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Thursday April 9, 246

Children, nothing but the children.

Every tale I heard about this Snake had been about taking children for something precious. I found it rather disgusting. What kind of pervert would go around kidnapping children? It was good leverage – I'll give the cracknob that much but it took guts to do something that horrible. The clever bastard selects his targets that will not be missed. Someone of lower class. If I didn't know any better, he knew the lower city well enough to pick targets.

With all of the information I received and some corn for those filthy birds, I went back to my rooms. It was nearly breakfast time. Kora had reported one case to Beka, looking as though she were going to kill someone. It was very touchy to her. The little birds gave us a bit of a visit. I left early claiming I had errands to run but I only wanted to do a bit of eavesdropping on other rushers. I wondered if any other rusher knew of Dawull's and Ulsa's plan of overthrowing the Rogue.

Slipping out the door, I wandered back to the market and found a group of mots that I saw at the Court of Rogue a few times. I flirted with them, they returned it. I asked them questions, subtly prying but they gave me nothing of interest.

I continued with my search for information but no one knew. Interesting. It seems as though Ulsa and Dawull were more secretive than they led on.

I didn't return to my room at all. Instead, I went straight to the Prettybone district where Ulsa sat lightly upon a cushioned chair. Her legs were crossed at the knee as she leaned back against the chair. Both of her arms rested on the arms rest, and the look on her face as she watched her personal brood of coves entered was smug.

It was obvious that something happened. She was so smug. Even more than before. The corner of her mouth twitched when she caught me looking. Something flashed in her eyes when she looked at me. It was a similar gaze that most mots gave me when I flirted with them – but I never flirted with Ulsa.

The night dragged on. To be honest, sitting in Ulsa's presence was getting unnerving because she kept watching me. I turned to one of the coves named Martin. "So, does anyone know why Ulsa is staring?" I asked him. He glanced over at Ulsa and shrugged.

"Who knows?" he asked taking a swig from his jack. His grey eyes again moved to Ulsa. "She's lookin' over here again," Martin informed.

I turned to look at her. Our eyes met; she smiled and beckoned me over to her. Slowly, I made my way over to her. "Can I help you?" I asked her in a sweet voice.

"Why don't you and a few other men go find something to do," she told me with a lazy wave of her hand. The look on her face looked relaxed and pleased – and strangely almost drunk. I nodded slowly and turned away from her.

Martin decided to go with me to do that 'something.' He was getting uncomfortable under Ulsa's carefree state. It was very much not like Ulsa. I was curious about what caused her to be so smug.

We didn't do much that night. Not many people were around Prettybone this evening but we received some good from it. Martin and I took our share before putting it in a well guarded room full of everyone's pickings.

The moment I sat down with some of the other coves, I felt eyes on the back of my head. I didn't need to turn around to know who was looking at me. Martin, who sat on the other side of the table glanced up briefly and back at me. He gave me a look, confirming my assumption. I sighed and ignored her.

One of the coves broke out a deck of card and we began to play, gambling little. During a fifth round of cards, I saw one of Dawull's men walk up to Ulsa. Her eyes sparked with joy. I watched them from the corner of my eye. What was he up to? No doubt the conspiracy against Kayfer was the reason for the man's appearance.

Martin glanced up every so often. When the man and Ulsa disappeared into one of the back rooms, Martin leaned over and nodded to where the Chief was. "What's with that?"

I shrugged. "I'm trying to figure that out myself. Tell me if you hear anything, will you?" Martin agreed. We finished our game of cards and decided it was time to go. Ulsa hadn't appeared from the back room so we just decided to take our leave. At the door we went our separate ways with a wave.

On my way home, I heard a flutter of wings above my head. I looked up to find a pigeon flying around the street. I found it weird. They should have been sleeping or something. Pigeons are not night birds. Everyone knows that, but what are they doing flying around? It almost sent shivers down my back. I ignored them to the best of my ability and focused on the conspiracy that was going on. I wondered what Ulsa did to make her so happy. Or what happened that made her happy?

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