Death of Light

Mirai Kurosaki

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"I still think it's still not fair."

Tatsumi turned his head to face Tsuzuki, who was currently in deep distress. He said, "Tsuzuki-san, it has nothing to do with you. It's just that Watari is the one Kurosaki-kun trusts."

A pout came from Tsuzuki. "It's still not fair. I'm the one who cares the most about him!"

"He probably doesn't know that, though. Remember, he has no memory."

Tsuzuki lifted his head and stared at Hisoka. The boy was on the couch curled up waiting for Watari to return with some medicine. The older man frowned. Tsuzuki was about to stand when Tatsumi took him by the arm and pulled him back down onto his seat.

"Tsuzuki," began Tatsumi, "Leave him be for now. We'll figure out all of this little by little."

Tsuzuki protested but obeyed. Soon afterward, Watari bounded in, medicine in hand.

"Okay, I'm back. Here, Hisoka, take this with water," he instructed, handing the frightened boy a pill and a water bottle.

Hisoka nodded and swallowed the pill quickly and then settled down by Watari when the man sat beside him. He snuggled his head in the crook of Watari's neck and yawned tiredly.

"I'm sleepy, Watari-kun…" The boy's eyelids began dropping.

Watari patted the boy's head and softly said, "Go ahead and sleep. You could use the rest."

"Mmm…" Hisoka mumbled before shutting his eyes and falling into a deep sleep.

Once Hisoka had fallen asleep, Tsuzuki stood up and demanded an explanation. Watari watched as his good friend frantically began asking questions and babbling about possibilities on this occurrence.

"Tsuzuki, please calm down, and I will explain," said Watari, gently running his hair through the boy's head as if a mother would.

Tsuzuki huffed but began to relax. He kneeled beside the couch where the two lied and stared into the boy's pale face.

Watari smiled kindly at Tsuzuki and began speaking. "Well, after doing some research on the boy's mental health, I've discovered that there were some…blanks, if you will."

"'Blanks'?" questioned Tatsumi.

"Yes. See, the brain, when you fall asleep, registers on the current events that have passed on that same day. With the kid, something very interesting occurred. See there was some brain activity that indicated violent events, such as nightmares and so on. But these actions showed that it was from a current event that day."

Tsuzuki brushed Hisoka's face gently, wishing that this were nothing more than the nightmares Watari spoke of. "So…something happened that caused Hisoka to have his memory…. Stolen?"


Tatsumi sighed and rubbed his temples. "So what did happen?"

Watari shook his head and shrugged. "That's what I don't know…"


Tsuzuki frowned and lifted Hisoka into his arms, surprised on how light the boy had gotten. He took the boy into his room, and gently laid him down upon the wrinkle sheets.

Tsuzuki then took one of the chairs that lied beside a desk and dragged it beside the bed. When he sat himself down, he took one of Hisoka's hands gently into his larger one, caressing it with his thumb.

"I wish that I could understand what happened. Only I deserve this…not you, Hisoka."


Tatsumi sighed deeply, staring mindlessly into the ceiling. Watari was currently now examining over a few tests ran for the boy, a thoughtful look on his face. He flipped back a sheet, reading the results over and over again.

"Watari, do you have a thought and what could have happened and you just don't want to upset Tsuuzki-san?" questioned Tatsumi, his eyes still at the ceiling.

He heard the shuffling through papers stop and the hesitation of the doctor. Watari said, "Well, I have a theory, but it's nothing more than that."

"That's how ideas begin, right? Theories…" pointed out Tatsumi, setting his eyes out into the city.

Watari nodded mutely and waited a moment. Finally he spoke again. "When getting the results back, I also discovered something interesting. Apparently, his brain activity was extremely violent, and no nightmare would cause such a strong reaction unless…"

"Unless it actually occurred," said Tatsumi.

"Yes. That's not all."

Tatsumi turned to meet Watari's eyes. "No?"

Watari shook his head. He asked, "Remembered that time when the kid had gone off on his own for 'personal reasons'? Then, he returned back to attend the Sakura Festival with the four of us and then went unconscious?"

Tatsumi thought for a moment. True, he did remember, but didn't understand what it had to do with anything they were speaking about now. "Yes…"

"Remember the cause of that?"

It took a long period of silence before Tatsumi's eyes widened. He opened his mouth to speak but was lost with words. He nodded instead.

Watari lifted a finger up, an action he tended to do when explaining something serious. "Obviously, Muraki was present there at the time too, which also caused us to realize the connection to a case we had proponed due to the little attacks occurring at the time. Anyway, I had tests run on him to try and stable his mental condition again and received the exact results as I did now. Later that day, Tsuzuki had told me, after speaking to the boy, that the kid had recently met with Muraki before the festival…and things were pretty bad…"

Tatsumi didn't need to hear anything else to understand the boy's condition. He sadly looked away from Watari, trying to find an interest in anything else. "I see…What are we going to do about Tsuzuki-san?"

"I'm sorry, Tatsumi," said Watari gently, standing up and placing a kind hand on the man's shoulder. "I may have a lot of answers for many things, but this time, I'm afraid, I don't."

Tatsumi looked at Watari and his face became soft, a tiny smile crept up to his face. "It's all right. We'll tell him later. For now, he needs to think."

"Mmm. It's going to be a long day. Want some tea in the mean time, then?" offered Watari, placing his clipboard down and heading for the kitchen.

Tatsumi nodded. "Yes. Thank you."


Hisoka's eyes began to flutter open once the feeling of something warm on his hand soothed him. He focused the outlines of the room he was in, and the person beside him. It was that man Watari talked to.

"You're…Tsu…Tsuzuki…am I right?" he asked almost inaudibly.

The voice startled Tsuzuki and his head snapped up to meet soft jade eyes, filled with confusion and sadness. He stuttered for a moment. "Uh, yes. You remember?"

The boy shook his head slightly. "No," he whispered. "I heard Watari-kun say it once."


Hisoka moaned quietly and sat himself up, still enjoying the warmth of the hand.

Tsuzuki turned a shade of pink realizing what the boy was looking at and pulled his hand away. "Um…Did I wake you?"

"Yes," said Hisoka, shooting a small smile. "But it's okay."

Tsuzuki nodded and they sat in disturbing silence for a while. A thought struck him and he asked, "Why aren't you afraid to be by my side? You were this morning."

Hisoka blinked in confusion. "I don't know, actually. I guess I was feeling a little bad for treating you so cruel. Besides, everyone deserves a chance, right?"

"Yeah!" Tsuzuki beamed and was about to tackle the boy to send him a large hug.

"Hey! I said I'm giving you a chance, not an offer to sleep with me. Don't push it, okay?" teased Hisoka, pushing Tsuzuki away.

Tsuzuki pouted but obeyed.

"So, do you remember anything?'

Hisoka shook his head, his hair swaying back in forth.

Silence came again. The older man began fidgeting in his seat from the silence. Even though Hisoka wasn't angry, he wanted to hold the boy tightly in his arms. He regained his control over his body and decided to lighten the mood a bit. "Hey, would you like to go out with me tomorrow?"

"As in a date?"

Tsuzuki flushed deeply and place his hands up defensively. "N-No! I mean, to show you around for fun. You know, get your mind off everything…er…so to speak. I'll take you for a drive! That'll be fun!"

Hisoka stared at him sternly for a while. Tsuzuki couldn't help but flush more as the boy's eyes stayed fixed on him.

"…Okay. On one condition."

"What?" asked Tsuzuki anxiously.

Hisoka smiled warmly. "I get to drive."


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