Chapter 1: "cute…?"

Summary: matsuri growled, as she felt gaara claw at her back, blood slipping from the wound. She wrapped her arms around his waist and began to kiss his neck, trying to sooth him. He groaned at the smell of her blood "gaara, please, let go" she whispered inches from his. gaara couldn't take it anymore as he closed his eyes and reopened them to reveal pure gold eyes.

Gaara: 18

Matsuri: 16

Temari: 20

Konkouro: 19

Matsuri woke up to see the sun coming through her curtains; she winced at the bright light. It was probably about 8:00 in the morning, which meant it was almost time to get ready. They had an important meeting today with the elders, today the kazekage would decide on wither or not to sign a treaty with mist about joining them in an alliance.

Gaara had wanted her to be apart of the meeting, because he wanted a team of highly skilled shinobi to take the results of the meeting to the head leader of mist. She remembered gaara asking her to lead the team, so he wanted her to know a little bit more about the decision he had to make.

At first she was flattered, but after already going through already two boring meetings, she really wasn't looking forward to this one.

Matsuri groaned as she stretched all her aching muscle, but flinched when she felt a sharp pain go through her right arm.

"Looks like I'm still sore from last nights training session." She thought as she sat up from her bed to examine the bandaging.

Ever since her sensei, became kazekage he didn't have time to train her like he use too. So they had to turn a weeks worth of training into a 3 hour session, which ended up with her being sore the next day.

Matsuri sighed as she remembers last nights training. Gaara had had her run from his sand shurinkin, at first he took it easy on her and threw only one at a time, but after matsuri dodge them all his speed increased and a few of the shurinkins hit her.

The damage wasn't bad enough to go to the emergency so she continued. Matsuri hated to disappoint gaara, so she wanted to prove to him that she could continue.

"Looks like I'm paying for it today"

Matsuri stood from her bed reviling the bandages wrapped around her legs. Slowly matsuri removed the bandaging to reveal slight cuts and bruising. Luckily matsuri was a medic ninja as well, so she didn't have to wrap herself up like a mummy.

Matsuri was a very strong shinobi; she was already a chunin like temari and she had completed, 4 B class, and 15 C, and D class missions. She was good enough now for her age to stay half the time in the village, like kankouro, to protect the kazagage. The best thing about being by the kazagage, matsuri was allowed special authority, well kind of.

A hot bath sounded good for her aching muscle's, so matsuri moved to her bathroom just out side her bedroom door and turned on the water. Making sure the water was not to cold, matsuri stripped from her clothing, after taking off the bandaging, got into the tub. At first the shower burned the wounds she had received, but she ignored it.

After washing her hair with her favorite shampoo, matsuri jumped out of the shower and quickly dried herself off. Matsuri put on her regular outfit, her dark blue shirt and a plain black shorts that could pull off as a skirt. Before putting the rest of her uniform on, matsuri ran her fingers through her damped hair.

"There is really no need for a brush"

Her hair was still wet, but it would dry. Matsuri almost got her vest zipped up when she heard a knock coming from the front door.

"Who could that be?"

Matsuri hurried and finished getting dressed as she ran to the door ad opened to revile a familiar face.

"Hello matsuri-san!"

"Good morning temari-san"

Matsuri smiled as she embraced temari, but winced as temari wrapped her arms around her own. Temari sighed as she noticed the marks on her legs.

"Seems that you and my brother were playing rough again"

Matsuri blushed at temari statement, and quickly pulled away. For some reason the statement was bugging her more then it should. Temari smirked at the blush on matsuri's face.

"Wow, matsuri I didn't know you and my brother did that while nobodies around."

Temari began to laugh as matsuri face became red. Matsuri, for some reason, began to think of her and gaara, but she quickly shook her head and gained her senses back.

"We...we...we don't .do that!!" Matsuri couldn't help but feel embarrassed, but temari moved to hug her again and smiled back at matsuri.

"I'm kidding, now come on were going to be late"

Matsuri gasped as she realized that it was almost for the meeting. Before temari could say anything matsuri ran back to her room to get her weapons. Temari smiled and moved to the living room to wait for her friend.

Temari noticed that the room was plain, the walls were a pale light blue color and only a few picture frames occupied the walls. There were mostly pictures of matsuri with her grandmother, gaara, kankouro, and herself, but there were no pictures of matsuri's parents.


Temari nodded and both her and matsuri headed toward the kazekage's office.

Gaara growled as konkouro pushed more papers in front of him. It didn't go unnoticed by his brother.

"Sorry gaara, but ever since akatsuki attacked we've had to take extra measures'"

Gaara sighed but continued what he was doing. Ever since akatsuki attacked the village 3 years ago, they've had to have more shinobi's on patrol, than usual. But the most troublesome part was that he didn't have shukaku in is body anymore, which meant he couldn't control the sand around him as well as he use too. Gaara hated feeling weak, he was the kazekage now and the creature that made him gaara of sand was gone. He didn't mind that shukaku was taking from his body, but he still felt like the demon still was apart of his body.

Gaara clinched his fist under the desk; he did not want kankouro and temari to worry about him or…

"gaara-senpai" came a voice that was all too familiar to him.

"Come in" he said solemnly, as he watched the door open to revel temari his older sister and his student, matsuri. Matsuri had been his very first student and even when he still had shukaku, she still wanted him to become her sensei. Even though he was no longer a jinchuuriki he was still considered the sand village's ultimate weapon, but people saw him differently now, he was there protection.

"Gaara the meeting is about to start" stated konkouro as he moved to the door.

Temari nodded and followed her brother. Gaara stood from his seat; he wore a black shirt and black baggy pants, and placed the stacks of paper that he had to finish back in a pile. He sighed at the thought of spending the rest of the night signing papers, lately that was all he did.

Hearing someone laughing, gaara turned to see matsuri who had a hand over her mouth to stop herself from giggling.

"Why are you laughing" he asked curious as to why, him signing papers was so funny.

Usually, when people laughed in front of him, they would either run away or bow asking for forgiveness, but matsuri new gaara well enough to know that he didn't like it when people feared him and that he would never hurt her in anyway.

"It's just, that you look cute when you sigh like that" matsuri said with a smile as she turned to leave and follow kankouro and temari.

Gaara watched as she left and felt his stomach tightened at her words. "Cute…?" gaara had never heard of anyone say that about him before and the word was unfamiliar to him. But he didn't have time to worry about it, so he went to his room to quickly change into his uniform.

Matsuri followed behind temari who was currently talking to kankouro about the meeting. The meeting was to decide wither or not the sand village was to sign a treaty with the village hidden in the mist. The treaty would help them boost up there resources but also increase there alliance with another country.

But that wasn't what matsuri was worried about at the moment, as she thought about the words that left her lips.

"I said gaara was cute"

Matsuri blushed she felt embarrassed at her own actions, not only that, she had said that to there kazagage. She didn't know what came over her, but for some when he stood over his desk, his expression reminded her of a child who hated doing papers.

"it's okay right me and gaara are good friends, right" She thought quietly to herself as she and temari went inside the conference room and went to sit by the head chair. Matsuri shook her head, trying to get her thoughts together so she could pay attention to the meeting and not her…other distractions.

Kankouro sat on the left hand side while temari and matsuri sat on the right side, of the kazekages chair. The leaders of the sand village sat around the table and mumbled to themselves about the outcome of this meeting. Matsuri could feel the tension in the room growing as they waited for the last person to arrive.

"Gaara" she thought. "What's taking him so long?"

"Matsuri, go see what's taking gaara so long." Whispered temari as they realized gaara was taking a little longer then he should to get here.

Matsuri nodded as she immediately got up from her position and began to walk out the door to search for gaara. "I hope. What I said didn't bother him" But before she was completely out of the room she bumped into something hard, and whatever it was caught her from falling over.

Matsuri looked up to see that she had bumped into gaara, who kept he's grip on her secure until he knew she could stand on her own. She took notice that he wasn't wearing his normal clothes but his kazagage uniform, which was similar to the hokage's outfit, but was a blue color instead of red. Matsuri quickly pulled away and bowed, out of habit.

"Gaara-senpai….forgive me…., but we…we where beginning to worry" matsuri said with a quick smile as she lead him back into the conference room.

Gaara twitched when she bowed, it irked him when she did that, even his brother and sister did it and it annoyed the hell out of him. But gaara nodded and followed matsuri into the room and his expression became cold. Slowly matsuri made her way to her seat while gaara went to his. As a sign of respect for the kazagage all the elders stood up and waited for gaara to sit down before they did. After everyone was seated, they began the meeting.

The first one to start was one of the elders from sand who took care of the economic sitituations in the village. But matsuri held back a laugh as the man stood, he looked to be over 70 years old, but for some reason he looked like an old woman who need a good hair cut. Matsuri coughed, but gaara had noticed her small giggle and fought off the urge to smirk.

"If we are to sign a treaty with mist, we will be able to gain a lot more resources and gain more supplies, and technology to keep are water supply high."

The other elders mumbled to themselves again, while gaara sat there with his eyes closed. Matsuri knew how gaara handled things and she knew he only did this when he needed to think, and no body bothered him when he was in this stance.

"Gaara, we do need more supplies till this heat goes away" said another elder who looked more like a man who would kneel over any day.

It was true it was in the middle of July and the heat was not lifting up anytime soon. There water came from deep within the mountain, but since none of them or the elders every went into the mountain they didn't know how much water they had left.

Gaara reopened his eyes, to revel his beautiful sea green eyes. For some reason that was one of the things she liked about gaara, his eyes and his red hair.

"I understand that we do need the resources, but konaha is also sending 7 shinobis here, who bare horses and wagons full of provinces'." As gaara said this temari and kankouro sighed.

Another elder stood from his seat who was a little younger then the rest.

"Kazekage, we must also come up with are own resource then just rely on konoha, if we continued to put are faith in the village of fire we will be considered weak by other countries and attacked by are enemies."

Matsuri noticed that gaara's eyes fell slightly but his face still held no emotion. Temari and kankouro turned to there brother.

"Gaara, they are right, if we rely on konaha for too long are enemies will take advantage of this and consider it a weakness."

Temari said with concern in her tone, and kankouro only nodded in response. Gaara nodded but he looked back at the elders.

"We will sign a temporary treaty with mist, but I will send a team of shinobi to send what are decisions is, with a few of konaha shinobis accompanying them."

Matsuri turned to see the response's of some of the elders. She saw that some of them wanted to continue to argue the matter, but the look gaara was giving them meant that the subject was officially closed.

"The meeting is finally over"

Yawned matsuri as they walked back to the kazagages office. Matsuri stretched her arms out as they entered.

"How long has this subject been going on" she asked as she sat at a chair in front of the big oak desk.

"About 4 months" sighed temari who went to sit at the edge of gaara's desk.

Kankouro and gaara soon walked in after them and went to there regular spots. Kankouro went to lay on the couch and gaara sat at his usual seat, getting ready to finish what he started. Matsuri noticed the slight irritation in his eyes from the stacks of papers still on his desk. She wanted to laugh again but decided against it, but he quickly gave her a stare which she looked away, fearing that if she made eye contact he would give her trouble at there next training session. "Grr…"

"Well at least you don't have to worry about the stupid meeting for awhile." Said kankouro trying to lighten gaara's mood but it wasn't helping.

Temari sighed as she looked out the small window to see that the sun was still up pretty high.

"It's about noon, do you guys want something to eat."

Matsuri and kankuro both nodded, but gaara was to busy working that she guessed he didn't hear her. Temari shook her head, her brother was worse then kankouro was.

"Well I'll be back, I'll grab something for you too gaara."

"I'll come too" yelled kankouro as he followed temari out of the office.

Leaving matsuri and gaara alone, but gaara was to busy to talk at the moment so matsuri just sat in her chair and stared out the window. Usually one of them stayed behind to watch over gaara when he worked, just in case something happened they would be there to help. He was never to be left alone again without supervision.

Matsuri shivered at the thought. She still remembered when the men in black and red clouded cloaks came and took gaara away. He fought against a blonde hair man, who could make bombs from his hands. Matsuri remembered when she saw the look on gaara's face when the enemy was inches from destroying the village, she had never seen gaara so determined to protect the sand village before. He had sacrificed his own defense to protect the village.

She tilted her head to the side to just barely glance at there kazekage. The sun glistened over his skin, as if it was made of marble. Matsuri bit her lip as she remembered the day they found the kazekage. He wasn't injured to badly, but she noticed that he was a lot paler than usual and when she tried to help him stand, his body was cold as if his warmth had faded away completely.

But now his face didn't look pale at all, and she noticed that he had a normal temperature; it was a habit of hers now to check his temperature which he found slightly irritating.

She smiled at the thought, but her smile soon faded.

"Even after he returned home he hasn't changed one bit, except for the fact that the de….."

Matsuri couldn't bring herself to think about the creature that use to be inside gaara. The creature she remembered gaara turning into all those years ago. She still could remember those blood thirsty gold eyes.

"But now…."

Matsuri looked up to see gaara still signing papers, his expression still slightly tense, but with a certain softness that was rarely seen. He was still the gaara she remembered from a long time ago, but for some reason something felt different about him.

Gaara noticed that matsuri was being quieter then she usually was. He tilted his head up to make eye contact with her familiar, but beautiful onyx eyes. He excepted her to turn away from his gaze but she didn't, she kept her gaze locked with his for some reason. Her eyes became soft and he noticed that she was puzzled by something.

Gaara sat up straight, but his eyes never left her. The room became tense when he saw her lips beginning to form a sentence. And for some reason he was anxious to know what was troubling her, but before matsuri could get a word out she was interrupted by temari.

Matsuri and gaaras eye's broke away from each other and looked to see temari holding a plate of salad and a steak.

"I think you should eat gaara" said temari as she placed the plate in front of him.

"Hai" he said as he went back to his papers but ate a small piece of meat at the same time.

"Matsuri" temari placed the salad in her hand.

"Arligato, temati-san" she said with a smile placed at her lips.

Temari had noticed that before she walked in that gaara and mutsuri were staring at each other for some reason, but she had already walked in before she could stop herself. She looked to see a small blush grazing matsuri's cheeks, but she didn't want to say anything yet, so she turned to another subject.

"Gaara, maybe you should get out for awhile."

Matsuri and gaara both looked up at temari in shock and confusion. Temari asking them to take a break, what has the world come to?

"you need to take a break, you've been in your office for at least two day straight, and been training matsuri at night, so why don't you get out for a little while."

Gaara was about to protest but temari folded her arms over her chest and glared at him, it wasn't as intimidating as his, but she was pretty scary when she didn't get her way.

"Gaara come on you need to get out." It was more of a demand then anything.

Matsuri already knew that gaara wasn't going to win this fight so she got up and gave gaara the puppy eyes.

"Please, gaara-senpai you've been working really hard, maybe you should go to the oasis for a little while, you know to take a breather."

Gaara looked back at matsuri again, but he did not keep contact for long, for he closed his eyes and sigh.

"Alright" he said as he pushed the papers aside and stood up from his desk.

"Good, matsuri will wait for you outside her new apartment in an hour giving you

Time to change." Said temari with a smug on her face. Gaara nodded, realizing he was wearing his kazekage outfit.

Matsuri went rigged and tried to complain but temari was already pushing her out the door.

"He'll see you later, be ready to train" and she shut the door leaving a dumb found matsuri in the hall. Matsuri sighed as she walked down the hallway

"I'm not even fully healed from my last training with gaara-senpai" she groaned, thinking about what type of medicine she should use after her training. She cringed at the thought.

Gaara had changed from his normal kazagage outfit to his training outfit. The one thing he knew not to do was train in his kaze uniform, because it was very uncomfortable.

Swiftly moving through the streets, gaara was able to find matsuri's apartment very easily. It felt like forever since he was able to run around, so he took his time.

"Well, looks like will have another training session" he thought as he landed in front of matsuri's apartment. It was a small apartment but for someone who lived by themselves it was perfect. For all he knew she lived by herself, but her grandmother came and visited once in awhile, but it was still a good size apartment.

Gaara knocked on the door and took a step back, to wait for matsuri to come out. When he heard something fumble a little behind the door, he knew it was her; slowly he walked towards the oasis. He heard footsteps fallowing him, but came to a slow walk beside him.

"gaara-senpai, what are we going to work on today" matsuri was a little excited for her training, because it would usually be a month or so before she was able to train with her sensei again, but now she had a back to back practice and she couldn't wait.

"Will work on avoiding your enemies attack" he whispered softly.

Matsuri head dropped, but she hid back her disappointment. She knew he would probably make her work on avoiding attacks more because she barely missed any of his regular attacks before.

"how's your arm and leg" matsuri looked up to see gaara staring at her, his face still held no emotion but it was still a shock to hear him sound concern, but it was always cute to here him to see him care. Matsuri just smiled at him, he felt his stomach tighten at her smile.

"Its fine now"

He nodded then turned his attention to there destination. That was the last word they said to each other until they got to the small oasis that contained there only water source for miles.

The oasis was beautiful it was surrounded by bushes and small tree's, of course they were smaller then the trees in leaf village, but they were still beautiful. The one thing matsuri love about it was the tall water fall that came from inside the mountain. No one new what lied inside the mountain, so nobody went in. matsuri looked down at the small lake, the water was a dark blue color but it smelled fresh.

Matsuri kneeled down beside the water and took a cup of it in her hand and brought it to her lips. The liquid felt good as it poured down her throat, it was fresh, not tainted by the chemicals, they put into there own water.

"Ready" matsuri turned to see gaara getting in his stance, which was usually with his hands folded over his chest and his body was beginning to be surrounded by sand.


Matsuri yelled as she jumped away from gaara and pulled out her weapon, jouyou. Slowly she began to swing it around in circles in front of her, her eyes never leaving gaara's form. For some reason everything became silent, they could no longer hear the sounds of the village or the water fall, only the swinging of jouyou and gaara's sand could be heard.

Gaara nodded and his sand began to form in to shurikens. "Go" he whispered as the shurikens began to shoot from his sand and began to shot at her. She easily blocked them with her jouyou as she twirled the object to create a small little shield from the weapons as the sand fell to floor.

Before matsuri could be proud of her work, 3 more shurikens came fast in

Her direction.

"Damn it" she cursed as she jumped away and threw her jouyou at the sand shuriken only hitting one, but the other two came at her from the front.

"No prob." She thought as she was getting ready to block but she sensed danger from behind her.

Matsuri tilted her head to the side to see three more sand shuriken coming her way and fast.


Gaara sighed as he realized her reaction time was slow, but she would have to try and block them as well as she can or they would hit a fatal point.

Matsuri realized this as well, that if she didn't think of something fast she would get hurt.

"Looks like I have to use that technique, again" matsuri began to apply all her chakra into the string of her jouyou and began to twirl it around her body.

Gaara noticed matsuri beginning to activate her chakra. he was slightly interested in the new technique she had developed. During the previous night, he was able to witness her new technique and it was intriguing, being able to create a barrier with her chakra by using her jouyou.

Matsuri twirled her jouyou around even faster, her chakra was lighting through the string, it was twirling around her body so fast that it became a circle around her body.

"Jouyousen barrier" she yelled out as the chakra became dark blue, creating a solid barrier.

"Good" he though as the shurinken hit the barrier but it did not cut through, it was truly a solid barrier, he could probably teach her how to use it as a weapon.

"She is strong, now she must control the amount of chakra she uses to create it." He thought as he watched her. Her brown hair waved around in her face and her onyx eyes were tense. He noticed that when she fought she became someone else, and this intrigued him.

Matsuri stopped twirling her weapon and the blue chakra vanished as she landed tiptoe on the ground. The barrier was completely gone. She looked unfazed as her hair dropped down o its rightful area and her eyes were normal again.

Before matsuri could look up, she grabbed her right arm. She fell to ground as pain begin to consume her body.

Gaara realized that she had used her right arm to twirl her weapon around to create the barrier. He remembered her creating the barrier, but she was a little late in creating it the last time, so her arm wasn't completely healed.

He walked over to her and saw her cringe in pain. The air was filled with the smell of her blood. His body groaned at the smell of it, his stomach tightened, but he ignored it. He went to kneel down next to her, but then he realized that she was smirking.

"Damn it," gaara realized what he had done. He jumped back to avoid her attack but she had already pulled out her jouyou and threw it so that the weapon wrapped around him, holding him in place.

"got'cha" matsuri yelled as she tightened her weapon around him.

"gaara-senpai, what's wrong, you usual aren't catch' able" she winked. She notice him twitch at his slow reaction and she giggled.

"You're even cute when you're wrapped up, gaara-senpai"

Matsuri was about to finish off the final blow, but stopped when gaaras form began to turn to sand, slipping down to the ground. Matsuri pulled her weapon back to her and jumped away into the trees.

"No, he used substitution"

Matsuri began to run again, but something grabbed her by her ankles and began to pull her into the sand. She groaned as she had to use another one of her justse's to get her out of one of his.

"San……." Matsuri stopped yelling her original justse and yelled another.

"Tomb barrier!" she yelled and stones began to form underneath her feat and around her form, protecting her from view.

"This is what I get for not paying attention" she growled to herself.

Gaara remembered this justse from the previous night as well.

"Time to teach her another justse"

He thought as he went towards the now covered matsuri.

Temari sat at gaara's desk and began to sign a few of the papers, even thought that was the kazegage job, she just wanted to help her brother out.

"I can help out just a little bit."

As temari began to write gaara's name on the document, "it won't hurt anybody" she though with a smile placed on her lips. "It's a good thing; he and matsuri got a chance to be able to train together"

Matsuri was always disappointed when her sensei canceled there training because of his work and her missions.

Temari was not really paying attention so she accidentally dropped her pin on the floor. She growled as she went to grab it but as she picked it up her body froze. The pin left her finger tips again, for her eyes were looking underneath gaara's desk. the oak desk underneath had claw marks and scratches all over as if a monster was trying to release itself.

"Gaara…what…Have you...?"

"Temari what are you doing"

Temari got up from the desk and saw kankouro looking down at her with a piece of ramen sticking out of his mouth.

"What's wrong?"

Temari couldn't bring herself to say it, so she just moved to the side to let kankouro see what she was looking at. Temari felt her stomach cringed in fear; it's been at least 3 years since she saw the claw marks of shukaku in the sand village. She remembered kakashi telling them that gaara's demon had been taking away by akatsuki and that they shouldn't worry about gaara.

"But then why…."

Kankouro saw the fear on temari's face, after seeing the marks he under stood how she felt. He new how much she feared gaara's inner demon, more then anybody. Sighing kankouro went over to his sister and patted her shoulder causing her to look back at him.

"It'll be okay temari, shukaku is gone for good" but the look on her face did not subside as she looked out the window to see the sun going down.

"I hope gaara is still…gaara."

Matsuri growled as she was thrown to the ground after his sand came from behind her, catching her off guard. Matsuri begin to sit up, but stopped as she felt her lungs being filled in with some liquid, blood. After he broke her stone barrier, she had to fight him with her jouyou, but it was getting difficult to block his attacks.

"Damn, I need to…"

Matsuri could already feel her body weakening from using to much chakra, and she was already suffering from her original injures, so it made it more difficult to fight. Matsuri got into a fighting stance as she sensed his chakra coming closure.

"I need to keep going I have too…"

Matsuri began to feel faint, but she kept her knees locked in place as she saw gaara walking towards her. There was not even a scratch on him, thanks to his sand barrier under the sand shield. She growled at the fact that she had been fighting him for a long time and he still didn't have a scratch.

Gaara could see matsuri was struggling to keep herself up, and he knew that he probably went a little too hard on her. Moving slowly towards her, he could tell that she wasn't going to give up but he had to stop her so they could heal her wounds.

"She has the personality of a regular person, but she's as stubborn as I am."

Matsuri began to twirl her jouyou in her left hand again and was about to throw it at him. Both of them knew that matsuri could barley do any moves with her left hand and that she wasn't much of a threat. Before matsuri could attack him, he vanished from her sight.

"What, where did he…." Matsuri realized were he was and was about to turn around, but something hit her from behind causing her vision to blacken.


Matsuri began to fall, but gaara grabbed her from behind, his arm secured firmly around her waist. He could hear her breathing begin to even out, which meant she was truly unconscious. Gently gaara placed a hand under her knees and on her back. Her head laid against his chest as he carried her bridle stile back to the village. He never realized how light she was, she weighed nothing to him.

The sun had already set, so the village was only source of light for him. The villagers were already in there houses, which made it easier for him to walk to the hospital and have no one ask him questions about the woman he held in his arms. But For some reason he didn't mind holding her close too him, it was as if she fit to him when he held her this close.

Gaara made his way to the small hospital they had in the village, of course it wasn't as big as konoha but he wasn't complaining. He sighed as he walked up the steps to be greeted by temari and kankuro.

"What happened" asked temari as she ran to gaara's side and look at the sleeping form in his arms. She tried to take matsuri from him, but he walked right past her.

"She overdid it" he stated as they entered the hospital. Kankouro noticed that gaara's grip on matsuri didn't loosen as they looked for a nurse to help. When they found a room not occupied gaara placed matsuri on a bed. Noticing her shiver he placed a blanket over her.

"Tell me when she wakes" gaara said as he began to leave the room, leaving kankouro and temari with matsuri. He knew she would be safe and unharmed after the medical shinobi's checked on her.

"Is she okay" asked kankouro as he looked back at matsuri who looked peaceful in her sleep.

Temari went to matsuri and checked her basic temperature and to see if there was any broken bones. From what she could tell matsuri's arm was broken, and she was bleeding, but not enough to kill her.

"She'll be fine, but will still have the medic's look at her" temari gently pushed the strands of hair from matsuri face, and sighed happy that gaara didn't hurt her "he would never hurt you".

After about 15 minutes from checking on matsuri, the medic Nin cleared her.

"She's fine, all she needs is some rest and to leave her right hand in a sling for at least 2 weeks."

"Thank you."

Both temari and kankouro thanked the medic and went back into the room to see matsuri still sleeping, her face looked peaceful.

"Hey temari"


"Do you think gaara would…." Kankouro didn't finish the sentence as he looked at the young girl sleeping

"No" temari knew what her brother was thinking, but she knew gaara would never try and kill matsuri, even if some part of shukaku was still inside of him.

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