By: Mirai Kurosaki

Author's Note: Hiya! Well, this is a new fic about Hisoka (what else is new?) This idea came from Rubie-chan so give credit to her! And she also aided me in organizing this out. ^_^ Arigatou Rubie-chaaaan!

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Rating: PG-13


A young boy quietly slackens on a puffy chair, located by an open window. Placed in his slender hands is a thick text coated in a sapphire blue cover. The whispering winds swiftly passes the fluttering curtains, swaying wheat locks out of emerald eyes. Hisoka spared a questionable glance towards the window and stood up. He trotted lazily towards it then firmly took hold of the windowpane and slammed it shut.

"I didn't recall hearing anything about strong winds." Hisoka shivered as another chill embraced his body. He decided to drown the thought into oblivion as he dropped down onto his bed.

Minutes passed by and the chill continued to crawl through the room yet the window was still firmly shut. Hisoka lied on his back and cupped his hands behind his head, staring at the ceiling.

"Hmm…why is it still cold?" A faint whisper flourished through his ears and he froze. The sixteen-year-old sat up and fixed his eyes ahead. "…Something's in here…"

Nothing. Slowly, Hisoka began to stand once again. As his feet met with the hard surface, the phone rang causing him to jump in alarm.

"It's just the phone. Nothing else…" A hand reached up and answered the phone. A cherry and gentle voice that was muffled yet audible came through the other line.

"Hisoka! Hi, how are you?"

Hisoka sighed in relief. "Tsuzuki…anou…it's fine here. Why are you calling me so late?"

"Well, Tatsumi wanted me to remind you that work starts earlier tomorrow." A slight hesitation was faint in the man's voice, Hisoka noted.

"Baka. You just wanted to call me."

A low chuckle came from Hisoka's partner. "Okay, okay. That's true. I wanted to make sure you're okay. You've seemed rather pale the past few days."

"I'm fine, don't worry. I'm just a little exhausted." Hisoka bit his lip hoping Tsuzuki bought his excuse.

Tsuzuki stayed silence for a few seconds, letting his brain digest everything he had heard and noticing what a false statement Hisoka met. But he decided not to push the issue any farther.."…Well…okay. If you need me, I'm right here."

"I know, I know. I'll talk to you tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay. Call me if you need me. Bye."

"Aa, bye." The young boy hanged up the phone and felt a tiny smile tug at the corners of his lips. He always knew Tsuzuki stressed dearly over him.

As Hisoka was about to comfort himself in the warmth of his blankets and pillows, he mentally stiffened when he felt that same icy chill place its lips on his cheek.

"You certainly know how to lie very well, my precious doll." A wicked smirk could be felt by a twisted presence in the room. Hisoka tensed and carefully spun around to meet a painfully familiar figure.


The man chuckled and helped himself down on the bed. His hand patted the empty spot next to him, indicating for Hisoka to join him by his side.

"Why don't you sit? I heard you were a little exhausted." Sarcasm emerged from Muraki's seductive voice as he continued to keep his gleaming eyes on the smaller form that resumed glaring.

Hisoka narrowed his verdant eyes dangerously at Muraki. "Why the Hell are you here? Don't you have some perverted task to perform somewhere?" His anger boiled in rage when Muraki simply smiled at him.

"Actually, you could say that. Now, sit." Hisoka gasped when his body involuntarily sat beside his foe. Muraki watched the boy struggle mentally with a look of amusement crossing his features. All the while, Hisoka could only hiss bitterly.


Muraki waved a finger in a disapproval manner. "Na-ah-aahh. Children shouldn't speak with such inappropriate language." Hisoka's eyes blazed with irritation as he watched Muraki raise his pale hands and began to gently caress his face. "Still as precious as the day we met."

"Don't touch me!" Hisoka violently jerked his head away from the eager hands. Yet Muraki ignored his plead and began to travel his hand down the younger figure's jaw until he was at the point where his arms could snake around the slim waist.

"My precious doll…it's a shame that your memories are so maimed. I believe a beautiful creature such as yourself is more dazzling when you scream and your form is drenched in crimson liquid. Don't you agree?" Muraki's hand had crept its way up Hisoka's pale green shirt where he began to sooth the creamy skin.

Hisoka whimpered and tried to ignore the hands that continued to stroke his skin, sending memories of the treacherous and aching past. "What do you want…"

"Isn't it obvious? I want to hear you scream in agony. To see you soaked and swimming in a pool of your own ravishing blood…I want to see your form cry." The older man smirked when another moan erupted from his captive.


Muraki laughed quietly into Hisoka's ear, making the boy shudder furiously. "Tsuzuki-san? Oh I think he would be depressed to find out what happens to the one he loves…" His fingers danced along the skin that tensed under his touch.

Hisoka's eyes widened as he began to weakly struggle hoping to escape. "No! Let go!" Muraki's hands only gripped tighter preventing any escape, yet he knew any would be feeble.

"I'm afraid not. I have only begun with you…I think it's time to see your broken body cripple and hear your screams." Muraki's hands returned back to his side and he stood to face Hisoka.

Hisoka, meanwhile, snapped back into reality and contiguously backed a farther distance from his predator. "You stay away from me."

Muraki leaned closer as he crouched over the frightened appearance before him. "Hmph. Too bad, because to stay away from you is like telling me to ascend towards Heaven. It's not going to happen."

Hisoka stumbled backwards onto his elbows and his eyes widened in horror as Muraki's face inched closer to his own. "No! Muraki-mmpphh!" No more could be said as Muraki took captive of Hisoka's lips, causing the boy's mind to rear back.

Minds clashed harshly, throe danced around burning flesh that drenched itself in scarlet streams of deep liquid. A young boy shrieks with remorse into the night sky, shattering the peace. Horrified cries of loved ones flickering in small notes as they fade into the distance.

What are you doing to me?

Your memories are mine.


You are mine.

Anguish beyond belief ache a heart that holds those whom he loves and hates. Abandoned and betrayed by those that were once trusted. Whips through the air connecting onto a broken and prone figure that helplessly lies within the massive disaster the swirls around his shredded soul. Pieces of hopes rip and flutter like the many petals as the perfidious tears trickle down scarred and pale features.


Scream my doll. Feel the horror of life and its cruelty to that it loves.

Broken wings glimmer ravishingly as the moonlight's odd ray's shine upon them. Hatred rages within the sequestered hearts that pleads for mercy. A key is hidden as the once pure emotions drown in sorrow.

Lose yourself to me…


You belong to me and you know it.

No! You lie!

Scream…Watch as your streams of blood immerse into my hands.

I'm scared…

Instantly, Hisoka's eyes lost its life as they tediously dimmed dull. The world spun swiftly around him and the chortle of Muraki wavered silently through the depths of his mind. The world screeched in revulsion and adversity and Hisoka clutched his head trying to terminate the consternation that was currently haunting him.

Muraki smirked at his doll staggering to control the memories that swam around him. He watched with interest as the boy's eyes snapped open and an ear piercing scream of pure terror emerged from him.

The last thing that was recognizable to Hisoka before his world was swallowed in the shadowy depths, was the chuckle of a man and his form limply dangling in Muraki's firm arms.



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