From Cold to Warm

From Cold to Warm

By Chungdoo


Shinji smiled as he watched as his new bride swim in the ocean. The two had found a secluded patch of beach on an island not far from Hawaii. Shinji was sitting not far from the beach and was content enough to watch Rei swim. He was terrified of the water and because of that had never learned to swim. So when his wife asked if he wanted to swim with her he had said he wanted to watch for a while. His heart broke at the disappointed look on her face but he did not want her to think he was a wimp because he could not swim.

"Shinji!" Rei called running up the beach.

Shinji tried to say something but he found his voice was caught in his throat.

The beauty of his wife shocked Shinji. Her beautiful blue hair was soaked and stuck to her skin. She was wearing her beautiful two-piece navy blue swimsuit that looked amazing on her and would have caught the eye of any guy on the beach. Shinji suddenly found himself thanking god that there was no one else on the beach. Shinji himself was dressed in normal guys swimming trunks and was shirtless. Usually being shirtless would be embarrassing to him but since it was only Rei and himself it was not that bad.

"You've got to go in, the water feels great!" Rei exclaimed sitting on his lap.

Shinji was suddenly aware of just how good Rei looked in that swimsuit and just how much of her body was exposed. His face reddened out of habit and received a quizzical look from Rei.

"What's wrong?" she asked concerned.

"Nothing" he responded turning his head so she could not see how embarrassed he was.

'Ohh' Rei thought to herself finally figuring out the reason for her husband's strange behavior.

Suddenly a thought accrued to her, they were finally married and Rei had been waiting too damn long for this moment, it was time to act. She knew Shinji got embarrassed and nervous when it came to sex, or any part of her body for that matter. So she needed to make him relax and be at ease before they did anything. She did not want to force him but she knew that Shinji secretly wanted to consummate their marriage as well. He was just way to nervous to say anything. That was ok with her; his shyness was another thing she loved about him.

She laid back and pressed her back to his chest while slowly laying her head on his shoulder.

'Might as well get him to go swimming with me while I try to figure something out!' she thought happily to herself.

"Will you please go swimming with me Anata (husband)" she asked using her puppy dog eyes that she knew he wouldn't no to.

Shinji was screwed, he knew it but there was no way he could deny Rei when she used that face, he could barley deny Rei when she used her slightly disappointed face. He had no chance here.

"Alright" Shinji said in defeat, he had no idea what he was going to do.

Shinji felt his heart light up at the joyous smile his wife gave him; she quickly got up and extended her hand to him, which he accepted reluctantly. She brought him over to the ocean and immediately dived in, letting go of Shinji's hand. Shinji stood close to shore and had only his feet it. He saw Rei come up from the water and look for him, once she saw him she waved him over to her and slowly Shinji walked toward her with his eyes closed.

When he was almost to her trouble came. Since his eyes were closed he failed to see a pretty big sized wave quickly approach them. Rei quickly dove under and the wave passed over her, Shinji however did not see it coming and was surprised when the wave hit him full force and he fell underwater. He immediately began to panic.

'I don't want to die! I just got married!!' He said to himself, still panicking. He loss track of how long he was under the water but soon he felt a pair of arms reach around him and quickly brought him back to the surface.

"Shinji are you ok?!" Rei asked once Shinji came back up. Her heat sank when she heard him gasp for breath.

Rei quickly brought him up to beach and gently set him down in the sand. And sat next to him, holding his hand as he got his breathing together. When he was finally ok he sat up next to her.

"Are you ok?" She asked, her voice laced with worry.

"I'm fine" he responded squeezing her hand.

"Why didn't you tell me you couldn't swim!" she asked.

" I didn't want you to think bad of me" he responded, lowering his head.

" I could never think bad of you Shinji," she said lifting his head and giving him a very passionate kiss to erase his worries.

"Do you want me to teach you how to swim?"

He slowly nodded his head; sure he was scared of the water but he had complete faith in his wife and knew she would rather die than hurt him. So slowly he allowed her to lead him back to the ocean where he began to learn to swim.

4 hours later

He had made progress. He could now at least doggie paddle and was working on being able to float on his back. He was actually having fun and Rei was a great teacher. But when they first tried to float on his back Rei had placed both of her hands on his back to help him float. But that left Shinji with a very good look at Rei's perfect chest and in no time he found trying to hide a bulge in his pants that was beginning to make itself known.

"I think it's time to call it a day" Rei said as she looked up to the sky and was surprised to see that it was dark out, she was having so much fun with Shinji she didn't even realize that the sun had set.

Shinji nodded and began to make his way out of the ocean, followed closely by Rei once he hit the beach Shinji brought out the cloth they had brought and lay on it, taking in the breathtaking night sky. What made it even better was the fact that Rei, who was now lying next to him and had wrapped her arms around his chest, was here to enjoy it with him.

"I love you Rei" he said breaking his stare at the sky to look over at his wife as he lifted one had to gently caress her face.

Rei replied by kissing him with as much passion and built up tension she could muster. She wanted him so badly every muscle in her body ached for him, for his touch.

Shinji was stunned by the kiss; it was so passionate it had surprised him. It also brought up his feelings of want. They were finally married and this was their honeymoon. It was the perfect time, the perfect place. But it did not mean he was any less nervous.

Sensing her love's nervousness, Rei took both of his hands in hers and led them to her back where they quickly found the straps to her top. Slowly she waited. It was important he make the first move. To let her know he was ready. She had almost given up hope but every so slowly his hands began fumbling with the straps to her top and finally he was able to untie the piece of clothing, allowing the fabric to fall to the ground, revealing her breasts. Rei smiled at the look of love in his eyes as his hands moved ever so slowly to her exposed chest. Rei felt a rush of sensation when his hand made contact with her left breast, the experience being so intense she moaned and saw the encouraged look on her husbands face.

Shinji was still nervous even after the moan his wife made after the contact of his hand on her soft breasts. But he was feeling a little braver and moved his head every so slowly around her breast and closed his eyes as he gave it a light squeeze as he fiddled his thumb over her erect nipple. He opened his eyes once she made another moan that was louder than the first. Shinji brought his other hand to the ignored breast and began the same treatment, encouraged now by Rei's butterfly touches across his chest and stomach. Shinji slowly brought his lips to hers and engaged in a passionate kiss, while continuing the treatment with her skin.

Shinji felt great when they broke apart from the kiss, sure there was still a little nervousness but it was squashed little by little with every encouraging moan or butterfly touch. He was surprised when Rei moved her own hands down to his trucks and began taking them off slowly, which was difficult since the two were still lying down in the same cuddle like position they had started in. Seeing the annoyed face of his wife at not being able to completely take off his clothing Shinji quickly removed his trunks and underwear with his feet and began removing the last piece of her swimsuit, Rei in turn pulled off her clothes and the two were lost seeing each other's bodies. Shinji had seen Rei naked before, but he had always moved his head away so as not to see. Not because she was ugly it was quite the opposite she was drop dead gorgeous, but he did not want to invade her privacy by staring at her. But seeing her naked for a second was completely different from openly looking over his wife's perfect body.

Rei wanted to look at her husbands body more but there was such a desire in her chest now she probably could not have stopped even if she wanted to, but it wasn't like she wanted to stop now. She felt the familiar feeling spread over here body like in her dreams but now it was real, and it was concentrated in between her legs. Slowly, while her love was looking at her body, she lightly grabbed his left hand and moved in away from her breast and moved in down to the itch. She extended his index finger and slowly pushed his finger between her legs, gasping at the sensation of what the simple gesture felt like.

Shinji jumped when he felt his index finger enter something wet and hot. He was about to check to see exactly where his finger was but stopped when he heard Rei gasp at the simple action, he decided then and there that he did not care where his fingers were, just how his wife reacted to it. Slowly he continued to push ever so slowly into the tunnel. Finally he could go no further he slowly began to pull out and once he was clear of the spot and quickly missed the feel and so inserted his finger again, this time pushing in and out a little faster.

What Shinji did not expect while he was exploring her, Rei had become aware of his bulging appendage that was pocking against her stomach. She slowly reached for it and she grasped it she began stroking it ever so slowly, sometimes making her butterfly touches against it. She was intrigued with the appendage, how it would seem to grow bigger with every one of her touches. Curiously she encircled her hand around the appendage and felt the immense warmth it radiated once surrounded by her hands. She quickly found Shinji's mouth again and engaged in another kiss, a little more than a minute later in Rei jerked in surprise when she felt Shinji moan loudly into her mouth and her hand was suddenly covered in some sticky, liquid. She felt Shinji withdraw from the kiss and look away embarrassed.

"I'm sorry Rei" Shinji said refusing to look her in the eye.

Rei examined the substance in her hand and after noting everything she could with her eyes she slowly picked up some of the substance with her finger and slowly moved it toward her mouth. Slowly she took it in her mouth and let her finger touch her tongue.

'A little salty, but I like it' she thought to herself with newfound determination.

She moved up from the blanket and gently touched his arm.

"I like the taste of you Anata" Rei said reassuringly as she got up and startled the still laying down Shinji, sitting on the bottom of his stomach, she leaned down to kiss him again. Bringing his hands back up to her breasts.

After a few more minutes of heaven Rei's desire had increased ten fold, she wanted her husband in her…now.

"Shinji…please… take… me," Rei said through kisses, she knew she was ready and to be honest she was ready a couple months ago.

Shinji gently flipped Rei over and released the hold her legs had on him. He looked at his wife's face and his heart skipped a beat when he looked in her eyes. So much passion, so much love, and all of it was for him. This moment, this day, was theirs forever.

He quickly took a deep breath and entered her, it took a couple of tries to find the entrance his fingers had been in a few moments before but when he did he was rewarded with his wife's moan of pleasure, mixed with one of his own. He was surprised by how tight she was, he was ready to cum now but he wanted the experience to last as long as he could make it. This was their first time and he knew he wanted this as much as she did. His thoughts came to a halt when he reached her barrier; he looked down at his wife sadly.

"This is going to hurt kioshii (beloved)"

Rei looked up at him and nodded, her silent permission to continue. Shinji took a deep breath and pulled out a little and quickly thrust deep into her, breaking her hymen.

Shinji's heart sank when he heard her barely cry out with pain. She had wrapped her arms around his back and dug her nails into his skin while she let a few tears fly. He quickly kissed then away lightly and held her tight.

The last thing in the world he wanted to do was hurt her. He waited for her go ahead and after a few seconds she slowly nodded to him and the pilot resumed his previous position.

He pulled out slowly until he felt he was almost out of his wife, when he was ready he entered her again and continued this routine, each time picking up speed.

Shinji couldn't believe all the sensations, the feel of his wife's warm skin make contact with his own. The way her perky breasts moved up in down and in harmony with her as she grinded her hips to get the full effect. How tight, wet and hot she was and just how close he was to cumminmg. But most of all, what threw him over the edge was the moans and pants of pleasure his wife was making as they slowly became one.

He knew he could take it no longer, with one final push he got as deep as he could in her and felts her tight walls tighten even more around him and with a cry of pleasure, the newly married couple shared their first orgasm.

After he was finished Shinji slowly withdrew from her and collapsed next to her, both shaking from the aftershock and pleasure. He moved leaned in and kissed her lightly on the lips.

"What did you think?" Shinji asked still shaking. And was now gazing at the night sky, full with stars.

"It was worth the wait," Rei said smiling as she looked to her husband.

"I love you Koibito (lover)" Rei said snuggling next to the person she loved more than anything in the world.

"I love you too Kioshii" he said back, kissing her forehead.

Shinji covered himself and Rei with their towels and slowly the lovers fell asleep under the stars, to the sound of the ocean.

Authors Note:

Well how did I do? I think I did really well (he says proud of himself) I know it might have been a little cheesy but I think it was sweet.

I thought that the Japanese names here would make it better.

Well this story is officially over, will I make a sequel? I don't know, I've always wanted to try an alternate reality fic I'm not sure. Stay tuned and check my Authors page, there will be a story up there soon.

I would like to thank fourpeg, 94saturn and Zeroasalimit for all their help and support.

I would also like to thank everyone who replied and everyone who read this story.

I hope you all will read and reply to my next story and give me all the support you did with this one!

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