Warnings: Slash! duh! SEXUAL CONTENT! that means whatever I decide to put in there at the time, so you have been

warned, don't like? don't read. simple. :)

Pairings: Harry/Draco (main), Harry/Ginny, past Harry/Cho no het scenes though, besides making out but it will NOT be graphic.

Summary: Draco is in his seventh year, managing a job AND in love with Harry Potter! Harry is straight and sick of Ginny being so pushy is he ready for a change of scenery in the bedroom? and will it be permanent or just plain sex.

Disclaimer: I do not own the novels Harry Potter nor the movies, just this story!

First story and first harry potter genre so be nice please! I know it won't be great but thanks for at least checking it out!

also- Dumbledore is alive and Draco and Snape did NOT try to kill him.


Chapter One:

Once again Hogwarts doors were thrust open for a new year of school. The war was over, and all was well. The Great Hall was brightly shining

in all the house colors, food lined the table in masses and students hugged and loudly chatted about all their adventures since the last school year

which had actually been two years ago, The Head of the houses were walking around the tables handing out their schedules and briefly talking to some about their summer.

Draco Malfoy walked to the Slytherin table proudly as usual, and sat down stiffly, his beautiful steel eyes tracked up and down the Slytherin table, Crabbe and Goyle had fled the country with their parents after the war when they were found guilty of being Death Eaters, Nott was also gone, Draco was glad though, he was tired of those big idiots following him around, now all was left of his 'friends' was Pansy, Blaise and Lucian, a girl that had come to Hogwarts in their sixth year, she was witty, prideful and brilliantly smart, and his best friend, she stuck by him in the war, protecting his back on several occasions against death eaters, and she also protected his greatest secret. That Draco Malfoy was undeniably in love with the one and only Boy-Who-Lived.

"Hey Draco! Had a good break yeah? Hows your mum?" Lucian asked sweetly a bright smile on her face. Draco's lips quirked up at the smile, it was infectous.

"Mum was actually having a 'Good' day today." Draco said brightly, his mum had remembered him this morning, instead of mistaking him for her ex-husband. The war had been hard for her, she had been taken by Voldemort to torture, to make sure the Malfoys would stay on his side, which they didn't.

"Great. You know I do like your mum quite well..." Lucian continued babbling on about this and that but Draco's attention was immediately taken away

when the doors opened and the most beautiful sight stepped in. Harry looked amazingly sexy, his pitch black hair hung straightened down into his face,

red streaks spiked up the back of it, his pretty green eyes beamed like the stars, no longer hidden behind ugly glasses, they were rimmed with heavy

black eyeliner that made his eyes even more brilliant. Draco's blood rushed south so fast it burned, his mouth watered for a taste of the Gryffindor. Harry

wore tight black jeans that hugged his irresitable hips, a spiked belt tighted around them, his upper half was clothed in a tight emerald green shirt with

sliver splashes of paint splattered down the front, his Hogwarts robe slung over his shoulders, and his face was split into a large grin.

"Harry!!!!!!!!!!!!" A streak of ugly red ran accross his vision and he snarled. That weaslette had her greasy hands all over his man, her body pressed tightly against his,

but what hurt the most was that Harry's arms wrapped around her waist and he lent down to capture her lips. 'That should be me...' Draco thought sadly, Harry's arms should be wrapped around him, his lips should be kissing him! But they weren't, and never would.

"Draco, you should talk to him...maybe he'll see how wonderful you really are..." Lucian whispered to him, her eyes were sympathetic, but also cold looking, apparently

she also saw the weasel scene, and was not happy with Harry's resent choice in lovers.

Draco sighed, and looked up at the Gryffindor table, "I don't have time to deal with him this year, I have a job now remember? I don't have time to convince a straight

guy that he really wants a tight ass instead of a...you know." Draco shook his hair back out of his face, the soft pale hair ran like a waterfall down past his shoulders.

Draco's good looks had only increased in his teenage years, he had feminine curves and soft features, he steel eyes brightly out shown any sun and a light kohl

lined his eyes making them even more stunning, but he noticed none of this, gone was the self righteous prick and now all that was left was a frightened boy that

was in love and a self esteem as low as the floor. " Well looks like the feast is over, I got to floo into work, I'll see you tomorrow." Draco waved and slowing exited the

Great hall not noticing the three pairs of eyes watching him from the Gryffindor table.

Harry smiled brightly at his friends as he made his way to the table, he was so glad to be back home at Hogwarts.

"HARRY!!!!" was all he heard before he had his arms full of a clingy girlfriend. Harry liked Ginny, he really did, but sometimes all this lovey stuff wasn't his thing,

that was one reason him and Cho just didn't work. Ginny was pushy in the sack, always demanding Harry constantly tell her how much he loved her, she would

do anything adventurous, also perferring the missionary position, while Harry would rather prefer sitting back while she did the work, but he never got that, also he

knew he wasn't her first which made him kind of, disgusted? He would rather not have had his cock where another had been, besides that she wouldn't let him

have any when he was horney but instead came to him when she was in need, it all frustrated him, he would have to ask advice later when Ron would be gone, that was his little sister after all. Harry bent down to press his lips against hers, but she swiftly pushed him away playfully swatting his shoulder saying, "Harry! Not here in front

people..." Ginny blushed and went to sit down next to Lavender. Harry looked at her retreating back confused, usually she loved having him kiss her in public, he knew it was for attention so what had changed? Was she ashamed? Harry shrugged and plopped himself down between Ron and Hermione.

"Harry mate, thinking of the players for the team yet?" Ron said excitedly.

"Ron, It's the first night back, we won't be having tryouts for two weeks, calm down." Harry said rolling his eyes jokingly, Ron really needed a girlfriend, he just wished he would come about and ask Hermione.

"Hey Harry, Have you seen Malfoy this year?" Hermione blushed and Ron scowled. Harry turned to face the Slytherin table and blushed, Draco really did look...nice.

"Yeah, he looks kind of...pretty?" Ron pipped up suddenly, "Its weird, Hes probably a fag."

"Ronald Weasley, there is absolutly nothing wrong with being a homosexual! In fact I'll have you know, homosexuals tend to have better sex, AND longer relationships,

not to mention are proven to be more faithful to one another." Hermione said smartly, feeling proud of herself.

"Is that true 'Mione?" Harry asked interested, not that he was gay or anything.

"Absolutely, so its no wonder Malfoy would turn in that direction, I mean even gays are better at maintaining 'no string attached' relationships, its pretty much win/ win."

Hermione looked at the Slytherin table dreamily, "After the war he sure has changed, he seems so shy and quiet, cute don't you think?" Harry and Ron looked at her weird

when they noticed him walking out of the Great hall their eyes followed him like hawks, but one red headed girls eyes were glued to Harry's face, jealousy sparked in them.

After the occasional chatter the feast was over and it was time to head back to dorms for the night and Harry welcomed the idea of sleep.

"Hey guys, I already have detention with Snape so I'll catch you later." Ron waved and sulked down towards the dungeons.

Harry smiled, he didn't think he'd be alone with the guys this early but it was good he would be.

When they arrived at the dorm he was slammed up against the wall, dry and small lips pressed into his own, a hand traveled up his shirt to caress his chest while the other one worked on his jeans.

"MMff-Ginny! What are you doing!" Harry hissed pulled her away and retracting her hands from his person.

"C'mon Harry...don't you want me?" Ginny licked her lips in a what was meant to be seductive manor, Harry didn't think so however.

"Ummm no? I am tired." Harry rolled his eyes annoyed now. That no strings attached sounded good right about now, although not with a guy certainly.

"Harry I want you inside me." She whispered hotly in his ear, her breath tickling him.

"Ginny, What has gotten into you?! What part of NO don't you get!" Harry shouted and ran up the stairs to the seventh year boys dorms.

"So you say shes annoying you now?" Dean asked smiling, "Yeah she did the same thing to me, so when we split up I went for better things." Dean wiggled his eyebrows at Seamus.

"What you need to do is get laid with someone else, just so you know if its forreal or not." Seamus said honestly.

They were all sitting on their beds chatting comfortably, Harry knew they were right, but he couldn't bring himself to actually sleep with someone else, maybe a little


"I don't think I could shag someone else right now-" Harry sighed.

"Well then I know a perfect place," Neville finally spoke up," Its a stripper bar, but its the best supposedly," He blushed hotly, "It IS the best, speaking from experience.

I got a lap dance and it was amazing, I swear I was hard for days thinking about it." 'Neville must really like this place to be talking like this' Harry thought to himself.

"Where is this place" Harry asked, he couldn't believe he was actually thinking about doing this, no he wasn't thinking he was more than thinking.

"Its in Knockturn Alley, but its really nice, want to come with me tomorrow? We don't have classes til Monday, besides Saturaday is the best."

Harry sighed, this was it. "OK"