I raised my head to look up at the cosmic sky with its beautiful white cotton wool-like fluffy clouds. I stretched my hands upwards, trying to reach for the sky.

" You've haven't been out like this for a long time, haven't you, Hikari? " Mito-san asked me.

I turned mid-way in the wheelchair to face her and gave her a wide smile.

I have been confined to a wheelchair by the doctor's order ever since I was discharged from the hospital, a week ago. It seemed that I had over-stretched the limits of my body and also, at random times, my legs would indefinitely give way when I am either standing or walking. He classified this as weak muscular movement. However, I think that this had something to do with over-using my powers.

" Uh-huh! " I agreed, nodding.

The older woman returned my smile with her own gentle one. She laughed and ruffled my hair dotingly.

" You're so cute, Hikari-chan! " she cooed.

I blushed with embarrassment at her remark.

" We'll go shopping later after I'm done with the laundry. "

" Mito-san! " Gon shouted from the open doorway of the cottage. " The food fight is seriously getting out of hand! Mito-san! "

The older woman sighed and shook her head, placing the white sheet haphazardly over the line before turning to me.

" Will you be alright, Hikari? "

I grinned and nodded.

" I'll be fine so don't worry. "

" Honestly, those guys are nothing but a bunch of juvenile kids! " she mumbled under her breath before she stalked off towards the house.

" Mito-san, but they really are kids… " I whispered, giggling.

Once Mito-san was gone, I grasped the handles of the wheelchair tightly and pushed myself up.


I mustn't give up hope…

That I will be able to walk once again…

" Hikari? "

" AHHHH! " I yelped before I lost my grip and fell back into the wheelchair clumsily.

I looked up and was found face-to-face with Kurapica.

" K-K-Kurapica-san! " I stammered, blinking rapidly. " What are you

doing here? "

I winced inwardly at the shrill tone of my voice.

His blue eyes were filled with amusement as he leaned down to face me fully.

" You don't know what the meaning of 'giving up' is, don't you Hikari? " he asked me, smiling.

I shook my head frantically, " Not in my vocabulary though. "

" Do you really want to walk again, Hikari? "

I nodded, my hands gripping tight the handles and once again lifted myself off the wheelchair.

Kurapica moved back, a few paces away from me and held open his arms wide.

" Come, Hikari…Come to me, " the boy urged, motioning towards me.

My smile was wide as I nodded vigorously.

" You can do it, Hikari! " he called out.

I took a small tentative baby step forward and felt myself wobbling unsteadily. I looked to Kurapica and he nodded to me, urging me on.

I took another one and almost instantly, my legs gave way and I stumbled and fell down.

" Hikari! " Kurapica started towards me.

" No, don't move, Kurapica! " Senritsu's voice rang out. " Let her get up on her own. "

Then turning to me, she smiled, " Come on, Hikari. Stand up, I know that you can do it. "

I nodded and then pushed myself up, grimacing at the considerable pain that ran through my legs as they struggled to hold my weight.

" I can do this on my own! " I told myself through gritted teeth. " I can do this because I want to be able to walk again like I once did before. "

Then, I took a step forward almost in defiance, ignoring the pain completely.

" Hikari, come on, you can do this. "

Kurapica motioned towards me to come to him.

Wobbling, I stumbled forward hesitantly and took another step, again and again, until…

I fell into his open arms, exhausted. He gathered me up into his arms and touched his forehead to mine.

" I'm so proud of you, Hikari… " he whispered and then, he leaned closer and his lips met mine, in the most softest and tender kiss.

" I love you, Hikari… " he breathed against my lips as he ended it.

I blushed, but forced my gaze on his own.

" K-Kurapica-san…no, watashi kimiwa aishiteru, K-Kurapica, " I stammered, my blush turning my face now completely red.

I knew he had spoken his true feelings out to me and I had reciprocated.

" Hikari, I will be leaving tomorrow from Whale Island. "

My eyes widened.

" Eh? But where will you be going? " I asked him.

He shrugged his shoulders, " I've been travelling my whole life so who knows… "

He looked at me, " I know that it's going to be dangerous but do you want to follow me, Hikari? "

My eyes met his as I stared at him, deep into those blue, blue eyes.

" I'll go…I'll follow you, Kurapica…wherever you go, I'll follow you no matter what happens… "

He smiled and I did the same.

" I promise that I'll protect you. "

" What is this? " Senritsu chimed in. " I'm going too…wherever you guys are going. I'll go. "

Then, all three of us, burst out laughing.

" Oh yeah? "

All of us turned. The rest of my friends were standing there, at the doorway of the cottage.

" Don't forget about us, Hikari! " Gon, Killua and Leorio shouted in unison as they ran forward towards us, happy smiles all plastered on their faces.

" Uh huh, isshouni! " I announced, giggling.

This was finally it. One chapter of my life has already ended but another was bound to begin. And I predict that it will be…soon.


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