Yet another random plot bunny attack. Hope you like. Tin Man isn't mine. Enjoy!

In the months since the Eclipse, Cain has developed a kind of extra sense. Apparently, in that time he has spent so much time around Glitch that he has somehow tuned into the man. He can always tell when the headcase is lost or in trouble, even if he is not in the immediate vicinity when it happens.

He first notices it one warm summer day while he's with DG, in the gardens of Finaqua, where the royal family is staying for the summer. In the middle of the Princesses long-winded rant on something called motorcycles, he pauses, mid-stride, looks around and starts walking towards the lake a good ways away.

DG was rather confused by his Glitch like behavior, after all, he's the only one with an excuse for acting in such a way. However, she decides against acting insulted by the hasty retreat when she spots Cain shrugging out of his jacket and diving into the water after a flailing figure that could only be Glitch.

"He can't swim." Cain explains, as he hauls the sopping wet man ashore. "But, he forgot."

DG watches the two of them for a moment, as the Tin Man helps Glitch out of the water-logged coat and covers him with the one he'd discarded before jumping in. "How'd you know he was in trouble?" She finally asks. They'd been too far away to hear any splashing or any other signs of distress.

Cain just shrugs, waiting for Glitch to remember who he is as he tries to introduce himself again. "I always know."

"Hi, I'm Glitch!" The zippered proclaims, offering a hand to DG. "He saved me!"

DG laughs and walks away mumbling something about Spiderman and Spider Senses.

Cain never does understand whak he and Glitch have to do with bugs.