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When Harry opened the door gracefully for Draco, he was blasted with delicious smelling aromas. Draco was awed at the cute little bistro style Italian, there were quite a few occupants but the waiter seemed to know Harry, which sent a shiver of jealousy through the blonde, Had Harry brought other people here? Had he brought Ginny here?

"Right this way sirs. I hope you will enjoy our complementary desserts this evening and indulge yourself with our famous wines." The waiter smiled softly at both of them. He was a nice looking older male that had an inerving tinkle in his eyes that reminded Draco of a certain Headmaster.

"Ah. Thank you Errie, I'd like you to meet my boyfriend, Draco Malfoy. Draco, love, this is Errie. He keeps me company when I actually get out of the castle for some getting away time." Harry held Draco's small pale hand softly in his own, idly stroking his thumb over the soft skin.

"OH! Nice to meet you sir." Draco blushed darkly at Harry calling him his boyfriend, but he also felt a rush of warmth flow to his chest at Harry actually calling him 'his'.

"Yes. Very nice to meet you also, Mr. Malfoy. Please sit down and decide what you would like to have and call me when your ready." The man smiled again and left to go check on other people's orders in the kitchen supposedly.

There table was secluded from others, but away from the kitchen as well. They had a nice view of people walking along the street with their cell phones (Which Draco was quite confused about at first.) and teens hanging out with their groups of friends. Also since it was almost Halloween there was a huge jack-o-lantern in the middle of the city that was just visible on Draco's side of the table, which he busied himself with watching since he didn't really know what to say to Harry.

"So, What would you like to eat?" Harry's low seductive voice broke through Draco's concentration, but as always Draco was glad of that, he absolutely loved Harry's voice and was happy to hear it directed toward him. Draco thought in the back of his mind how he would love to hear Harry hissing his name softly as he roughly pounded into him, but with that Draco had to promptly cross his legs even though he knew no one could see since the table was there.

Draco stretch his hand across the table and laced his fingers loosely with Harry's. He looked into the emerald eyes for a second before whispering softly. "You."

Harry shifted. Obviously Draco's words had caused a reaction in his too tight dress pants.

"Draco…" Harry warned softly but firmly. Draco knew Harry wasn't mad, but he felt scorned anyway.

"Would you like me to order for you then, Dear?" Harry's frown had disappeared and replaced with that sweet look of love again.

Harry watched Draco's and his hand that was firmly latched together. Harry believed firmly now that Draco was without a doubt the best thing, since coming to Hogwarts, that had ever happened to him, and he knew that he couldn't wait to marry the man in front of him, to make love to him every night, to do the same in the morning. To snuggle together in the Winter, and to play in the leaves together in the Fall. To pick flowers together in the Spring, and to go swimming together in the Summer. There were millions of things Harry wanted to do with his Love, and one of them he was not quite sure Draco wanted to do himself, and even though this was really their first date, Harry felt sure that they would indeed spend the rest of their lives together and they might as we ask questions right off the bat. Even though he and Draco had known each other for years, he didn't really know about what Draco's preferences were in a relationship and what he was looking for out of this one.

Draco saw that Harry was in thought about something that looked rather important. One moment Harry had a look of tender happiness on his face, and the next was longing and then finally the thoughtful look that was on his face now. Draco squeezed the hand in his softly to get the others attention.

"Harry? Are you ok?" Harry looked up at the sweetly muttered question from the pale pink lips of his boyfriend.

"Oh. Yes, I'm fine." Harry snapped his fingers and Errie came over rather quickly.

"Have you made up your mind sirs?" The same smile and tinkle.

" Yes." Harry smiled back and ordered them some Fettuccine Alfredo with some bread sticks and salads, along with some White Snake, a wine from the 1800s. Harry had said that he felt red wine was better with meats then with pasta. Draco had agreed.

Their food was brought to them rather fast and Harry was currently nursing a glass of the delicious wine while staring intently at the wonderful sight of Draco slurping softly on the heavily sauced noodles, occasionally a cute little tongue would peak out of his mouth to get a little of the garlic enriched sauce that had splattered against his lips. Their conversations had consisted of Draco asking about Ron and Hermione, which made Harry remember Hermione's earlier comments which made him change the conversation to Draco's family.

" Well my parents got divorced after the war, Severus and My Father have always been soul mates. My mother is sick and even though our relationship is strained over Papa (which Draco explained was Severus.). And the baby is due in about a week. I am a little nervous about it cause its going to be my Father's first child with someone he actually loves…I was forced upon him." Draco sighed but then got a grin on his face, "I would very much like you to come to my brother's birth Harry…to, you know, meet my family better…"

" I would love too. Draco you know your Father will always love you, and so will Sna- I mean Severus. And of course Draco…I love you too, very much. I think I loved you even before…you know when we were younger. You've always been so smart and …sexy. I was probably angry that yours was the only attention I lacked and…the only one I truly wanted."

"Harry, I feel the same way. When you turned down my friendship…I don't know I just felt so angry and hurt. Ever since I was young I heard stories about the 'Great Harry Potter' and I knew I would meet you one day, and had hoped we'd be best friends." Draco smiled beautifully then, "Instead it was the total opposite, we were thrown into a world of beliefs, specially you Harry, you knew nothing of this world…and I was always just following orders. But now I am glad that's behind us, and you love me like I've always loved you." Draco bent his head down embarrassed, and started pushing his noodles around his plate/

"Draco, I need you to know…" Harry began but didn't continue.

"What is it?" Draco was getting a little nervous. What was Harry going to say?

Harry's palms were sweating, he didn't exactly know how to tell Draco something like this, it was both soon and abrupt.

"I- …Draco, do you want kids?" Harry thought the best way to get around this was to ask Draco the questions instead of having the attention on himself.

Draco's mouth opened and closed a couple of times, and if the circumstances had been different, Harry would have thought Draco looked adorable.

"Yes…I would love to have children someday Harry. I mean, I've always dreamed of it. Specially since Severus and My Father are having a son, its been on my mind a lot. Harry? What about you, why did you ask something like that?" Draco was insanely hoping Harry was going to say something along the lines of wanting kids himself and even more specific, having them with Draco.

"Oh god, Draco. I really…really want to see you pregnant with my children…" Harry was finding it hard to form words at the thought of seeing Draco's belly swollen with his offspring, waddling around their house with a insane grin on his sweet face. Harry's mind focused on nights holding his pregnant husband, softly stroking the soft skin of the stretched stomach and listening to Draco purr in delight. Even the thought of making love to Draco in that state had Harry's mouth going dry.

"Harry…" Draco breathed, he could feel his mate's desire pulsing out in waves, and Draco being the submissive he was couldn't stand having his very dominant unsatisfied mate sitting in front of him. "I want that so much…please."

Harry looked at Draco through half-lidded eyes, the blonde was basically panting and his features were already becoming more and more like his creature, the black gold -spotted eyes were starting to show through his Love's normally beautiful silver blue.

"Love. Someday, I want you to be my husband, and have my children. I want to do everything with you. let's get out of here, Yes?" Harry was hoping Draco would want to leave, the little restaurant was getting stifling. It wasn't the Harry wanted to hurry and get Draco in bed, it was just he wanted to get some air.

"Yes." Harry got up and walked over to pull his Love's chair out and hold his hand while he got up, not letting go as he paid (adamantly refusing when Draco cutely insisted he pay) and walked out into the warm cool air. Draco immediately burrowed his head into Harry's shoulder, smiling up at him.

"I love you." Draco's voice was a little muffled, but Harry smiled when he made out the sweet little words.

"I love you too."

Draco wrapped his arms around Harry as they started walking down the semi- crowded sidewalk, and Harry put his arm around Draco's shoulders.

"You want to go back to the castle, Baby?" Harry whispered hotly in Draco's ear.

"No." Draco looked up into Harry's eyes, they were back to the silver blue but you could still clearly see the desire burning brightly in them.

"Draco? What would you like to --

"Harry! I feel them… their here watching us again…Harry do something." Draco's eyes were fearful, pleadingly looking up at Harry.

Harry growled possessively, he looked around and saw a fairly nice hotel a little ways down the street, he fished out his wallet and pushed it into Draco's hands.

"Love…go get us a hotel room. I'll be there shortly, wait for me in the lobby." Harry looked at Draco sternly, making the sure the message was not to be questioned.

Draco looked at his mate, he was unable to refuse he knew, but he didn't like it. He looked up at Harry and kissed him softly. Their lips melded together hotly, and Harry's tongue plunged deeply into Draco's sweet cavern.


Draco looked back once at Harry and then ran quickly to the hotel, hoping Harry would find the person and come back to him safely.

Harry's eyes scanned the crowd. His eyes roved over every single person and every corner.

He quickly became frustrated the he had not found the person when he felt something pointy prod at his back.

"Come with me." The voice was familiar and Harry knew this was the person following his mate.

The person tugged Harry backwards into an alley trying not to attract attention in their direction. Harry's back hit the brick of a building harshly as he was pushed backwards.

When Harry's eyes unclenched from the pain he opened his eyes in shock, seeing a bit of red, and a bushy head.

"Ginny?! Hermione?! I knew it…you've been following my Draco…"Harry growled, he hadn't been this angry when he killed the Dark Lord.

"Yeah. So? You took OUR Draco away. You knew I wanted him. He is perfect for us, he's got money, fame, and he is ridiculously gorgeous." Ginny sneered, and Hermione smiled.

"Yes Harry. He can take care of both of us. We'll show him, once your out of the way that is." Hermione giggled darkly. Harry concluded both women had gone completely crazy.

"UH. You guys must be blind. It is so obvious that he wants a cock not one of your nasty--

"He'll change his mind soon enough." Ginny cut in quickly.

It was Harry's turn to laugh, he remembered just how desperate Draco had looked, how much he begged for Harry to do anything to him. Then Harry remembered Draco had said he wanted kids with him, said he wanted Harry's kids.

"Oh no. He won't. He's mine. He'll always be mine." They seemed to forget that he had killed the greatest wizard of their time, seemed to forget Harry was so protective of those he loved.

Without even a thought Harry drew out his wand and confiscated their own wands, breaking them cleaning in half, making both girls lunge at him before he quickly whispered a binding spell.

"Oh! I am sorry. Forgive me for being so rude. I regrettably inform you that, you won't being seeing Mr. Malfoy again. Actually, You won't be seeing much of anything anymore…I'm sorry, I always thought of you guys as my best friends, and I am really sorry Hermione that my best friend will no longer have the love of his life. But I can't risk you guys hurting my mate. So I have to ask myself 'What is a sure way to get two ladies into Azkaban prison?' " Harry smirked at the look of horror of his old friend's faces. His face darkened.

Harry cast the Imperious (yeah I don't even remember how to spell that, its sad ) on the two very frightened girls, who just couldn't believe that Harry was actually going to do this too them over some boy, a very sexy boy, (and they were going to do it too) but still.

Harry made Hermione and Ginny get up and unbinded them before he thought about what he'd make them do. They just start not saying a word.

" I really need to get back to Draco, so I need to make this fast." Harry thought a few more minutes, he could have them kill a muggle, but that would be wrong, he forgot what he was doing was also very wrong, so he decided they would just attack the muggles.

Harry silently commanded them to do just that using wandless magic. They immediately moved to do as he said, stepping out of the alley and onto the side walk they jinxed the first person they saw with a rather simple spell, but the ministry would of course know anyway. Harry then remember they could be asked under verita serum what happened, so he cast obliviate to clear the event from their minds.

Harry walked away towards the hotel without a second glance, even hearing the sounds of aurors apparating and setting up anti-muggle wards, he still continued to walk.

(yeah I know I'm really sorry this story sucks so bad, I am totally embarrassed)

Draco had paid for a suite as soon as he got into the hotel. He received quite a few worried looks from the receptionist because of how jumpy and nervous he looked.

'It's not a big deal, just someone following us, its not like he's going to get hurt or anything…nope not going to get hurt at all. HE KILLED THE DARK LORD C'MON!' Draco was warring with himself in his mind frantically, he knew this wasn't really anything to be THAT worried about, but when it came to Harry, he tended to blow everything out of proportion.

Tonight hopefully Draco and Harry would make love. Draco knew he was ready, he'd always been ready, but why wouldn't Harry just take him? It didn't matter how, Draco decided, anyway Harry wanted him would be fine in his mind.

Draco's nostrils flared with a familiar calming scent.

Harry just walked through the door, and as soon as he did Draco was in his arms, and then quickly touching all over his limbs making sure nothing was injured.

"Babe, I'm alright. Did you get us a decent room?" Harry smiled and patted Draco's soft hair sweetly.

"I haven't seen it, I was too worried to go up without you. But I asked for the best suite they had…" Draco trailed off hoping that Harry would be satisfied.

"Ah that's fine…should we go up then?" Harry felt like he was hinting at something, and maybe he was but he would let Draco decide on that.

Draco looked up and gazed into Harry's eyes, he leaned up on his tippy toes to softly brush his lips against Harry's.

Harry threaded his hands threw Draco flaxen locks and began to snog the heck out of his lover, slowly tilting his head back and dipping his tongue into the sweet warmth and feeling the soft vibrations from the corresponding moan from Draco.

"Harry…Can we?" Draco asked breathing heavily, his eyes glinting in that familiar predatory way.

"God yesss…Lets get to the room.." Harry was already hard and was trying to conceal it from the other occupants of the lobby by staying close behind Draco.

The two lovers stumbled to the elevator and immediately latched on to each other's mouths, groaning at the other's taste.

When the elevator dinged to the top floor they stepped out still both breathing heavily holding tightly onto the other.

Draco fumbled with the muggle contraption to the door and finally Harry just took it from him and zipped it through the lock. Shoving the door open, Draco grabbed Harry's shirt and pulled him in, Harry laughing at his Love's eagerness.

Draco smirked and laid on the bed sexily, pulling Harry done on top of him.

"I want you…to make me scream." Draco wrapped his legs around Harry and pulled him into another deep breathtaking kiss.

"hnn Draco, your so hot…" Harry broke the kiss and shoved the silky material of Draco's shirt up, immediately dropping his head to suck on a hard pink nub.

"AH!" Draco howled and pulled Harry's head roughly closer. Harry smirked against the erected flesh and nibbled harder, then moved to the other causing the same reaction from the poor blonde.

Harry's hand grasped his wand and with a cleverly whispered spell their clothes were gone, and Draco practically screamed in delight.

Draco could hardly contain himself at the feel of his dominant's naked skin against his. He clung tightly onto Harry's shoulders as he descended on him, kissing his way done the silky pale stomach, pausing to dip his tongue teasingly into his bellybutton once and moving further down to his prize.

Harry looked once again at awe. Draco was so beautiful, everywhere Harry looked was nothing but absolute pale beauty, specially Draco's very hard, dripping cock. Harry's mouth watered and he quickly sucked in the head of his lover's manhood earning a cry of appreciation from above.

Harry bobbed his head slowly up and down while Draco twisted and pulled his hair trying desperately to screw his mouth.

"OHhhh Harry, please don't stop.. Don't ever stop!" Draco was thrashing his head from side to side and thrusting his hips which wouldn't move because of the strong hands holding them down.

Harry deep throated and swallowed, which would have amazed Draco with how quick Harry had picked up cock sucking but he was a little busy enjoying the hummmss and sucks that Harry was so kindly giving him. Harry was moaning around him from the taste, he thought he had never tasted anything so good as Draco.

"Draco.." Harry breathed as he pulled off the delicious meat with a wet pop.

Draco whimpered at the loss of warmth but smiled down at Harry all the same, he remembered how much of a whore he was last time, he didn't want it to be like that this time too.

"I love you." Draco soft quietly, his voice barely making it to Harry's ears.

Harry smiled and starting to rub the soft balls in his hand, "I love you too. Always, and I'm going to show you how much." Harry pushed Draco legs up further so he was perched on the edge of the bed so his arse was hanging slightly off, making Draco feel extremely open and insecure.

"Harry…" Draco whimpered and hide his face.

"Your beautiful." Harry leaned in and swiped his tongue over the quivering hole to his love, he almost moaned himself at the taste, it was so uniquely Draco that he almost came right then. He dipped his tongue in further wiggling it around deep making Draco gasp out Harry's name again and again.

"Please, I want you inside me. Now." Draco murmured getting rather impatient, but loving the attention he was getting.

"Do you want me to prepare you?" Harry asked. He didn't want to hurt the love of his life but Harry was about to explode.

"No, I want to feel every inch of you going deep inside of me. Then I want you to pound me so hard I can take it." Draco looked down at Harry and pulled him up on top, kissing his lips softly, "Please."

Harry didn't know how anyone could possibly say no to Draco, ever, much less in bed with him begging you so…sexily. But remembering something that drove Draco wild last time, Harry dipped his head back down licking the insides of Draco's creamy thighs, finding his older mark he kissed it softly before sinking his human, but still pretty sharp teeth deeply into the soft supple skin. Harry tasted the sweet copper blood filling his mouth and swallowed and lapped all of it he could, not letting any go to waste, he knew he had become a vampire for Draco's blood at that moment.

"AHHHHHH! YES!" Draco didn't even have to ask Harry to bite him this time, and it felt so amazing, this time Draco knew the mark would stay forever cause in a few seconds his love would be plunging deeply into him.

Harry crawled back up to face Draco and smiled, "You ready baby?"

Draco nodded and they rearranged themselves rightly on the bed with Draco's back relaxing on the pillows and Harry hovering above him.

"Tell me you love me." Harry looked down into Draco's silvery eyes while silently saying a lubrication charm on himself.

"I love you so much Harry." Draco replied without a second thought, of course why would he even have to think about it.

Harry lifted Draco's legs around him and felt the other boy tightened them automatically. He grabbed himself and guided his head to Draco's back entrance, moaning and rubbing his pre-cum around the hole. Finally Harry thrusted softly into the smaller male just letting the head slip through before stopping to take his breath and then proceeding to push the rest of his rather large cock inside.

"Ohh, Harry it-it feels so good, please move." Draco whined and clinched himself around Harry even more.

"God D-Draco, soo Tight ughh. Stop or I'm going to cum right now." Harry was panting above Draco heavily and he thought it was the hottest thing he'd ever seen, but he wanted to feel him moving inside him right now.

Harry gasped as Draco huffed and twisted to flip him onto his back, Draco smiling brightly from atop him, cock still firmly in his arse.

"I think I'll take over for awhile…" Draco leaned down and gave Harry a hot mouth watering kiss before leaning back and bracing his hands on Harry's shoulders and lifting himself up, pausing for a second, then slamming himself down.

"AH!" They both yelled out in pleasure. Harry's hands flew to Draco's hips helping him bounce on his erection easier. Draco was thrilled at the feeling of Harry's strong hands on his hips and began to lift himself quickly up and down on the hard hot flesh that he was growing to love even more.

"Oh mmmm…" Draco had his head thrown back, pale throat on display for Harry lustful eyes, riding Harry as hard as he could but suddenly the blonde cried out even louder and paused briefly before moving himself up and down at an even faster pace.

"Harry!" Draco had found his spot and was moving as fast as he could to kept that wonderful cock pressed against that pleasurable nerve. But Draco found himself getting tired fast.

"Love…I can't-" Harry's was cut off by Draco's mouth descending on his own roughly, tongue rubbing erotically against his own.

Harry growled and flipped them back over, Himself back on top of the blonde beauty. He smiled down at Draco quickly before beginning to pound himself into the hot arse, the headboard started to hit the wall obscenely and Draco started to scream his pleasure to the world, but more importantly to Harry, who was also groaning rather loudly himself.

"Touch me." Draco whimpered and grabbed one of Harry's hands that were on his hips and moving it onto his weeping cock, "Please. Make me cum so hard I can't think straight." But Draco could already hardly think, his mind was jumbled with thoughts about all the pleasure and how much he loved Harry.

Harry himself was lost looking into the black and gold spotted eyes of his creature mate, that had long ago changed but the claws digging into his shoulders weren't even registering with his pleasure filled mind, all he could think about was this beautiful Adonis writhing and the hot tight arse wrapped around his throbbing cock.

Draco lost himself in the feeling of hard cock thrusting repeated inside him and the strong hand milking his pleasure from his body and arched his back one more time before shooting jets of cum all over himself and his mate.

Harry felt and saw Draco coming, that tight arse squeezing impossibly tighter as his love emptied his lust over both of them, making Harry himself pound a few more strokes before filling the blonde.

Draco huffed as Harry collapsed on top of him. Draco stroked the sweaty black locks softly, murmuring words of love and appreciation into Harry's ear.

"I love you" Draco sighed.

Harry looked at his angel and decided that this is indeed how he wanted to go to bed every night, buried deep inside his mate after a round of love-making, telling each other how much they loved each other.

"I love you too."

7 months later. J yeah I know that lemon was rather bad, I'm sorry

" Draco?!" Harry yelled for his husband, walking through the large house checking various rooms.

"In here!" He heard the soft voice from a couple doors down.

Opening the door Harry grinned insanely. Draco was sitting in the nursery with his Brother sleeping peacefully in his arms looking sleepy and tired himself. But that wasn't all Harry was smiling about, he watched as Draco's hand idly stroked his own largely rounded stomach (not that Harry would ever use the word 'large' around Draco). Harry would get his own child in about two months and was eagerly waiting even though he loved seeing Draco pregnant, well he knew he would still see Draco like this again, this definitely wasn't going to be their only child.

Draco had been so good with his baby brother, always feeding him and rocking him, he always wanted to visit Malfoy Manor to see the precious boy, but Harry wanted to see their own son wrapped protectively inside those soft but deceptively strong arms.

"You look so wonderful." Harry whispered so he wouldn't wake the baby.

"You always say that." Draco blushed and leaned up to kiss his husband.

"Cause you always do." Harry replied simply before patting the soft blonde haired child's head.

" I want ours to look exactly like you…he'll be so beautiful Draco." Harry rarely used Draco's name, always preferring to use pet names, but the rare times he did Draco knew Harry was being serious.


"Put him to bed. Come on."

Draco put his little brother into the crib and kissed his forehead softly before following Harry to their own bedroom and laying down, Harry snuggling behind him to softly resume the stroking of his stomach himself.

Harry thought about all the things they had been through these last months. Draco quitting his job at Harry's adamant refusal to accept him working there, them finding out Draco was pregnant with a boy, their wedding day. All those thoughts flashed through Harry's mind as he snuggled deeper into his mate, smelling the sweet scent of his hair and skin.

"I'll always love you."

"I know."


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