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I believe in you

McGee unconsciously stepped back in disbelief upon hearing the news. "How can I help, them! I mean, I'm just a spirit thing!" He shouted in frustration to the nearly gone Kate.

"You can do more than you think, McGee."

"But, but!" His hands were ruffling his hair as he tried to fathom how he could help.

"You can do it, I believe in you. I have to go now." Kate said kindly.

"Don't go..." He trailed off in sorrow and confusion, dropping his head.

"I have to," Kate continued, "Oh and McGee?"

"Yes?" He picked his head up to take a last glimpse of Kate.

"Tell everyone I said hi, ok?" And with that, she turned into a twinkling spirit and disappeared.

"I will," he mumbled to himself. He walked away from his body, he couldn't stand to look at it anymore it only brought him down, and walked through the door and into the hallway.

No one noticed the spirit Tim, not that he expected anyone to notice him. Doctors, nurses and other people of the hospital passed through him, literally. He reached the end of the hall and looked out the many windows of Bethesda. He gazed impassively with his eyebrows slightly furrowing; McGee was deep in thought. He didn't know what to do or really who attacked him so how could he at all help his team? He sighed and continued to wonder.

Tim eventually came across the waiting room. To his surprise, thinking the team was far gone, Abby was still sitting in one of the chairs of the waiting room. He quickly walked up to her, confused and joyful at the same time.

He stopped for a second and observed her. She was fidgety, and, obviously, tired. Her hair was wavy for she didn't have time to put pigtails in and also had no make up on. He thought she still looked breath-taking none-the-less and sat down beside her.

Though he knew it probably wouldn't work, he waved his hand in front of Abby face. Confirming his knowledge, he got no response from her, he sighed in unknowing and leaned back in his chair.

I can show you

"What do i do?" he said looking upward, semi-directing it to Kate, "What do i do!" He yelled, desperate and angry. Abby then looked over to where the spirit McGee "sat," adding on to McGee's confusion.

Did Abby hear me?

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