I actually wanted to post this during Christmas, but I was rather busy at the moment, so here is the sequel to "You're so cute!" I hope you like it, lol.

Disclaimer: cute Sasuke and cute Neji don't belong to me!

"Oh, come on!"


"But it's Christmas!"

"I know, but I won't."


"I decline."

"But why?" she almost whined.

"For the sake of my dignity."

"But Sasuke did it too!"


"Yes! Look, here's the prove." She shove the picture in his face. The scenery showed Sasuke running through the village, with kitty ears place on top of his head. Neji had to restrain himself from laughing out loud.

"Besides, no one other than me will see it!" Tenten tried again.

He looked at the thing in her hands.

"I'm your girlfriend, please!" she pouted.

He looked at the pleading face and knew it would make her happy. He sighed and took the thing out of her hands. Just for her.

Yet, when he put it on, a flash of light blinded him.

Then realization hit him. Where did Tenten had gotten that picture?

"Neji, you look so cute!" For once, Tenten squealed. "Santa baby," she sang happily. "Hinata has got to see this picture!

Neji was frozen in place. "Tenten, no!" He as well, forgot that the was wearing a nice Santa hat, while he was bashing into the room Hyuuga Hiashi was sitting at the moment…

I just had to write this chapter XD I know it's short, but sometimes short stories are the best. I hope you liked it!