The title isn't supposed to make sense, but I don't have one that does on mind right now. I just liked how the line looked, so I stole it. Can't make sense of this damn play right now, but I liked that line. xD
The names are lame, but I hate coming up with names because I end up obsessing over them and get nothing written. So, there you go. And the nickname is only to keep confusion away, although I don't know why the parents would be calling their kid by his nickname. xD
What else... Oh, this is my first friendship type fanfic, only written because I'm stuck on all of my other stories, including the ones that aren't on here or anywhere on the internet. Things will be explained later, probably, so if you are confused, you probably have a good reason for being so. xD
Have fun reading and stuff. :3

Life Perfect Honour

by D Ant

Chapter One

Goemon walked into the kitchen, sitting down at the table, his wife, Mayumi, quickly pouring him a cup of hot tea. Across from him sat his two sons, fifteen year old Goemon the Fourteenth, nicknamed Ichiro, and ten year old Jiro.
"Why does she have to come live with us?" sighed Ichiro, his mom setting a plate of food down in front of him.
"It was her father's wishes," Mayumi said, finishing serving up the food and sitting down in front of her own plate.
"Where is she going to be staying? The living room?" Ichiro stared down at his food, poking at it with his chopsticks.
"She'll be staying in Jiro's room," Goemon said.
"So...he's moving out to the living room?"
"Nobody is moving into the living room, Ichiro. Jiro is moving into your room." Goemon was prepared for the whining and complaining from his son, so it didn't surprise him when it came.
"What?! That's not fair! I don't want to share a room with him! He snores and he smells bad!"
"Hey!" Jiro said, glaring at his brother.
"She's fourteen, Ichiro," Mayumi said calmly. "She needs her own space."
"I don't care! She isn't even part of the family! This isn't fair!" Ichiro threw his chopsticks down and stormed off to his room.
Jiro laughed, getting glared at by both parents and quickly getting quiet.
"Finish eating and get ready for school," Goemon said to Jiro. "I'll go have a talk with Ichiro."
Mayumi sighed and gave a slight nod.
"Hey," Goemon said as he slid the door to Ichiro's room open, Ichiro sitting and sulking on his bed. Goemon entered, closing the door behind him and then sitting next to his son. "The move is only temporary until we get the addition built."
"Why does she have to move here? Why can't she live with Uncle Lupin? He at least has room."
Goemon sighed. "They may have been best friends, but Jigen didn't want his daughter being raised in Lupin's environment."
"Why not? His kids seems okay."
Goemon held in his laughter.
Lupin gave his kids no direction in life. They did whatever it was they wanted and always got away with it. And not only were they thieves like their father, they were perverts like him as well.
"So, how long do I have to live with Stinky?"
"What'd I tell you about calling your brother names?" Goemon said in a stern manner.
"Sorry," Ichiro sighed.
"And it will take one or two months to complete the room, depending on how the weather is. Can you live with that?"
Ichiro nodded.
"Good. Now get ready for school. When you get back you can help move some of your brothers things."
"Yes, dad." Ichiro got up and left his room, heading towards the bathroom when his brother raced in front of him and occupied it, laughing through the closed door. "We're getting an extra bathroom, too, right?" he asked as Goemon walked by.
"We do need one, don't we," Goemon said with a sigh, tired of the constant fighting the two boys did over it.

Seventeen years ago, Goemon was still working with Lupin. Life at that time seemed normal, almost predictable. Months later everything changed when Goemon was called back to his village, a joining of two clans planned.
Goemon had been expecting this at some point in his life. It was how things were done for generations. It was how his father met his mother, how his grandfather met his grandmother, and so on.
The marriage always came first while the love came later, if it ever did. The two chosen never met until the ceremony. They may have known each other at one point in life, but until they saw each other on the wedding day, their identities were shrouded in mystery.
Goemon had never met Mayumi, nor had she ever met him. But the second the two saw each other they knew there was something there.
After the wedding, Goemon parted ways with Lupin and Jigen, deciding to remain in his village and help it to grow and improve.
Lupin and Jigen continued working together for the next two years. After a near death experience on one of their heists, the two realized what a void Goemon left on their group.
Jigen left the business soon after, deciding to settle down with his girlfriend, who was four months into her pregnancy. The two then got married after the birth of their daughter, Danielle.
Lupin went back to working solo, on few occasions teaming up with Fujiko. This usually led to more than just stealing, which then led to Fujiko's first pregnancy, that of Lupin the Fourth.
The two had two more children, a son, Vivien, and a daughter, Rayne.
All of them had settled down, taking on a new and tougher role as parents. It was then that they wished for the days of normalcy, the normalcy that they all knew.

Goemon had continued his training at the village dojo. When his master became ill, Goemon got the honor of taking over. He agreed to it and continued teaching the way of the samurai to others in the village.
His children grew and soon he was teaching them, using the same strict discipline that he handed to the other students, the same strict discipline that his master had given him.
Out of his two sons, Jiro was the better student, wanting to learn all he could about the art.
Ichiro wanted to live a more modern life. He didn't see how being a samurai would help in a progressing world. He rebelled several times, spending hours wandering the fields when he should have been training.
Even the fact that the Zantetsuken was to be given to him one day didn't help change his mind. He saw the sword as evil. He had seen what it did to his father and had heard the stories of how he was basically a slave to it.
It was also a wanted weapon, the hordes of armed men coming to claim it all cut down with the item they were so obsessed with.
Jiro had an odd fascination with the sword, asking his father several times if he could wield it, if for only once. All of his requests were denied, but Jiro stayed persistent.
Ichiro worried, seeing that the sword had already chosen a new owner. Or a new slave, as he saw it. He promised himself that he would wield the sword only to protect his brother. He promised to wield it and then destroy it, however a sword like that would be destroyed.

"When is she coming?" Ichiro asked that evening. He had been helping his father and brother move items around since he got home from school.
"Tomorrow afternoon," Goemon answered, avoiding getting knocked down by an excited Jiro as he ran from room to room.
"What is she like?" Jiro asked.
"Yeah. Is she still...weird?" Ichiro thought back on the last time he had seen her, which was four years ago.
"Unfortunately," Goemon sighed, silently apologizing to Jigen.
Danielle had gotten the physical features of her mother. She was thin, curved, had light brown wavy hair and green eyes. That was all negated, however, as she had the same mentality of her father. She was blunt, rude, didn't mind a fight and was starting to have the same love of alcohol as Jigen.
"Wonderful," Ichiro said under his breath.
"Is that bad?" Jiro asked.
"Remember when she knocked you down, kicked you and then stole your toys?"
Jiro looked up at Ichiro and nodded.
"She's going to keep doing that."
"Aww," Jiro whined.
"Now, now," Mayumi said, her hands full with neatly folded sheets and towels. "I'm sure she's not that bad."
"I don't want to be kicked," Jiro continued to pout, his lower lip sticking out as he stared at the floor.
"Don't you two have homework to do?" Mayumi asked.
The two boys sighed and left for the living room, grabbing their books along the way.
"Do you think this will work?" Mayumi asked as she made up the bed.
"No," Goemon said. "But she really has nowhere else to go. And it's what her father wanted."
Mayumi stared down and sighed.
"We'll make it work," Goemon said, setting a hand on her shoulder as a small gesture of comfort.
She looked at him and smiled. "Yeah," she sighed. The two has been through much worse in the past and they had always pulled through. This time would be no different. Or at least that was what she thought.