Ayame had been walking up and down the aisles of his store all day, dreaming of the beautiful costumes the fabrics could create, wondering what woman would walk into the door next and exactly what dress he would construct for her. He smiled as he happened to walk past a mirror, and stopped to fix his hair. The door opened and the bell rang as it shut quickly. He turned, quickly, his hands folded close to his chest in excitement, and made his way to the door.

"Greetings!" He stretched his hands out and saw a woman in front of him.

"Hello." She smiled. She had large braided pigtails and circular glasses that framed beautiful brown eyes. Her smile shown against the glass of the door she had just entered and her hands were folded against her skirt. "My name is Mine, what is yours?"

'What a lovely girl." Aaya thought. 'Almost as lovely as me!'

"My name is Ayame Sohma." He rushed to meet her, taking her hands and bringing her towards the fabrics, "And what is it that I can do for you today, child? Is it a wedding, the every day, a fantasy? What can it be? A-ha ha ha!" He moved ahead of her, holding her hand and pulling her along until they got to the back of the shop. "Here. Blue. I do believe that blue is your color. He turned around and stood in front of an array of blue fabrics. "And what do you think?"

She stood, her eyes wide. "Um…uh…."

"No need to speak, child! I can see in your eyes that you are indebted to my powers of observation! Blue is indeed your favorite color, is it not? I knew it!"

"A-actually, it's -"

"Well, let's get started!" He began running around the shop, quickly grabbing fabric, patterns, needles and thread. Soon he sat down at a sewing machine and threw down the fabric.

"You…already know what you're going to do?" She walked up behind him.

"Of course!" He turned to her, winking. "I knew as soon as I saw you."


"Hmmm…." Ayame's hand was on his chin as he looked at Mine's dress. "Something isn't right." She looked at him, her eyebrows high in question and worry. She looked down to her dress.

"What if…" She smoothed her right hand out on the side of her skirt. Her voice trailed off, quietly.

"Hmm?" He looked up to her, his index finger on his lower lip. "Did you say something?"

She looked to him. "Oh…well. I was just going to say…what if we added a belt?" He stood up a bit straighter and looked at the dress again with different eyes. "And…then we could change the way the sleeves looked…like this." She brought them up a little higher and made the front of them even higher than the back. She turned to him.

He looked at the dress for a few moments and then to her. "And then…if we added a little more fabric here…" He walked forward, and began making the changes she had suggested and he had thought of. Soon the dress had been altered.

They both looked at the dress in one of Ayame's many mirrors. "Mine-kun. It's beautiful!" He smiled. "I have decided. I simply must have you!"

"Huh?" She stepped back.

"I've been quite busy lately with my shop and I can't do all of the work myself. I've been wanting to hire someone. Mine-kun, it must be you." He put his hand out. "Will you work for me? I will adore you every day!"

She laughed. Looking around the store for a moment she couldn't help but smile. Turning back she took his hand. "Of course I will!"

"A-ha! Then there is no way that I can ever fail!" He beamed, looking at her. "My dresses will be as lovely as ever." He stopped, looking at her dress. "Incidentally, what kind of dress were you looking for when you came in here, my darling beautiful one?"

"Oh I wasn't looking for a dress." She patted his shoulder. "You had a 'Help Wanted' sign on your door."