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Casey Jones stumbled into the lair, boxes were piled so high in his arms that it was a miracle he had made it without dropping everything. The miracle did not last however, and the boxes tumbled into the tree Raphael and I had worked so hard to decorate. Only three ornaments were dislodged in the jostling. A small glass angel shattered, a fabric wreath dropped to the floor and my bell fell and rolled to Casey's feet.

"Whoops!" Casey called out. The yelp was followed by a crash the likes of which only Casey Jones can manage.

A moment later my whole family was clustered in the room around the assaulted tree and battered boxes.

My brothers quickly rescued the boxes, while I returned the wreath to the tree. April quickly took care of the broken glass.

Casey handed my bell to me once I had returned the wreath to its home on the tree.

"I haven't heard a bell like that since I was a kid." Casey commented as he dropped the bell into my hand. I nearly dropped it to the floor again in shock.

"You musta hit your head in that fall, Case." Raph commented. "That bell ain't worked in years."

I shook the bell and stared at Casey.

"You nuts? It's a wonderful bell!" Casey insisted. This drew laughs from my brothers as they went to take the packages to their rightful places. I took my time returning the bell to the tree and giving them a moment to leave the room. When we were alone I turned to Casey. I frowned at him in thought, searching for a memory.

"The boy who got the pocket watch!" I said quietly, still stunned.

"That turtle kid was you?" Casey gasped in disbelief.