AN: You can blame this one entirely on other people because they encouraged me to write this. I find it tremendously funny but I don't know if anyone will agree with me. Well, I know at least two people will find it as amusing as I do, so I suppose that's worth it. Anyhoo, on with the show. And sorry it's kinda short, but oh so worth it in my estimation.

"Oh my god, Booth we have to…." The sentence wasn't continued as Temperance let out a high pitched squeal. She tightened her legs reflexively at Booth sucked on her clitoris and sent a wave of sensation racing through her body. It wasn't fair that he was so good at what he was doing with his tongue.

"You taste so good," he murmured before licking up her lips and back down again, the tip of his tongue just penetrating her. She whimpered and bucked her hips off the bed. Booth brought his hands up to steady her and give himself a little more control over the situation. In and out he darted his tongue before drawing it up to swirl around her sensitive nub.

Temperance let out a yelp and arched off the bed, fighting against the grip he had on her hips. She was building to an orgasm faster than she ever had before. She couldn't think as her body was overwhelmed with the rising tension. Her legs tensed as did her stomach as she strained to maintain some aspect of control. The noises she was making were entirely instinctual and seemed to spur Booth on even more.

Booth grinned as he nibbled gently on her labia, enjoying her sweet natural flavor. If he could get this type of reaction out of her, there was no way he was going to forgo the opportunity. When her legs closed in around his head once more, he knew she was within seconds of an amazing climax. Just a few tongue strokes more and he could congratulate himself for being the man all he wanted. He licked up between her folds once more and felt her thighs quivering, begging for a release. That's right, he thought, I'll get you there alright.

"Daddy?" Booth froze, his eyes wide with horror. Please lord, he thought, don't let my innocent six year old son be standing in the doorway of my bedroom. Please let him be asleep in bed and I'm only having a hallucination. "What are you doing to Bones?" Shit, shit, shit. Booth raised his eyes up long enough to meet Temperance's as well as see the bright red blush that covered her whole body as she struggled to cover herself with a sheet.

"Um, well, heh…Dr. Brennan's leg was hurt, and that's why I'm down here." It sounded like a feasible lie, didn't it? Please let Parker buy that, though there was no reason why the six year old would have any other idea of what was going on.

"Oh, is that why she was screaming?" If it were possible to turn the shade of a lobster, then both Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan would have gotten there. Of course being swallowed into the mouth of hell for not only fornicating, but also lying was a distinct possibility as well.

"Yes Bub, that's why she was making so much noise." Booth shut his eyes, willing his son to end the conversation and go back to bed.

"Are you going to kiss it to make it better?" Booth swore he her Temperance let out a strangled laugh at that.


"Yes daddy?"

"Go back to bed."

"Okay. Night daddy, night Bones."

"Goodnight Parker," Brennan responded, her voice sounding strained. The little boy left the room, shutting the door behind him. After a long and incredibly tense moment, Temperance began to laugh, tears streaming from her eyes. Booth moved from between her legs to lay down beside her, his face still in a deep blush and a look of horror seemingly stuck in place.

"We are so busted."

"Yeah," Brennan replied as she wiped away the tears, "but it was so worth it."