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Written in a humerous, loving memory of 'Lady' Lauren's dog who recently passed away.

#IMPORTANT NOTE# The statements in bold is Soundwave speaking. Bold italics is Soundwave speaking on the comlinks. And Italics are the cassetticons speaking through the comlinks.

Lauren sat dumbfounded in front of the new gaping hole that had quickly replaced her bedroom window. Glass and splintered wood littered the floor. She had remained in the exact position since the blue robot had knocked her down and escaped with the colorful cassettes. It all had happened so fast after she had turned on the cassette player. She dusted her glasses on her shirt and blinked twice realizing that the hole was still there. A measly tape player had abruptly destroyed her sense of security and half of her room. A real robot had transformed from a seemingly harmless machine, and what were the chances that it happened to her? She had seen the Autobot troops only on the television and newspapers; what was one doing in her hometown? However, these robots did seem to have a certain… air about them. Most Autobots she had seen seem friendly, but the one in her bedroom seemed almost threatening through his visor. Her thoughts shifted to the big, brand-new 'window'. How would she explain this to her family and the destroyed lawn or smoking crater in the middle of the street?

Muttering in her head she tried to reason, "Mom and dad surely can't blame this on me; I mean how could I have done something like this? But I am considered the technology wiz in the house, mom and dad don't know much on those type of things, and when people don't understand things they make a scapegoat, demons, vampires, witches, apparently me in this situation. Even if I tell the truth, that one of the transformers was actually here in our backyard; saying that Bigfoot visited sounds more believable. Hopefully a neighbor had to have heard the ruckus and witness the ordeal. Honestly, why would one of those giant robots be here, Torrie has lived here longer than I have, practically her whole life, and nothing big happens here that would catch the White House's attention, let alone an alien race. What should I do about this hole, hmmm nice breeze though."

Lauren's attention suddenly snapped back to reality. In the night air a giant object sailed. But it was not a plane she realized as it came closer, for it flew too low. A red visor gleamed from it. The mechanical being tapped its shoulder, opening a compartment in its chest, and releasing two oversize tapes, one red and black while the other blue from before.

Laruen barely had time to run out of her room when Rumble whisked through the hole and Frenzy crashed through the roof a few feet in front of the window. The girl dashed through the hallway into the playroom and dove behind a couch. The steady pound of footsteps became uneven and halted at the entrance to the room. Laruen held her breath, "Maybe if I stay out of sight and creep to the bathroom I can escape." The pair of footsteps started again, only slower, and it sounded as if the two had split to cover the room faster. She heard the sound of cabinets being opened on one side of the room while the other seemed to be tapping something with springs, possibly testing her youngest sister's rocking horse. She couldn't move, both blocked any chance of escape. Training her ears she heard the sound of a slinky being played. She nearly jumped out of her skin when the two started laughing, followed by the sound of the slinky being tossed aside. The footsteps were getting closer to her hiding position. A red visor peered from the side of the couch, accompanied by an eerie grin. "I found it," it called. The red and black one came around the other side grinning too. Both reached down to grab her, but Lauren suddenly bolted over the sofa, despite her size, and the two cassetticons crashed into each other.

The game of cat and mouse continued. Laruen stormed down the C curved staircase screaming. Rumble stopped at the top of the stairs while Frenzy madly jumped over the railing to block the girl a few feet from the foot of the stairs. Lauren skidded to her left on the wood floor in her socks and managed to slip from Frenzy's grasp. She ran into the sunroom and through the door into the dining room, followed by Frenzy. Lauren quickly upturned the large oak table to stall time and ran into the kitchen. Frenzy easily leapt over the furniture and made it to the kitchen entrance when suddenly a skillet pan collided with his face. The robot went down. Lauren had herself wedged against the wall to the side of the door, holding a skillet. Panting, she carefully and slowly inched from the unmoving, metallic body, staring at the immense size of it. She grimaced at the three-dimensional imprint of its face now adorning the bottom of her mother's cooking utensil.

Suddenly a pair of hands seized arms her from behind and held them close to her body. Rumble had walked around the dining room and kitchen to attack the girl from behind. Lauren madly swung the skillet behind her head but since she could only bend her elbows and wrists she couldn't reach the robot. Rumble struggled to keep hold of the human's elbows behind her back while avoid getting smacked by the skillet. "Frenzy, get up," he snarled, "It's like trying to hang onto a tusk less walrus!"

Frenzy slowly sat up and shook his head; however, the human, having realized how useless the pan had become in its current condition, now flung it at his head. Bang, clatter, clatter, echoed in the kitchen. Frenzy was down again. Rumble grumbled and scooted to his brother with the human.

Lauren frantically searched her mother's kitchen for more artillery while the robots were distracted. A ladle sat next to the fridge. Twisting and turning her right arm free, it dove for the utensil, but not quick enough, for a black metallic hand grabbed her arm and stopped her short. "No, no, no!" screamed Lauren's head. She lashed her arm toward the fridge, but only managed to snatch a handful of fridge magnets.

The twin robots pinned both of Lauren's arms to her sides and hoisted her through the breakfast nook and out the back door, all the while avoiding further damage to the house. As they dragged her across the porch, Lauren spied the family's fourteen year old Pomeranian, Lady, cowering under the balcony stairs and bushes. "Stupid dog now decides not to guard the house…" but her thoughts were cut short as her captors drug her toward the giant being kneeling in the backyard. It may have not been standing at its full height but the presence it deemed was of some ancient, blue, pagan god of death in all of his glory; deeming down on a pathetic mortal's soul that it was about to steal just by having it look at his blood red eyes. Not to mention he had horns on his head to go along with his grim reaper demeanor. The way her captor's held her arms spread loosely but firmly near her side she expected them to start chanting, "Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice," as if she were an offering to King Kong himself.

A loud, shrill call snapped her out of her petrified trance to the balcony and her room on her right. Squinting through her glasses in the dark, a condor's silhouette sat perched on the balcony's railing. Its body gleamed metallic yellow and black in her bedroom's light. The condor's eyes glowed crimson red too. "So this is what those cassettes really are," shivered Lauren. The rustle of leaves to her left caused Lauren to shift her gaze. Hanging upside down on a limb in the maple tree was a purple robotic bat with red eyes. The bat twittered from its perch and cocked its head curiously at her. Now starting to shake, the girl returned her gaze at the behemoth before her. On the enormous robot's shoulder was another condor, again with red eyes, however, this bird was red, black, and white. She recognized that color scheme, the cassette she and Torrie had listened to in the truck with the eerie voices! Lauren suddenly became self-conscious in her surroundings. Six robots, she was surrounded by six mechanical beings with a threatening presence. Adrenaline kicked through her system, her amygdala flicked the switch in her head, igniting survival instincts long used by prehistoric humans. Flailing in the grip of the twins Lauren screamed without thinking, "Don't eat me!"

The blue giant seemed taken aback by her statement. "Silence human!" Lauren gazed up in petrified terror, "Why? What do you want?"

"Searching for a missing comrade."

"Comrade? I don't know your kind have never been here!"

Laserbeak leaned down Soundwave's shoulder, beak clicking, wings shaking, and taser activating in anticipation. Soundwave reached a hand to stroke the back of the condor's neck. "Settle down." From the organic creature's brainwaves he could tell the thing was about to enter shock and having it pass out would not make things any easier. Plus, this human was their only lead.

"Where is the autobot head quarters?"

"I don't know! Why are you here? This town doesn't get any attention even from the White House!"

So they were in an area not really known to Autobots. Good, they would not suspect them here.

"What news of the Decepticons, where are they?"

"I don't know, I don't watch the news, I think on some distant planet, it doesn't really involve me so I don't know!"

"What do you mean you don't know? Decepticons are the most feared beings in the universe under Megatron! You're telling us they aren't on Earth anymore!" snarled Frenzy who began twisting her arm.

"IIIIIEEEEEHHHHHH! You're hurting my arm!"

Soundwave winced, his sensitive servos still adjusting to not hearing after so many years. "Frenzy, cease!"

The red and black cassetticon stopped and looked up at his master, "huh?"

Soundwave leaned down to face the human. If it was true that there were no more Decepticons on Earth and the fact that this human had no knowledge of what each faction's insignia looked like; they would have to play their cards right. But not all hope was lost.

"We ask this because we picked up a decepticon transmission coming from this area." "We did!" blurted the twins in unison. "Silence," transmitted over their comlinks. Soundwave directed his gaze back at Lauren. "We are a secret Autobot fraction hunting down the last remaining Decepticons on Earth, not even your federal government knows of us, and we are licensed to kill."

"Then what the hell was that earlier!" Lauren directed to the gaping hole in her bedroom wall and the new skylight adorning the ceiling. "I was resting in stasis and you jolted me awake and disrupted me working."

"You had two ancient batteries in you."

"Part of my disguise. I was not to be bothered or discovered, unfortunately you did, I had to retreat and my purple comrade retrieved the rest of my surveillance group."

"Then why come back?"

"We cannot find another place to make a post nearby, and you're the only one here that knows of our presence, sounds like a good hiding place to me. As long as you keep your oral factor shut."

Lauren flinched her head back at the threat simmering beneath but replied, "Whoa, whoa, I am not keeping alien solders in my parents' house! I'm American and the third amendment states that Americans do not board soldiers! "

"Your laws do not apply to us."

"If you're staying here they do! And just what will you do when you find them?"

The heavy giant rose to full stance, "Annihilate them, they are a danger to the Autobots and humans. They kill anything ruthlessly."

Lauren paused and thought quickly, "Protect my family then!"

Soundwave just stared at the talking chunk of meat. If he wore no visor, one would see his optics were cocked.

"No really," Lauren continued, "Aren't Autobots suppose to work with humans? If you promise to protect my family from these 'Decepticons' , then I will agree to allow all of you in the house.

The communications officer stared down at the proposal. Rumble whined over the comlink, "Come on! This human is just asking to get stepped on!" Truth be told Soundwave was just as fed up with this homo sapien standing up to him.

"No, we shall do what is necessary and board in your structured residence." He stood to continue further with his point. "Rumble, retrieve the canine from under the stairs," The blue con grinned and fetched the pudgy ball of shaking fur. He sneered in his Bronx accent, "Nice mutt, be very unfortunate if something were to happen to it." Lauren squirmed in Frenzy's grip and twisted her arm free and flung the kitchen magnets at his head. The magnet appearing as a pineapple connected with his temple and he immediately dropped Lady and began to dance the hula in the yard. Lauren would have laughed but the red and black one was about to throttle her. She quickly tossed a music note magnet at him. Frenzy abruptly stopped and stood at an opera stance while singing "Figaro!" Soundwave stood in surprise as his twin cassettes made fools of themselves on the lawn. "Soundwave, I can't help it! Make it stop!" gasped Rumble.

"Buzzsaw, assistance required!" Boomed the leader.

Buzzsaw let out a battle shriek and leapt from the railing. She didn't have much time, but Lauren quickly shifted through the grass for more magnets. The metallic raptor swooped down, only to see a magnetic alphabet collide with his face. He landed on the ground as a timid, harmless pigeon pecking the ground and cooing.

"Laserbeak go!"

"Slag NO!" the bird squawked at him.

Rumble shouted over Frenzy's off key singing, "It doesn't take a magnet to turn Laserbeak into a chicken!" Soundwave watched in horror as his troops were reduced to bumbling idiots by minor human trinkets. Speaking of the human, she was now picking up more as she clumsy ran for the back of the house. The dog was already there scratching against the glass. Soundwave's right arm dove and snatched her; but she was quickly released as his arm began to act on its own and spasm. "Frag the human femme," he thought as he caught a glance of a magnet in his palm. His left made a move for her but she held many more trinkets in her hand, poised to throw.




"Or else what? If you agree to my terms, not threatening my family, protecting them from the Decepticons, and cause no further damage to our house, all of you may stay."

The decepticon was speechless if he wanted a place to hide and recover; he was going to have to sink to this creature's terms. He had already humiliated his troops by lying that they were Autobots but hiding here and finding information seemed the best option, for now.

He slowly lowered his left arm, his right continuing its seizure, it was starting to hurt. "We will, I promise."

Lauren glared at him not convinced, "You swear?"

The cassetticons could not remember the last time he had shown any outside expression, but he did, he sighed. "Affirmative."

Lauren looked him in the visor, trying to spot the movement of an optic. "Okay," she lowered her arm and went to remove the magnets from Rumble, Frenzy, and Buzzsaw. The three loitered dumbfounded. The girl shoved most in her pocket but left a few in her hand a she approached Soundwave. "Keep your promise," she warned before she removed the magnet.

He recoiled his hand and rubbed the palm. Laserbeak hissed and shifted. "Easy," he reassured her. Frenzy shook his head, shaking off the effects, "Why you little pile of scar…..ppppp…..!" Before Soundwave could order a 'stand down', Lauren had chucked a new magnet at his head and he now began to do the carmelldansen. "Sounndwwaaavvveeeee!" he growled through clenched dental plates.

A transmission swept across all of the cassetticons, "We need to cooperate with the human's wishes. Okay now, destroy later."

Buzzwas began to back a resistance but Soundwave's stare made him think otherwise. "Kindly remove the magnet," Lauren jumped in surprise at the change in the robots demeanor, "He tends to be a bit of a hot spur." As the human tended to Frenzy, Soundwave transformed in to his alter form as well as Laserbeak, Ratbat, and Buzzsaw who slid into his chest compartment. Rumble stooped down and plucked him from the grass. "Are you out of your mind, be courteous to a human? I suppose you want us to act like service bots! Do it's laundry, rub its feet, and give it piggyback rides?"

"Rumble, do not aggrandize."

The indigo robot huffed a sigh and went to his twin who was trying to get the fuzz out from between his plates. Lauren stood by, unsure of what to expect next.

"Take us to your barracks of your base," came from the boom box. Lauren stared at the box in Rumble's hand.

"My what?"

"Take us to your quarters."

That didn't seem to help the situation.

"I don't keep a coin collection."

Frenzy intervened, "Gramps, let a young, hip fella who knows the lingo do this." He faced Lauren, "He wants to go to your room."

The human nodded and led them through the back door. Lady quickly scurried through the frame and hid under the couch. As she made her way toward the stairs Lauren glanced at the wrecked dining room and diverted towards it. "Great, my parents are going to kill me. Here help me lift this," she instructed toward the heavy, oak table. The twins leaned against the stair well. "Why should we?" "Because if I get into trouble, you're in trouble," she snapped back.

"Was that an answer or a threat Rumble?"

"I don't know Frenzy, either way I don't know how we would suffer from not moving that thing," replied the other as he set Soundwave on an end table.

Lauren stalked towards them, "You'll help me or else," she dangled magnets in her fingers. The twins quickly complied. After the cleaning the mess downstairs and trekking upstairs, the girl groaned, "Fudge muffins, what am I suppose to tell my parents about these two holes!"

"Lying always works," snickered Rumble.

As the weight of the stressful evening bore down, the girl gave an exasperated sigh, "I am not lying to my parents because A. lying never works in general, B. what lie could sound reasonable to explain all this, C. how am I going to explain you guys, and D. that's my parents entering the driveway!" she cried, trying to control her voice. Her sense of security from intergalactic attack had been shattered, but in the mind of a teenage girl, angry parents dooming the threat of a grounding still remained worse. She heard shouting outside, and Rumble and Frenzy suddenly changed and hid in Soundwave's compartment. Lauren immediately grabbed the little box and shook it. "Well, how do I explain you guys?" Her anxiety rose like a thermometer in boiling water with each thumping footstep that made its way upstairs to her room.

"You will not give us away, human," boomed the leader's voice in her mind.

"Where, where did that come from?" the girls head swiveled in surprise.

"I am a telepath; I can speak to you through your primitive mind."

Lauren's intrigue quickly changed to horror as her father's beat red face appeared through the doorway.


Lauren quickly backed from the raging man, her voice lodged in her throat. Her mother appeared too trying to soothe her father from ripping out the consoles that lined under the television for cash.

"If you wish to get out of this mess, repeat everything I say to your superiors."

Lauren stood rigid and barely nodded her head in accord. As she listened to Soundwave's words she hardly recognized her voice as she attempted to explain to her father. "The gas line under the road burst and launched a chuck of asphalt through the window and out the roof." She remained motionless, her parents stood stumped. "Lauren dear," spoke her mother, "what's wrong with your voice, you're speaking monotone like a robot."

"I…..'m trying to remain…. calm?" the girl stuttered beneath a shrug.

Her father snorted, "IF SO, THAT DOESN'T EXPLAIN HOW THIS DAMAGE IS GOING TO GET PAYED FOR!" He continued unsympathetically ripping out cables and controllers.

"Steve, stop that! We should be thankful our baby girl didn't get hurt or worse!" Lauren's mother snagged her daughter in a bear hug and smothered the teen to her bosom. Lauren clenched Soundwave in her hand as her windpipe was being crushed.

"Well yes Bonnie but…"

"But nothing, we can call the gas company tomorrow about this."

"How do we know even if it was a gas pipe?"

"Steve, we both know Lauren is the electronic technician of the house, she wouldn't make up something like that in such a serious situation. Now put down that Nintendo or Xbox, I can never tell, and get the other kids to help clean up this mess. We don't want anyone cutting their little piggies on glass do we?"

Lauren's father dumped everything on the floor and fetched the rest of the family. The glass and wood was swept and vacuumed while the side of the room with holes was closed off by a tarp that hung from the ceiling. All furniture was moved to the secure side making the area a bit cramped since half of the room was inaccessible.

"Now Lauren, if things get too cold or hot or wet or bugs come through, you can stay in Rachel's room till the damage is fixed," replied her mother.

"No thanks," Lauren slammed her bedroom door and pressed an ear to the wood to make sure her mother had left. It was then she noticed that the alien robot in disguise was still clenched in her hand. Making her way to the desk and placing him in the lamp's light, she peered curiously through her glasses. "So what now?" she asked only to receive silence. "Hey, you still in there, HEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOO?" Still no response. Lauren rose and glared down, "Fine, I don't want to talk to you either."

She reached for her pajamas but stopped and stared at the shiny, blue box. Could he still see in that form? It bothered her so she changed in the closet. Making herself comfortable in bed and safely tucking her glasses on the nightstand, she gave the silent alien guest one last look before turning out the light. "Whatever you guys say, I'll say 'Good Night'."

Soundwave felt all minds turn toward him at the foreign statement.

"What was that?" asked Ratbat.

"A parting greeting," replied Laserbeak.

All of the cassettes' minds settled down for a needed recharge. "Hey Soundwave," nagged Frenzy, "what do we do now?"


Hope it was worth the wait.

You heard the good and bad news, now for the scary news. I almost deleted this story, why. Well as I said, alot has changed in the pass two years and for Lauren it has sadly taken a nasty turn, her family dog that she since she was a baby passed away and just in the pass two weeks her family lost their house so how I decribe her normal life at home, minus the transformers, is completely gone and it became very hard to write this. We both felt like abandoning this but she did want to see where this would go and how it would end, so I promise I will finish this!