his fingers, the silk ties on the sides undone and tossed on the Baby Grand in the corner. Cameron shivered as the cold air hit the moisture of her pussy. She ached, literally ached to have him touch her anything just to assure that amazing release she knew only he could give her.

House's lips continued their onslaught while his fingers found a new target for their attention. The material of Cameron's dress was a sinfully soft concoction of rayon and satin creating a malleable fabric for House to include in his seduction. He broke of contact with her lips and slid two of his fingers between hers then drawing the wet digits to her covered breasts. Rolling his fingers around her sensitive nipples House was grateful to see she had forgone with a bra, her small peaks tightening against the friction of the wet satin. The sensations continued even after House removed his hands, the simple act of breathing sent shockwaves to her core.

"How many men Cameron?" House asked before lowering his mouth to her painfully strained nipple, scraping his teeth against the tiny bud.

Cameron screamed, her mind drawing a blank, fuck it was too good, nothing in the world mattered but the man before her. "I…I" She mumbled incoherently unable to answer his question.

"How many men Cameron?" House asked again before driving two fingers in her and flicking his thumb against her swollen clit. Cameron bucked above him, she was so close, he could feel it as she rode his hand.

"House please." She implored him; her body drunk from pleasure it seeking release through its own volition. She was so close and his hands, oh God his hands were just brilliant working their magic inside and outside of her.

House yanked the dress off Cameron's head leaving her naked except for her strappy shoes which was in stark contrast to him because he was still fully clothed. She was a vision in the nude, so perfectly proportional and sexy; she probably didn't even know how sexy she was. "I want you to come now Cameron." He ordered as he dipped another finger in, stretching her, filling her, then using the lubrication to circle her clit.

"Oh God!" She moaned her climax building to a feverish pitch. House relentlessly fucked her with his fingers enjoying the warmth and wetness inside before latching onto Cameron's nipple creating a seal and then flicking it with his tongue.

Cameron bucked wildly against his hand, her body shattering into a million pieces as her orgasm ripped through her. "OH FUCK HOUSE!" She screamed unable to contain herself.

As Cameron came down from her high House made quick haste with his jeans and t-shirt. He lifted her, placing his cock at her slick entrance sliding the head in before removing it. Cameron cried out, desperate for renewed contact. Her hips automatically moving in circular motion above him, her keigel muscles clenching. "Please!" she begged him.

House pressed his cock at her wetness before rubbing the head on her swollen clit. "How many men Cameron?" He asked once again, knowing he would get his answer now.

"No one!" She hollered "Just you, just you."Cameron was a quivering mess; nothing existed except the need for him to be inside her.

House thrust upward filling her completely. "Fuck." He roared she was so tight. Cameron was coming again after House drove into her three times. He fought against the need to climax with her even though her body was coaxing it out of him.

Sensing the losing battle he was waging House dipped his index finger and thumb trapping her clit between the two and squeezed wringing her last orgasm out as he spilled inside of her wracked with the most powerful climax he had experienced in years.

Cameron slumped forward, all limbs turning to gelatin, unsure of what day, month or season it was. She whined as House disconnected her from him setting her gently beside. He pushed himself up off the couch shakily grabbing his cane then disappearing down the hall. He returned moments later with a blanket joining her back on the sofa.

House leaned back drawing Cameron down with him, her body curled against his with one leg draped across his undamaged one. He wrapped the covers around them drawing her closer until the crown of her head rested under his chin.

With a sense of finality he reflected upon the evening's events, the feelings bubbling to the surface coming as no surprise to him. Cameron was exactly where she needed to be and no one would take her away. House smiled running his fingers through her hair as Cameron began to drift off in a sexually satisfied slumber, "You're mine"