Summary: To keep her family from finding out a dangerous secret that may tear it all apart, Kagome Higurashi becomes the Mistress of Sesshomaru Takahashi, the leader of the deadliest gang in Tokyo, all through blackmail.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi.

The bitter coldness slipped through the thin fabric of Kagome's black leather coat as she walked down the crowded snow-white street. In both of her hands were bags filled with presents for Christmas Eve Dinner at her parents house.

How she had missed this city, for the last 4 years she had moved down to America with her aunt so she could be away from her step-father. She still hadn't forgiven him, but, her mother had a way with words and got her to come down here for the holidays, plus she missed her nieces and brother.

Her pace quickened when she saw her small silver sports car not parked far from where she was at wanting to get warm as quick as she could. Her efforts paid off when she was enveloped in immediate warmth.

" Hello Kagome." A voice came.

Kagome froze. That voice. She spun her had around to come face to face with air. Where had it come from. Was she imagining things?

The voice chuckled lowly " Sorry, Kagome, but I'm not in your car."

Kagome's head turned to looked down at the cup holder underneath the radio player. Sitting in between the two dents that held her coffee from the morning and some loose change was a phone plugged into the power outlet.

" Yes, I'm right there."

Kagome snatched the phone and wire out of the power outlet disconnecting the call and threw it out her window. She growled angrily and gassed the car out of the parking lot.

When she was forced to stop for a red light her mind started to calm and a question hit her making fear spread through her body. How had he known where she was? How had he known she was back in town? And the last question that bugged her the most was, How in the world did Takahashi get that phone in her 'secured' car?

She cursed under her breath acknowledging the fact that what she had just done was stupid and dangerous for her safety.

Her mind reeled back into it's calm pace as she parked in front of her mother's mansion. She grabbed the bags and stepped out, a nanosecond later she was surrounded by maids and butlers trying to take the bags from her.

" No, no it's ok, really." She said happy they recognized her still.

" But lady K-" One maid started but was cut off by a displeased Kagome.

" What did I tell you before I left?" She growled.

The maids sighed in relief " We're sorry, Kagome, we thought you changed. After all Lady Kikyo has."

Kagome looked down to the ground, " She changed, huh?"

A butler smiled " It's alright Kagome, everyone knew she was only faking it to make you look bad."

Kagome sighed " Thanks G. Your guys' presents aren't going to come until tomorrow, I feel terrible!"

They all gasped " Kagome!" They scolded

" I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but, I couldn't help it! You'll love it I swear!" She said.

They glared at her. " Get in the house, now!" G commanded grabbing a bag. Kagome was outnumbered so she let the others take one as well.

" AUNTY!" 2 voices yelled when Kagome stepped into the enormous house.

The Entrance room had bare wooden floors and pictures on the peach colored wall. The ceiling was a huge skylight in a 'S' pattern standing for Sauna, her stepfather's last name.

" Aunty! Aunty!" They chorused hugging her tightly.

Kagome shrieked happily and picked them both up " Oh my gosh, Michiyo, Miyako! You're getting so big!"

" That's not very nice aunty." The two twins said mockingly.

She rolled her eyes and put them down. " Where's your father?" She asked as they both dragged her further into the house.

" He's with grandpa working on a very important document." The two girl said annoyed.

Kagome raised and eyebrow " Where are you two taking me?"

The two girls smiled " We've gotten better at Donkey Kong Country."

Kagome chuckled " You still wont beat me."

" We'll see." the both said simultaneously.

After 2 hours of winning against Kagome, The three were called into the dining room for dinner.

Nervousness started welling in Kagome's throat, She hadn't been with the family in 4 years what if she had changed too much for any of their benefits? She was no longer a shy girl who could get bossed around, she was stronger now and had American stubbornness in her. She was still respectful and all, but when she was angry she was blinded and didn't know if she hurt anyone with her harsh and cruel words.

" Aunty." Michiyo started.

Kagome looked down at the small girl who was wearing a bright green dress with rd stocking and white shoes. " What is it Michiyo?"

" We're happy you're back." Miyako smiled who was wearing a deep red dress and white stockings with green shoes.

She smiled " I'm happy too."

" So will you stay here forever?" They asked together with puppy eyes.

Kagome saw this coming and she had prepared for it, but, those preparations went down the drain as she spoke words she knew were fragile promises " I'll try to."

The two twins smiled, apparently it had been enough for the two of them. They both dragged the older woman into the room and Kagome gasped when she caught the cold golden eyes of Sesshomaru Takahashi sitting on the immediate right of her stepfather.

A smirk placed itself on his attractive, pale face.

" Kagome!" Yuma, her mother exclaimed enveloping her youngest child into a warm embrace.

" Mom!" Kagome whispered throwing her arms around the waist of her kind mother, who she had missed so much on her away time.

" Well, well , well, haven't you grown squirt." A deep, mocking voice asked from behind Yuma.

Kagome looked over her tall mother's shoulder " Souta!" She shrieked as he hugged the two of them tightly.

He smirked and hugged her alone than rubbed her head " You've grown a lot, Kikyo's jealous of." He looked down to her chest in a quiet signal

She blushed and slapped the back of Souta's head " Pervert." She hissed covering her chest.

He chuckled and dragged her to the seat next to where he was originally seated. Kagome looked around the table.

Inuyasha, Kikyo's boyfriend was sitting across from Sesshomaru and Kikyo was next to him. Besides Kikyo was Kagome's grandma and grandpa engrossed in a heated argument. Next to the bickering couple was her 2 aunts, the lesbian couple. Next to them was their adopted daughter Souten coloring. Besides Souten was Kagome and next to Kagome was Souta. At the end of the table Kagome's mother was seated and besides her were the two twins. Then Kirara, Souta's wife, next to her was Kagome's step aunt and besides her was her husband. Next to Kagome's step-uncle was her step-grandparents bickering away like her real grandparents. Besides them was Kagura, Sesshomaru's wife and besides her was Sesshomaru. At the end of he table there was her stepfather, Ran.

" Kagome." Souten mumbled looking at her cousin.

" Yeah?" Kagome asked staring back into Souten's vivid brown eyes.

" Are you going to stay here? Or are you going to leave like Kikyo said?" Souten asked fiercely.

Kagome smiled " Don't worry Souten, I think I may stay here, but, if I do I have to find a new job here."

" We'll help you!" Souten, Michiyo and Miyako yelled slamming their small fists on the table grabbing the attentions of all the guest including the bickering old people.

" Kagome, I didn't notice you there." Ran's thick and hardy voice came breaking the silence that had fell upon the table.

Kagome smiled " It's not a big deal." Her insides churned as she felt Sesshomaru's heated gaze resting upon her checking out what he could from above the table.

" What are you talking about Kagome?" Her grandmother snapped. Kagome could feel it coming, the big speech about how much she had missed and that she was a fool to leave the family to go to America for 4 years." We haven't seen you in four whole years dear," the old woman spoke softly. " Everyone at this table is glad you're back, except of course Kikyo, but, who cares about her?"

All the girls except for Yuma and Kagura snorted in agreement.

" Anyways, darling, your coming back means a lot to this family especially since it's Christmas, a time when families should all be together. You're such an angel and wouldn't do anything to hurt us. We hope you are able to remain here for the rest of your life."

Kagome smiled tenderly at her grandma, who had once always yelled at her for every little thing that she did wrong. " Thank you Grandma, you don't know how much that means coming from you."

Kagome sighed happily laying on her bed after a nice hot shower in her private restroom. She looked around surprised everything was still the same. Her pictures of the various bands and friends still hung on the wall proudly and her stuff had been untouched.

" You looked quite sexy tonight." a voice said from the shadows surprising and scaring her at the same time.

Kagome shot up like a bullet and felt her clear blue eyes widen at the sight of the half naked Sesshomaru standing against the door.

His shirt was nowhere to be seen and his black slacks were the only article of clothing on his perfect body. Kagome felt her lower body and nipples react to the sight. She was braless and only had a long baby blue shirt on.

" And you look sexier right now." He said moving off of the door and making his way towards her bed. " You know." He said walking on his knees once he was on her bed, still getting closer to her. Kagome backed up till she felt the headboard hit her back." It wasn't very nice of you to break that phone."

She gulped as his hands landed on her creamy thighs. " I only wanted to talk to you." He whispered making his way higher and higher reaching underneath the baby blue garment that stood between what he wanted.

" Don't touch me!" She cried slapping his hands away.

He smirked and in a blink of an eye Kagome was pinned under his great strength " God, Kagome, you're so damn sexy."

She struggled and tried to push him off without prevail.

" What?" She snapped " What do you fucking want from me Takahashi!?" She was red with anger now " You left me for that fucking tramp! Why don't you go and fuck with her instead of me?"

" Are we jealous?" He asked with a smug look covering his face." You don't have to be Kagome, you can be with me anytime you want."

She glared up at him. Why was he messing with her? Hadn't he already played with her enough?

" I know your secret." He said letting her wrists go and sliding off of her" That's all I wanted to tell you this afternoon. He walked towards the door, but Kagome's frightened voice caught him before he could walk out.

" What are you talking about?"

He turned his head " I know about your step-father, I know about the prostitution."

Her now dark blue eyes widened " What?" She choked

He smirked and turned around " I know." In seconds she was under his hold again " I know about how men touch you like this." He said riding his hand back up her shirt. She covered her mouth with her hands stifling a moan as he touched her wet outer lips " Like this." He ripped her shirt with one of his claws leaving her body exposed to his own viewing pleasure. His long, clawed finger played with her rosy pink nipple. While his mouth worked on the other hand still traced patterns around her opening.

Her eyes fluttered shut as he continued his demonstrations. " H-How?" She managed out without a single moan interrupting.

He smirked " Kagome, I'm the leader of the Taiki Clan, do you think I would let you wander around in the USA unprotected?" He asked.

Her mind was registering his words, but she couldn't seem to bring herself to pushing him off of her as he continued to toy with her.

" I only sent men after you so idiots that may want to hurt you, never did." He said. " My men also told me something else that I found highly interesting." His hands stopped their movements.

Kagome growled " What?"

" You never let any of those men kiss you."

She looked at him with questioning eyes. " So?"

He captured her lips. Kagome relaxed and began kissing him back. They were both thrown into an almost unreal world of passion as they pressed on, hungry for more contact with each other. Hungry for more than just the lust that was inside of them. He held he kiss for a few seconds more then let go to study her face. It was between hatred, confusion and distress.

" I have a deal to make with you." he said. Kagome looked at him knowing there was no way she was going to get out of it, especially since if her secret got out it would ruin the peace in the family. " Become my mistress for a year, if you don't love me by then I will leave you alone, I wont tell anyone about your secret, but if you decide you don't want to do it before the year is up I'll tell the whole family."

Kagome looked away troubled " Kagura, will get hurt."

Sesshomaru snorted " Kagome, Kagura and I both know who I truly want. Now say deal or your secret is out."

Kagome nodded " Fine, a year, but then you leave me alone, forever."

He grinned " I'm a man of my word, Kagome." He got off of her and gave her a quick unexpected kiss " I'll see you tomorrow." Without another word he left the room and left Kagome to deal with the confusion of what she was feeling.

A/N: Okay this is a new story idea I got while over my friends house I hope you guys enjoy it, I already do!