Written for Moo102. Because she asked and I had nothing better to do.

His lies are fixed with glue and there's a blue dress and some cigarettes on the table.

There's a Princess and a bitter Queen and there's two Kings who fight over them to the death,

There's a Puzzle and a Ring and two hands that hold so tightly.

He won't let go, the King will hold his Queen and his Queen will hold her King.

The other King fights again, his Ring aglow and he will not release his Princess.

The Queen is bitter, oh so bitter and does not know why.

And it's early in the morning and the King of lies flees with his Princess.

And the Puzzle King watches the Jack follow the Liar King to the end and then the bitter Queen is on her knees, letting go of her King.

Rhetoric waxes poetic and suddenly the bitter Queen is no longer bitter and the Puzzle King is no king.

The Liar King and his Princess have won and they are gone, the Jack with them.


Yuugi looked up at Anzu, face tinged pink. Anzu stared back, turning a darker pink than her friend, both having lost at Strip Poker.


Yuugi's last thought before he kissed Anzu was that he didn't know how to thank Bakura, but he resolved he'd find a way later.