Title: Butterfly
Words: 992
Rated: K+
Summary: She finds him again, but this time she can't remove the spell.

You're a love song

The light shot through the leaves showering the forest floor with green sun speckles.

Her soft hands didn't mind the catch of thorns as she ran.

Breathing softly, the thrumming in her head matching her heart.

It's just up ahead.

Only half-way sung

Old memories and laughter caught in the space of each slowing step.

She remembered being a young girl and finding her way home from this tree.

She had to get to it.

You're the knot that comes undone

The tree represented the way home, not just for her but her heart as well.

It was after all, where she first saw him.

She had to know, Kikyou was dead. She knew it; she heard her own soul cry out.

She just had to know.

When he didn't come back to the village she had started to worry.

A deep dawning in her mind had made her run and to keep running.

Not slowing down for anyone.

She had to know.

Dressed as darkest night

The first time she had met him...here.

God tree, Goshinboku...

The tree of time.

The flight of a stringless kite

Her breath hitched with fear as she reached the space.

She put a hand above her head to shield the bright light blinding her.

Fear hit her, she couldn't see.

The very vision

The soft feather tendrils flew across his face.

No breath in his lungs, no beating heart.

His eyes so golden, like the morning sunrise, were closed.

The tender veins in wrists and lashes showed his human side.

And the arrow...

"Again Inuyasha?" She asked sick at heart.

The mirage man

She wanted it to be a lie.

Sickeningly she stepped then another half motion and fell.

Her mind didn't register anything as she crawled.

Dirt and bark covered her fuku as she made her way to him.

She didn't feel anything, not the moss on the tree; nothing.

You're air in the palm of my hand

No tears, she just reached up touched the shaft of the arrow and knew that she couldn't remove it.

She didn't have enough power.

She could feel the void of Kikyou's heart in this power.

The all consuming desire for revenge.

Kikyou had taken it, though wrongly.

You're like catching

The claws spread out, powerful in dreamless death.

Her hand touched them and she wondered sadly how she could do without this being in her life.

"Maybe it was never real." She brushed her hands across his peaceful face.

She thought about the times he would scowl, now he looked soft, almost the ethereal beauty of Sesshoumaru.

The day's sunset

The light lengthened as the shadows took over and clouds came from the west with the strange wind.

Her hands kept washing over his body, as if trying to sooth the pain that others had inflicted.

If she looked closely in the dying light she could see some of the wounds that would heal and leave no scars.

O rain that's never wet

He had been such a fool to follow her.

He'd known. And he had chosen.

Even though it wasn't finished he had given everything to ease his conscious.

Kagome couldn't touch him.

Even as she ran her hands lightly down his haori, he wasn't real.

You're a butterfly in the mind

Everything he had ever said to her was a lie!

He wouldn't stay with her until the end.

He chose this…

You're a butterfly before my eyes

Rain fell, and in just a few minutes she was soaked.

A pink light surrounded him and she laid her cheek against his chest.

Kikyou's love.

She was so close that it protected her also from the rain.

He was warm now that the sacred arrow was protecting him and keeping him locked here.

You're a butterfly, a trick of time

Five hundred years from now he wouldn't exist.

He would be gone.


Sango, Miroku, Shippo and Keade would be the same.

And to her it would all seem like a dream.

Who leaves before he arrives

"You were supposed to stay with me." He broken voice, muffled against him.

Her grip tightened on the fire-rat kimono and let go as she again reached up to caress his face.

He had never loved her.

She was just a foolish little girl with nothing better to do.

If he had loved her he would have lived.

You're a butterfly in the mind

"We're not connected anymore." She sat up and yanked on the prayer beads.

They didn't come loose the first try, but she yanked again viciously and the necklace broke.

You're a butterfly before my eyes

Rain and beads fell around her; the fanged shapes skittered across the forming puddles.

She didn't cry, just looked around blurrily at the tiny glints that marked the beads.

She held on to him as she looked away from him.

Kagome titled her head back and let the rain fall on her.

Her tears did come then, and they mixed with the rain.

The sky above was a dusky grey.

You're a butterfly, who says he's mine

She wondered at the brief time they were together.

Things seemed so simple. In the end, they weren't.

A hollowness inside her could not be filled.

Maybe she would continue. Go on to defeat Naraku and become powerful.

"Yeah." She smiled wistfully, and then she would come back and release him.


He'd said that so many times, he'd have said it then too.

Who leaves before he arrives

"Inuyasha." Her fingers passed over his fluffy ears and she placed a soft kiss on his slightly parted lips.

He wouldn't mind that some of her tears had brushed his face and fell.

Kagome hopped down, ran to the surrounding forest and turned to look back him through the rainy gloom.

He seemed to glow, a ray of sunshine in the dark.

"Remember…" She sighed.

A/N: Song is by Yoko Kanno.