Powers that be

Chapter 1

Powers that be

Helltanz's notes: This is my Harry learns magic before going to Hogwarts from books or such, kindly ignore the obvious fact about release dates, Harry is supposed to be a mastermind in this, so his IQ has also been tweaked. I attempted to do accents, if you think it was good, I might continue to use them if not I won't if its not commented on I probably won't continue using them either. I decided against writing the opening seen from Sorcerer Stone so it starts immediately in the present.



Disclaimer: This is Fanfiction, if I owned Harry Potter do you think Books 6 and 7 would have turned out like they did, I would have had the decency to not include an epilogue, eh enough ranting, I don't own any series referenced in this work of writing.



Chapter begin



June Fourth, ten years after the fall of the Dark lord Voldemort

Young Harry Potter was unlike most boys his age, he was unnaturally pale for one; he resided out of a 'small' bed room at Number Four Privet Drive in Surrey at least small by comparison to other rooms in the house. He had emerald eyes and black hair, which had once been untamable, and at one time he had possessed a rather distinguishing lightning bolt scar, but no longer it had been since been removed, after all it attracted far to much attention.

The room was considered odd, or eccentric, but his relatives tolerated it, if only to avoid being immolated by a stray fireball.

The room was adorned with bookshelves covering two of the walls, the third wall bore a television and a wall of varying DVDs and Video games, against the wall with the door, which had two stone lion dogs beside it, on one side was a desk and the other held a large trunk, of which contained nothing the Dursley's wanted to know nothing about. Beside the window was a basin, and varying chemical and Alchemical related supplies.

Harry Potter calmly entered the room before locking it back, he calmly set down the shopping bag he was carrying before analyzing the letter borne by an owl. Deciding that it was not of interest to him, chakra flowed through his hand and immolated the paper, the last thing to disintegrate into ash was a wax seal bearing four animals around a stylized letter H.

"Keh wizards, what could they teach me."
"Indeed master." Hissed a cool voice, the creature was a floating mist in the center lay a single blood shot eye. The creature was a spirit of Knowledge, bearing the named Wingates, he served as Harry's living counselor, reviewing plans and mathematical formulae or whatever else, was what the spirit spent his days doing. "I went over the Formulae the CERN sent by, stupid humans, probably think you are some old haggard, near corpse, they said you were right of course, but then again we both went over it."

"True, that is there assumption I would imagine they believe."

Harry spread the books out.

"Oh that the new one?"
"Yes the latest codex of the Empire. Though intended to be fiction it is very useful, and frightfully very accurate." Stated the Emerald eyed young man. All around the room were assembled many miniature figures and in the drawers were cards, each possessed their own consciousness which if Harry needed he could animate in to there intended 'real life size' to do battle, the police were still baffled about the very first incident.

The Dursley's didn't care how Harry got the money to purchase his supplies, again because of the threat of being turned into cinders, after all it had only taken four humans for mankind decide the world was to crowded, and the first murder had been fratricide, and Harry was mighty sympathetic to Cain.

Harry spread the other books out allowing the knowledge spirit to examine them.

"Vampire activity master?" inquired the spirit analyzing a rather thick tome

"Just a precaution, we don't need a repeat of the incident in London. The main coven out of London may be rather nice playing, but still won't take any chances."

"Yes I suppose your right." Conceded the spirit, the incident in question had been on a school field trip to the Brunei Gallery in London, the incident had involved the release of a vampire from India some time prior to the students visit, thank fully the matter had been resolved with a fastly cast Conflagration of Doom when the vampire had attacked... though the damage had been significant, but thankfully for secrecy Dudley and his crew had been the only witnesses though.

Harry sat down withdrawing a note book from his drawer on the cover borne was a white hound with red streaks, it was hardly the only Celtic reference in the room, though many forms of mysticism and occult could be found in the room the majority held some form of Celtic symbology.


June Fifth

"Boy another letter from that Hogwarts place." Grunted Vernon.

Harry blinked as he fixed his bowl of oatmeal. "Burn it, I'm not going."
"Right, proper senses there." Vernon grunted pulling a lighter out and burning it.

Harry ate his breakfast and sat off after washing the bowl.

Dudley as usual was about with his gang, one of several in Surrey, albeit most were just kiddy ones, though there were some secondary school gangs, such as the idiot in front of him.

"Oy you little runt can't get through here with out the pass code, or paying the toll." Grunted the pimpled teen, he was new. "This here is the King James territory."

Harry glanced. "Its Saturday so pass word is Tower of London."
"Righto, right o, be on your way thin." Grunted the big kid moving out of the way and waving the ebon haired youth by.

In side the area was were the major underground shopping supplies, it was by gang law neutral ground, you didn't fight on it.

"Ey Potter." Grunted one of the teens exiting a building, he was a little sweaty. "Heard the boobies got a patrol car knocked off. Know any thin about it."

"Pound of Symtex surely you heard the explosion."
"Don't call me Shirley. Course I heard the blast, bloody MI6 was all over the place."

"God bless the Cookbook. Temple you should know that by now." Grunted another young man this one a few years older. "Longs as you don't go IRA on us Potter, we gots nothing ta worry about."

"I'm a freelancer and you know It." Stated the emerald eyed one.

"Hell yeah we know it so how's Jack?" asked the second teen
"Rippers fine nasty little show with the bobbies but he's fine idiot was dumb enough not to check his corners."
"Ah that's Jack for you, trust him in a knife fight I do with my life, but he's a bit of idiot out of em." Stated 'Temple.'

"We got your shipment in Potter, all the chems you asked for, glad you aren't a drug dealer all o' London would be high as Kites. Don't need you going Columbian on us either. Any way your order is at me shop."

Harry waved the joke off good naturedly. "Lead on Soap, lead on."



England, Surrey, Privet Drive

The letters from Hogwarts continued to arrive repeatedly day after day and increasing number, in addition to several other owl borne letters, Harry had resorted to animate the two Lion Dogs to attack any thing bearing the Schools crest until further orders. Finally Harry's birthday came.

Harry glanced at the letters, he had already burned the Hogwarts ones of course.

Apparently he had some kind of inheritance in the magical world waiting, it, the bank was run by Goblins of all things. "Guess the books are right Goblins are smart, but that does make one wonder."

"May haps Tolkein didn't like them master?" stated Wingates

"Possible, and we have already confirmed the Elfin language is magical."

The spirit smirked, as Harry twirled his Keris expertly its blade decorated with Elfin runes.

"Yes the blade is magnificent master, I don't think the oafs were pleased about your vanishing throughout Easter break to go place the order, and then leaving for most of last summer, even if you did buy them off with a nice little to trip."

"Touring the world is fun. Anyway it pays to have contacts through out. Though I am not going to some school, I do need to check into this account, if its already set up we wouldn't have to shuffle the money around so much."

"Indeed." Agreed Wingates.

"Well I'm off." Harry unlocked his door exited went down the stairs.

"I am going to London, some place called Diagon Alley, I'll be gone most the day."

Petunia nodded dumbly.


England, London, Diagon Alley

Harry swept through the crowd and up the marble steps.

"Enter stranger but take heed of what awaits the sin of greed for those who take but do not earn must pay most dearly in their turn-" Harry stopped reading. "Why the devil would I steal from the bank that has my money in it in the first place."

Harry walked in the door and towards the teller counters, letter in hand.

"Can I help you wizard."
"Yes can start by not calling me wizard," Harry handed the letter over. "I want my keys recovered then I may be being paranoid but I want all access to my accounts restricted to me alone until further not, additionally I want a complete read out of all my finances, in addition I need you to set up some accounts in the non magical world and I need your policy one deposits, and I mean very large deposits, large numbers of English pound notes mostly."

The goblin nodded dumbly for a moment. "Of course this way please." The small creature flipped his sign to closed and got off his stool beckoning for Harry to follow.


Harry surveyed the large number of papers, before giving a quiet hmm. "I will take this home and go over it thoroughly." Stated the black haired pre teen. "As for these transfers I want any further attempts stopped, in fact seal the vault's access to any one save me unless stated other wise by me, ahead of time in person with no less than three witnesses after prolonged observation, with a blood test."

The goblin blinked.

"In addition completely change the locks on all my vaults I want a single set made and then the mold is to be destroyed, I want the keys made in front of me, and I want the mold destroyed in front of me." Harry paused. "Finally I need the paperwork for setting up transfers in to the non magical world. In addition there are more than a few property related issue that need to be addressed."

The Goblin nodded, realizing this was good business, the small creature hastily went about assembly the necessary papers and materials.


England, Surrey, Privet Drive

Harry and Wingates calmly went over the information provided by the supplied documents.

"Well I do believe this will be useful." Commented the spirit of Knowledge.

Harry looked up from the file he had been occupied.

"Tell me how long till I can take these OWL tests?"

"Yes bad news master their magic, I am loath to call it that is much different than your is. So it might be a couple of years with your continued studies." Stammered the spirit. "Its mostly inner related, but not what your used to practicing."

"Years?" Harry's eyes glowed. "How many years?"
"Two three, maybe." Stated the spirit of knowledge.

"That's not terribly bad." Commented the sorcerer. "I'm going to go blow up a building." Came his sentences almost hypocritical response.

"Of course master have fun, I shall continue to evaluate the information provided."


The building in question ended up being a company who had refused to pay protection, it had been closed for the night and no one was present, Harry phased through the walls plated a rather generous amount of plastique and left to watch the fire works from a far.

Harry opened the cell phone. "Hello Philip I just took care of your home work for you."

"Uh okay." The English mobster nodded on the other end yawning. "I'm going to get the professors yapping aren't I?"


Philip your problem has been taken care of.

This is going to be in the papers isn't it?


The mobster sighed. "Right thanks, just don't go telling my old man I had you doing my home work again."

"Not a problem."

"Thanks Voltaire."

"It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets." Harry rolled his eyes shutting the flip phone.



Chapter conclusion



Helltanz's notes: I don't know if this will cross with anything from the anime verse, well I take that back there are a few that might work, anyway, but it might cross with Spooks, or NCIS, maybe Resident Evil, not sure, but probably the prior at the very least. In addition quite a bit of Lovecraft, you should have figured it out by the appearance of the spirit, and maybe Hellboy, if only to occasionally give Harry an excuse to travel the globe for the reason besides acquiring deadly toys or selling explosives and other killing implements to questionable elements of society. Anyway this doesn't focus on Harry attending a magical school, he home schools in this case, unlike in say Lightning Fervor where he is a god and doesn't need to go to school, besides the point.

By the way, He, Harry, is also kind of uh, what is that word, not necessarily insane, but uh, not evil, well kind of evil, but not the word I am looking for, more I don't know off hand.