Ayame stood, happily, at the front of the shop

Ayame stood, happily, at the front of the shop. He was holding the box of chocolates and holding out a twenty dollar bill. "Thank you, sir." The woman behind the counter smiled and took it.

"You're welcome my dear lady, for I a buying this for my sweet love that is waiting back at the shop whom I love so much! Oh, how much she will love this!" Customers were beginning to line up behind him.

"Yes, sir."

"And when I give it to her she will be forced to love me even more!!"

"Of course sir."

"What do you think I should say when I give her the chocolate?" He put his elbow on the counter and sat forward, his hair falling down on the table.

"Um… 'I love you'?"

"I know you do! But I'm taken!" He ran out, his hands up in the air. She begrudgingly helped the next customer.


When Ayame got home he was so excited he transformed. "Dammit!" The chocolates had fallen on the floor. He moved them over near the counter where they wouldn't be stepped on and went to look for Mine. But when he got to the back of the shop he thought that he already hear someone talking. He moved over to the curtain and looked behind it and saw Mine talking to a man he didn't know. He didn't know what to do with himself.

She was laughing and adjusting her glasses every few moments. "Yes, well. He definitely won't be back for a little while." She looked to the curtain. "So, there won't be any problem.

Ayame looked sad. "Mine…"

"It's just that I don't know what to do with him, now." She sighed. "You know?" Oh well. "I suppose when he does get back he'll find out eventually."

"I'll find out, now!" Ayame stood up. Then he got scared. The man looked around.


Ayame looked around and tried to hide. Then he transformed. "No!" He ran to front and grabbed his outfit then ran behind the counter, putting it on.

"Ayame? Where did you go?"

"Silly you. Back here!" Ayame popped up from behind the counter. "To check things out. You know." He smiled.

The man smiled. "Well, I suppose I should go, now. Mine, it was lovely talking to you." Ayame rolled his eyes.

"So," Mine smiled, "How are you?"

"I might ask you the same thing!" Ayame put his hands on his hips.

"Oookay. I'm fine. Thanks for asking."

"Puft. You're so dutiful sometimes."


Ayame looked at her then looked away."

"Okay, so what is wrong?"

"Nothing!" He sat down.

"Well obviously something is wrong. What is it? You can tell me." She smiled and nodded her head."

"Stop being so nice!"

"Well if you're not going to tell me I'm going to sing to you."

"Oh no…"

"Mary had a little lam, little lam, little lam. Mary had a little lam whose fleece was-"

"You're cheating on me!"

She looked at him, seriously. Then she looked surprised. Then she looked annoyed. "What?? Am NOT! I am NOT cheating on you and why would you think such a thing!"

"I heard you talking to that man, that jerk of a man. You said that Ayaaame wasn't going to be back for a while so there was no need to be worried." He crossed his arms and looked away.

She smiled. "That's why you're angry. Honey, you completely misread what that conversation was about. I wasn't talking to him about meeting up at some 'secret' place. I was talking about a present for you. I wanted to know when to give it to you. And he's really good at things like that. Actually, he's a wedding planner. She smiled. So, I asked him to help me figure out how to give you this special present for you. You see?"

He was speechless. "I. I'm so sorry."

She laughed. "It's okay. It must have seemed pretty bad. I should have told you about our meeting or something. But I wanted it to be a surprise.

"Well, I have a surprise for you, too. I brought it with me, even though I was mad at you." He laughed. "I'm glad I did. Here it is." He took out the box of chocolates.

"Oh! Thank you! She looked excited for it. I love chocolate! But it's time for you're present now." She took out a box.

"Oh, Mine. It's beautiful."

She laughed. "No, silly. The box isn't the present. It's what's inside." She giggled. Now open it up.

He opened up the box. Inside was a beautiful silver necklace with a small silver pendant at the end of it. He smiled as he put it on. "I love it, Mine. I simply adore it. It's like the starlight."

"Really? You like it!" She smiled.

"Very much so."

"I'm so glad!" She looked outside. "We should go out there and look at the sunset."

"Yes, lets."

They walked out and watched the sunset, happy to be in each other's presence.