Im going to edited the whole story of "THE NEW BORN UCHIHAS" someone had just notified me that there were some huge errors and that the story didn't made sense to that pearson and when i checked I found out that there were some writings that I was sure that I had typed that were missing and i just realized that. I now had edited chapter 1-4. So go read them. And as for the rest of the chapters they will come soon.

I just don't understand how it could happen I checked more than twice and i was sure very positive that I had all the writting and everything typed correctly in my computer but the original chapters that I first post were missing the writing that I had typed. And I now realized that. If any of you have experianced somthing like this happen then please tell me how can I stop this happening or how to avoid it.

Also Im going re read my other stories to see if the same thing is happening. And if it is then I have to work on those to. Because of the "Situation" I probably won't update NEW chapters until the stories are back in proper order.