Howady ya'll! Well I'm taking a break from my other two stories I'm writing and decided to do a Transformers one with one of my friends from school as one of the characters. Lauren and I were both disappointed that Soundwave wasn't featured in the new movie. The short video "The Touch' on Youtube and the skit on Robot Chicken (episode 'Werewolf vs Unicorn') really inspired this. Poor Soundwave can't really hide in our society these days.

This story is based on Soundwave's spotlight in IDW Publishings where in 1984 he's in a stasis-lock in tape player mode, later in 2007 he's in a pawn shop where two guys debate on buying him. Our story opens in 2007 in our world.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the transformers, I don't own Lauren either, she is a real person.

It is the year 2007; the treacherous Decepticons have conquered the Autobot's home planet of Cybertron. The Autobots now live on Earth as their new home, building forces to constrict and barricade Cybertron, thus not allowing Megatron's forces to leave the planet to expand and conquer the galaxy. With this boa constricting technique thus hopefully choking the Decepticon forces from resources the Autobots can defeat their enemies and crumbling the empire. But the Autobots aren't too concerned, the Decepticon population on Earth is extinct, or so they strongly believe. The humans sense no danger, continuing on with their care free lives safe from the cyber wars, expanding their technology in the digital age.

One human in particular is enjoying her first hours of freedom from school for the day. Lounging in a spinning chair, feet propped up on a desk, she sat with a screwdriver in hand and computer key board in the other. The girl skillfully popped the keys off the keyboard, carefully taking the gadget apart, and tossed them on the desk that was littered with parts. Under her breath she muttered about her idiotic younger sister spilling soda pop on her prized computer and about how long it would take to clean and dry off. Apparently she happened to be in a foul mood.

It was plain that she was a computer and video game fanatic, consoles lined under her TV along with games, spare computer parts were organized on shelves, and other broken electronic gadgets scattered around her room. She would fix those later.

Not only did her room show evidence of her hobby but so did her body. Pale white skin told of the lack of sun she got, most likely due to staying in front of the boob tube and computer all day. She was plump around the middle, evidence of chocolate and Twinkies in her diet, yet she wasn't very fat. There was meat on her but not toned due to late of exercise; DDR and Wii didn't count. Long brown hair with bits of blonde was tied back to keep out her work space.With a frustrated sigh she pushed her glasses back up her nose with the back of her screwdriver hand. She glared out the open window that faced north, hoping for a breeze in the summer night air.

She grumbled, "Dad is so freak'n cheep, why can't we turn on the air condition?"

Turning back to her work, her chubby fingers removed the last button and she inspected the inside of the keyboard. Brown liquid swished back and forth and tiny sugar crystals frosted the sides. "Pepsi," she groaned," of all the pop in the world why Pepsi! That sugar will take weeks to scrub off, I told her to not bring food or drinks near the computer, more importantly I told her to stay away from mine and use the family one!" A knock interrupted her rant; in the doorway was one of her younger sisters.

"What do you want Rachel!" she spat.

Rachel only sneered at her, "Aw what's the matter Lauren? Did someone ruin your precious computer," she said in a baby voice.

Lauren rolled her eyes at her sister who was older than the one that broke the keyboard but was just as immature.

Her sister continued snickering, "Wow if you're mad about the keyboard I hate to see your face when you find what she left you in the disk drive,"

Lauren's eyes peaked above the rim of her glasses, "What!" Dropping her feet off the desk and bending over she push the eject button to the computer. The disk tray came out containing a slab of baloney with a smiley face in mustard. Lauren's face turned red as her temper rose. Rachel was clutching her sides in laughter but managed to duck as the baloney whizzed by her head and smacked the wall behind her in the hallway. It made a sick sucking noise as it slid down smearing mustard on the white wall.

Both froze as a roar erupted from down stairs. "LAUREN!"

"ooooo You're gonna get it!" Rachel sneered before creeping back to her room.

Lauren left her comfy chair and marched down stairs while preparing for a scolding.

"Look dad I'm sor…………" but she was cut off.

"Lauren I put fresh batteries in this thing today and the darn remote won't work!"

Her father banged it against the coffee table.

She asked, "Did you put in the right kind?"

"Yes," he huff slamming the TV remote on the table and walking in the kitchen to take away his frustration from the device. Picking up the remote, the tinker flipped it back in forth, looking for anything unusual. She wasn't an expert on fixing electronic but there was experience. Sighing, 'I might as well get started on taking it apart and finding the problem.' She opened the battery case and discovered it empty.

"Dad? You said you replaced the batteries?"


"Are you sure?"


"Well, there aren't any in here."

The father's head poked out of the kitchen's entrance. About that time the little glitch mouse that fried the computer walked by. "I saw Rachel take them and switch them to her CD player," squeaked the youngest while grabbing a gram cracker. At that unfortunate moment Rachel came down dancing in to her music. Her headphone thumped loudly, used to drown out the shouts of her father scolds. The girls' father's eyes narrowed and he yanked Rachel by the ear and dragged her off to another room; the same time ripping the music player from her and tossing it on the kitchen counter. In the other room shouts of 'you took the batteries and you are so cheap' filled the air. Lauren's mother stood at the sink, drying the dishes. "Lauren I think you should take those batteries to your room. You dad can live without the remote, he needs the exercise and getting up to change the channel won't hurt him." The eldest daughter nodded and removed the batteries from the player and headed back up stairs. But not without snickering to herself, 'Who's getting it now!"

On her way the phone rang, her mother answered and hollered, "Lauren, it's for you!"

"I'll get it in my room!"

Jogging to her room and picking up the cordless phone resting next to the dissected machine, a loud, high, chipper voice chirped from the line, "Howdy Lauren!" The tinker gave a soft smile, "Hi Torrie, what's going on?"

The voice replied in a southern accent, "Yaw got any plans fer tomorrow?"

"Not that I know of."

"Great! I'm plan'n on go'n to the antique store to see if they gots any new broken music boxes or even a cuckoo clock."

"Eh Torrie I don't think I can go, my youngest sister spilled Pepsi on my keyboard and I'm not in the best of moods."

"Aw come on, tomorrow is our first real day of summer break, and I'm leav'n in a week to work at my grandparents' house most of the summer; and I graduated this spring and have college in the fall, how many chances are we gonna have to hang out together this summer?"

Lauren bit her lip, true, with her friend going to college and her being a senior this year, that didn't give them much time. "Okay I'll go."

"Great! I pick you up at 8:00."

"Wait, what! Torrie it's summer I want to sleep in and………"

Too late, the line was dead.

"Crazy farm kid, always waking up at the crack of dawn."

Heaving a tired sigh Lauren glanced at the future puzzle on her desk, 'I don't want to mess with that now, might as well go to bed'.

Okay there you have the opening. Sorry the first two chapters they circledmostly around the human characters, but it will switch to the Transformers later, just hang in there.

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