Title: Learning to Live

Rating: R

Pairing: Maggie/?

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Summary: It's December 2007 and Maggie returns to pine valley to begin her residency at the hospital

Notes: I am not a Zoë or Babe fan at all. My Greenlee, if in the story, is Rebecca's Greenlee. Kendall is a little hostile in this chapter but since I love her character, it won't last.

Chapter 1

Maggie Stone sat her bags down in the living room of a small apartment that Joe Martin had waiting for her arrival. She had just arrived from Paris and was beat. It felt as if the flight took longer then she recalled it taking and her nerves over the reception she would get this time around were enough to wear anyone down. As she checked her features in the mirror and frowned, a deliveryman knocked at the door with dinner. That was just another thing that Joe Martin had arranged for her to help make her arrival more comfortable.

Joe had monitored Maggie's progress in school, as well as her on hands training and was amazed at how quickly she moved through the education end of the process. She had also got a paper published, which was a big accomplishment for someone who wasn't even an intern at the time of publishing. Thus, Joe decided that it was time to pull out all the stops to get Maggie stone back home and working in his hospital. He phoned her regularly for two weeks before she relented and decided to give the position a sixty-day trial run. Joe thought that was fair enough but believed that once she got back to Pine Valley, she would not go back to Parris. At least, that's what he hoped for because he knew that Maggie had a promising career in the medical field and any hospital would be lucky to gain her services.

As Maggie picked at her meal, fears of making the wrong decision began to surface for the hundredth time. She thought about doing the typical Stone move and taking off but decided against it once again. She had spent many sleepless nights tossing this decision around, had made it and couldn't run now. She felt good about the move and couldn't let a year old tongue lashing from Erica Kane or thoughts of Bianca rejecting her for some woman wanna-be change her mind. She knew that it was unfair to think of Zarf's gender change in that manner because she helped create the problems between she and Bianca to begin with. She couldn't help it though because it hurt to know that someone else was holding Bianca, loving her and building a life with her. The life that was supposed to be Maggie's until she handled a situation in the wrong way and threw it all out the window.

When she left for Paris after the fall out with most of the residents of Pine Valley and Bianca ended all contact with her, she tried to go on a few dates but couldn't bring herself to ever go on a second. The drinking picked up slightly and so did the famous Stone attitude of I don't care. These were devices that most of the members of her family put in place to hide their pain and hurt and these defense mechanisms seemed to be passed down from generation to generation. David was the king of such defenses and Maggie prayed nightly that she would not become the queen.

- - - - -

Julia was the first to greet Maggie when she arrived at the hospital the next day. She was pleasant and eagerly welcomed her. She had heard the things that Maggie had done to Bianca but liked to make her own judgments of people. My sister Anita has just got back into town as well." Julia was saying as Joe walked up and gave Maggie a friendly hug.

"It's so good to see you again Maggie," the man added with a big smile on his face. "You will be getting acquainted with things today and then full force tomorrow." Though she was a very young doctor and a babe in the research field, something told Joe Martin that he scored one on the other hospitals when he managed to get this doctor. Like her cousin David, she had a brilliant mind when it came to medicine but Joe was certain that is where the similarities ended.

"That sounds good to me," Maggie said as Kendall Slater came marching up to them with determination in her eyes.

"What the hell are you doing back here? Are you following my sister around like some lovesick fool? Kendall's facial expression told the others that she had just begun her tirade but it was cut short.

"No she's not here chasing Binks at all. She's here to take a job at the hospital and have lunch with me." Anita said with a smile. After she arrived back in Pine Valley, she had found out what Kendall and Aidan did to Zach and Greenlee. She always had a few morals about her and found it to be disgusting. She also found it disgusting that Kendall felt she could judge someone after what she did just a few days ago.

Julia had noticed her sister's harsh attitude towards Kendall over the last couple of days and planned to find out why. Anita was typically a mild-mannered person but Kendall had obviously rubbed her the wrong way. "Why don't we all go in for coffee and then Joe can give Maggie the tour of the place in a working sense." Julia added in a weak effort to help defuse the situation.

"Stay away from my sister you slut." Kendall barked and stomped out of the cafeteria in pure Kane style, as if she owned it.

"That went well," Maggie said and turned to the others. "Thanks for trying to help me out."

"Not a problem," Anita said and sat down with her coffee. "We all make mistakes and we all deserve a second chance."

"You all have no idea," Maggie said with a far off look in her eyes, which prompted Julia to believe that there was more to the story then everyone was lead to believe. "I'm ready for that tour now." Maggie said quickly and got to her feet.

As she and Joe walked off, the sisters shared a mutual look of concern for the woman. "So, what's with the attitude towards Kendall?" Julia asked as soon as she was certain the others were out of earshot.

"Aidan confided in me that when he thought Greenlee was dead and she thought that of Zach, he and Kendall slept together out of desperation. That is to stay between us," Anita added with disgust in her voice. "It just bothers me because that doesn't seem like the Aidan that I once had feelings for. I mean, if you love someone is it normal to go sleep with another person before they're even laid to rest?"

"Do you still have feelings for him?" Julia asked bluntly in an effort to find out why her sister had such a strong reaction to a situation that didn't involve her in any way. "I'm not trying to excuse what they did but people have done stranger things while in a heightened state of grief." Julia then tried to reason with her sister to calm her down over something that was none of her business.

"No but I know how it feels to be cheated on, regardless of the reason the cheating was done. That is why I sympathize with Binks where Maggie is concerned but, in turn, Maggie shouldn't be berated like that over a year later." Having said that, Anita stood and left Julia with her thoughts.

- - - -

Maggie had decided to go have a drink after work that night. Other then the Kendall incident, things were going fairly well. She still had a hesitation of the move but hoped that she could get over that quickly. As she entered the club, she spotted Zoë and Babe dancing. Nobody had warned her that Bianca was back in town this soon but she knew it would happen eventually. She had gone to an out of the way club to steer clear from possible altercations and was surprised to see people that she knew here.

As luck would have it, or not, Babe and Zoë sat at a table directly in front of her and she could hear their discussion. They had been discussing the party lifestyle of a rock star and how Babe would love to get involved in such a lifestyle. Words like Cocaine and other drugs of choice were thrown about in the conversation as well as a mentioning of Bianca. Suddenly Babe turned around and looked right at Maggie. "Oh look the tramp is here!" She shouted and Zoë jumped to her feet to turn on Maggie.

"Just what do you think you are doing back in this town? Have you come after Bianca again? If you think you can pull that one off, I'd like to see you try it sweetie."

"I'm outta here." Maggie said and left the club without any confrontation on her part. She wanted nothing more then to punch Babe out but decided against it. She hadn't been back long enough to be in the middle of the fighting. She knew what she wanted to do but if she had the guts to do it or not remained to be seen.

"That's it Stone, turn tale and run like the coward that you are!" Babe shouted and to Maggie's surprise, J.R. Chandler stepped up beside her.

"Babe you cheated on me with Josh and therefore have no room to condemn someone else. Zoë, you are not yet a woman and if you come at her like that again I will flatten you!" He hissed in an enraged tone of voice that told Maggie there was something more going on.

After giving J.R. a nod of thanks, Maggie decided it was best to take a short drive and think things over before making a spontaneous decision that might end up failing. As Maggie drove through the near blinding snow, she caught sight of a figure walking. She had been deep in her own thoughts of what in the hell possessed her to come back here and the love that she'd lost with Bianca when she saw the silhouette of a person. She thought that she should just keep driving as she wasn't in a charitable mood but then thought better of it. If that person had a long walk ahead of them in this storm, anything could happen.

As she skidded the car to a stop and inched down the window to see if the person needed a ride, she got a better view of them. There was no mistaking that it was Bianca Montgomery in the flesh. Maggie froze momentarily as she wasn't prepared to see the beautiful CEO this soon.