Summary: Lives are built out of the tiniest of moments. SJ drabbles.
Pairing: Sam/Jack, generally
Disclaimer: As usual.
A/N: I just can't continue living without somewhere to stick drabbles. No continuous plot, just exercises in trying not to use quite so many words when I write. I'll post whenever I have one I like enough.

He watched her over the top of the report they both knew he wasn't reading. Occasionally she looked up from the mess of wires in front of her to scowl at him; he always managed to glance down before she caught him.

He could tell she was cross, always losing at his game. She poked a finger at the device she was testing; suddenly, with a yelp, she pulled her hand back and stuck her finger in her mouth. He stared.

"It bit me," she said around her finger.

He groaned, burying his face in his hands, and she laughed.