1I knew where he was. I had known for a while now. Edward Cullen, my vampiric vegetarian brother lived in a tiny hole in the wall town called Forks. I worked for the Volturi. Some vampires were endowed with special powers. I was one of them. My power was that I can see what anyone is doing at any given time.

I had used this power to find my brother. I had just checked on him a moment ago, he was in the forest outside of his cantante's house. In English it meant his singer. The one person whose blood smelled especially sweet to him. I could tell he was going to do something bad. I checked in again and I heard him saying that he and his family were leaving and I saw her slowly begin to understand what he meant. He didn't want her to come. He was lying thorough his teeth. I knew how he felt about her. Nothing could ever change that.

As he gently kissed her forehead before he took off I could see in her eyes that she was going to follow him. And she did. She went as fast as she could go after having her heart broken in two.


That was months ago. I had checked in on both of them. Every time I checked in on Bella she was either crying or at school or work or cooking for her father. Whenever I checked in on Edward he was curled in a ball sobbing in his way. If he wasn't he was tracking the female vampire that had been hunting Bella. They missed each other terribly I knew that for a fact. Then that terrible day came.

Bella had gone down to La Push where her werewolf friend lived. She wanted to go cliff diving. Edward's adopted sister had a premonition about Bella cliff diving. But, the thing is that Alice thought Bella was going to kill her self. She had no knowledge of the safe water below. Alice told Rosalie who in turn called Edward to tell him the news. Edward called Bella's house where the wolf answered but wouldn't let Bella speak to him. The mongrel told Ed that Charlie, Bella's father, was at a funeral. He didn't specify whose.

So, Edward got on a plane headed here. I had to stop him.

As soon as Edward got here I told him. He didn't believe me.

"Stop lying to me, John. Ii know she's dead."

Just then we heard her yelling for Edward. Bella was shouting for Edward.

"E. you have to get her and leave the city. NOW!"

So he started running he ran to her.



"Edward." Bella said when she saw me emerging from the crowd.

I picked her up and ran. I put her on my back and ran. No one noticed us weaving our way through the crowd. It took us a while to get to the airport, but when we did I bought our tickets and tried to find out why Bella would have jumped off that cliff. We got on the plane and she looked tired. I ignored this fact.

We sat all the way in the back. No one else was back there. Bella had packed everything and Alice had her bag put under the plane. Alice had chosen to sit up front further. As I talked to Bella more I discovered that she had no intention of going back to her old home.

I was about to ask her why when she kissed me. I didn't stop her. I could tell she thought I would. I could see the fear of that in her eyes. In fact she was the one to pull away as a flight attendant came our way with a food cart. We denied the food but Bella had a coke. I knew she didn't do well with caffine.

I had made the mistake of giving her a Monster energy drink once. She wouldn't shut up. We got off the plane in Olympia and stayed there. We got a hotel room and slept there for the night. When I locked the door I heard Bella coming up behind me. When I turned around she kissed me just as deeply as she did on the plane. We slowly made our way to the bed. "Bella, are you sure?" I asked just to be on the safe side.

"Yes." before I knew it we were tangled in the sheets all our clothes discarded on the floor.