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From Cold to Warm

By chungdoo

Chapter 1

"WAKE UP YOU PERVERT!!" Asuka yelled banging on the door to Shinji's room.

Shinji forced his eyes open and looked at the clock. it was only 6:30, and school did not start until 7:00 but he was sure that Asuka wanted breakfast before they headed out, not to mention that the lunches remained unpacked. He reluctantly got up, dressed and opened the door; Asuka immediately slapped him in the back of the head.

"IDIOT, WHY IS BREAKFAST NOT READY!!" Asuka yelled, shinji in return sighed and rubbed the back of his head as he walked into the kitchen, once he was in visual range of the table he saw Misato sitting in her usual spot drinking as she usually did every morning.

"Good morning Misato" he smiled as he walked toward the stove and pulled out the necessary supplies needed to make breakfast.

Misato just groaned in response as she took another sip of her beer, this was typical of Misato. She, like Asuka were not morning people. But thinking about it Asuka was not any type of person; there was regular mad Asuka and really mad Asuka that appeared every morning. Shinji sighed as he took out the plates and laid the food he had prepared onto it. The food was nothing special, just some noodles that he found in the fridge, it was a while since anyone had gone to the grocery store. So he had little to work with. Shinji ate breakfast as he usually did; which was he ate while he packed lunches. He packed what leftovers he had into two separate lunch bag and tossed one at Asuka. Asuka was too buys stuffing her face to reply as the brown lunch bag hit her arm and fell onto the table. Shinji grabbed his lunch, book bag and the last of his breakfast and walked out the door.

Shinji began walking down to street to school, recently he had been accustomed to walking alone, and he preferred it that way because he could think about everything that was going on in his life recently. Everything seemed unreal. He had piloted a giant robot, and defeated monsters called angels, and saved his fellow pilot Rei Ayanami.

"Rei..." Shinji whispered to himself.

Shinji blushed at the thought of Rei. He knew his feelings toward her, he had a crush on her, or to be more specific he was in love. He started thinking about her more and more since he had burned his hands trying to bust open her Eva escape pod. He glanced down at his hands, most of the damage was gone now, but there was still a visible bare outline of burnt marks on his hands. But he knew that if he were in the same position he would have repeated his actions. He sighed.

" I wish she knew his feelings towards her."

"More than that" he corrected himself. "I wish she loved me too."

" Yeah right" Shinji said to himself, "like an angel like her would be in love with me." Shinji sighed as that thought hit him. However he could not stop thinking about her. What could he say, he was in love.

Residence of Rei Ayanami

Rei Ayanami lay awake in her bed. She turned over and glanced at the clock, it was 6:57.She would not be going to school today, she had a synch test with unit 01. It was the same synch test she had been going through multiple times in the previous month. As she reminded her self of what the test would include she noticed that she was shivering. She had no covers or any fabric on top of her. Of course not she was nude of course, that was how she always slept.

"It's…cold……….." she said to herself.

She ignored the feeling and got out of bed. She walked over to her table and took the commanders glasses out of the case and held them in her hands. she placed the glasses over her eyes and looked in the mirror. She sighed and touched the glasses that were now inches away from her eyes. She used to enjoy the feeling that she got from warring the glasses, but now something was different. Something in her changed since the second angel attack. She didn't know why the feeling had stopped but as she glanced at the clock she decided that now was not the time to think about it. It was almost time for the synch test; Rei took off the glasses and put them back in the case. she walked over to her dresser and pulled out her school uniform and dressed herself. It's not like she had a choice, she only had that outfit, of course she had a plug suit, but the only outfit she really had was her school uniform. She walked out her door without ever bothering to lock it and headed strait for NERV head quarters.


"How does it feel Rei?" Rei heard commander Gendo Ikari ask through the direct channel linking the command center to unit 01.

"It smells like Ikari." Was her response, it was more to herself than to anyone else. She had noticed that every time she synched with unit 01 she smelled the third child. But Rei noticed something else; she felt that the feeling she felt back at her apartment was no longer present. Rei was intrigued. but decided that, again now was not the time to focus on the subject, she had plenty of time later after the test.

"That's enough Rei you can go now" Gendo said through the speakers, Rei immediately ejected from unit 01 and walked to the girls locker room. Once inside she removed her plug suite and threw it in her locker. The feeling she had in unit 01 was now gone and was replaced with the empty cold feeling she usually felt. She pulled on her school uniform and closed her locker, heading home she planned to think about the feeling she had been experiencing lately.

At School

"YES FINALLY!!" Touji shouted as the school bell rang, signaling the end of the day. He, Kensuke and Shinji grabbed their packs but were stopped at the door by the class rep.

"Shinji you have duty today. Please take these assignments to Ayanami" the class rep said in her usual kind demeanor as she handed the papers to shinji. he briefly glimpsed at it, it was nothing special just pieces of paper with information regarding all of her classes. Of course he got the same ones because he was in all her classes.

Shinji sighed out loud; it was just for show thought. He wanted to go over to check on Rei, to see if she was ok. He just did not want Touji and Kensuke making fun of him for it. Especially if they openly made fun of him, and Rei heard.

After class ended Shinji grabbed his backpack and the assignments for Rei and walked out the door, waving to his friends he turned his back and began his walk towards Rei's apartment.

Outside the door to Rei's Apartment

Shinji walked up to Rei's door, it looked the same as it did the last time he was there. There was mail jammed into the box almost to the point of over flowing. He sighed as he rang the doorbell, somethings never change. And to top it of the door bell was still broken. Shinji thought about the last time he was over here. He remembered walking into her house, he looking at his fathers glasses and then heard a noise, he turned around embarrassed that he had been caught looking around Rei's room but got even more embarrassed when he saw the naked Rei, with only a towel barley covering anything. stand in the hallway Of course Rei showed no emotion about it, that was like her, but Shinji on the other hand was as red as a tomato. Then he tripped and landed on top of her, with his hand on her….

Shinji lifted his hand and knocked on Rei's door. There was no answer, he was about to step away but he heard the door open and Rei appear. She was wearing a long white button up t-shirt and some type of warm up pants.

"H…. hello Rei, I'm sorry did I wake you up?" Shinji asked

" The Eva synch test with unit 1 used up most of my energy, it was unexpected." Rei replied

" O…. oh I'm sorry for waking you, here are the assignments you missed." Shinji said handing over the papers to Rei.

"Again sorry for waiting you Rei, get some rest" Shinji said smiling and turned to leave

"Why don't you… come in for awhile" Rei replied looking at Shinji

"Sure Rei" Shinji said blushing a little, he looked at Rei to see if she was as well, but of course she was not.

Shinji walked in and sat down on Rei's bed, "how can she live in a place like this?" he asked himself looking around. The floor was a mess, housing a lot of bandages and dust.

"Do you require anything?" Rei asked looking in her refrigerator.

"No thank you Rei' Shinji replied looking at her and smiled.

Rei grabbed something to drink and walked over to her table, it was not far from the bed. When she was almost there she tripped on one of the items on the floor. Shinji saw her trip and moved fast to grab her. He wrapped his hands around her stomach and pulled her up before she hit the ground. Once he pulled her back up he immediately released his hands and blushed.

"I'm sorry Rei" Shinji replied

"You do not need to apologize to me Ikari, you did not harm me." Rei replied getting up and walking over to the table.

Rei and Shinji sat around her table and talked to each other, from anything from Eva piloting to school, of course Rei responded with her same dry like responses time after time, but Shinji didn't care, he enjoyed talking to her, and he did not want to go home, but when he saw the clock and realized that it was 9:00 he knew he should be going. He also knew Misato would go nuts if he were not home soon; But most of all he also wanted Rei to get some sleep she seemed really tired. Shinji hoped that this would not be their last conversation.

"Rei thank you for letting me come in, and talking with me but I have to go, Misato will have a heart attack if I'm not home soon" Shinji said standing up.

"I am sure that the major will not have a heart attack due to the fact that you have come home late" Rei replied.

Shinji thought about this. Either she did not know what he meant by this or she did not want him to leave. He figured that it was the first and explained.

"It's a figure of speech Rei, it means that she would be worried if I don't get home soon" Shinji responded smiling. "I'll see you at school tomorrow?" Shinji asked

The blue haired pilot nodded.

"alright sleep well Rei." He said turning to leave, he shut the door gently as he saw Rei begin to walk towards her bed.

Rei lay in her bed, it had been an hour since Shinji left and she could not sleep. She thought back to a warm feeling inside her when shinji had wrapped her arms around her stomach to stop her from failing. Then she thought back to when she was synching with unit 01, she had felt that same warmness throughout her.

"Was it just synching with his Eva," she said to herself trying to explain the feeling.

"Or was it thinking of Ikari?" she said out loud.

She thought about Ikari. About that time when she was in her escape pod and Shinji had opened the hatch and burned his hands in the process, it was the first time she had ever smiled for someone other than the commander. Then she thought about the latest incident. The warmth of his hands as he wrapped them around her stomach. Rei felt a strange tingle in her stomach and a warmth radiating from her face.

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