Battosai's Victim

Written by Lady Red


Lying face down in a pool of my own blood I wonder.

It's all I can do no matter how badly I desire to get up; to run away; to move as far as possible beyond the reach of the monster. But there is no way for me to stand; I am simply unable to and so I lay there, wondering when he will come for me and how soon my life will end.

But it doesn't stop there even though I can now hear his harsh breathing and the soft echo of his deadly footsteps. He is coming for me - that much is certain but despite this, I am now calm as the blood slowly slips out of me, spreading beneath me on the hard concrete floor like a blooming rose.

I wonder about him.

I was afraid of him before but with death inevitably approaching, I find all the fear seems to have drained out of me, just like my blood. I wonder if he was always this way; if he takes joy in seeing my broken body on the floor or if somewhere deep inside, he's actually sorry for what he's done.

Even if he's not I pity him.

I pity his lonely existence and all that he's become.

It's all I can do as I lie in a pool of my own blood and listen to the approach of a monster: to the approach of the monster humanity calls murderer.

Author's Note: This was an exercise we were asked to do at uni. We had to start off with 'lying face down' and then had ten minutes to go from there. This was the result for me and for some reason, the whole time all I could see in my head was Battōsai standing over Akira, Tomoe's fiancé. Anyway, I had fun and have to say it's one of my better pieces. One-shots are just easier to get emotion into.