"I hate you!" Screamed a young Sakura, her dress wet from the snow and hair messed. She had unshed tears in her eyes, ready to pour out. "Say sorry!"

Uchiha Sasuke looked at her, then looked away. It wasn't his fault he kicked her. She called him cute. He wasn't cute! He was... uh... he was... oh, who cared. The fact was, she called him cute, he denied it, but then, she called him cute again, and what better way to end an argument then by kicking? His mother wouldn't approve, he knew. She would be angry at him, but with his innocent smile and quivering eyes, she would be hugging him and saying it was okay without a punishment.

"No." He stuck his tongue out and started to walk away until someone grabbed the end of his scarf.

"Santa's gonna skip your house for being such a bad boy!" she wailed as he lightly kicked her again.

"No he won't. I've been good all year. That kick was for a good cause."

"Sasuke-chan," a melodic voice sang, sending light shivers down his spine. It wasn't the 'time-to-eat' voice, it was something different. He looked up to see his Okaa glaring at him, her eyes clearly stating: No, no. You don't treat a lady like that.

"But mom-" he started to protest.

Mikoto's pinch to the ear made him wince in pain. Hissing, he muttered venom laced words in agony. Though the sound of the hurt girl cut him off.

"Moooommmmyyyyy!" she bawled, tears running down like a waterfall. A pink haired lady, probably in her late twenties early thirties, rushed towards Sakura, inspecting the leg once she got there.

"Oh, Osora-chan, I'm so sorry about my son's actions. And right on Christmas eve, too! Sasuke, what do you say?"

Sasuke crossed his arms and pouted. "I'm very sorry."

A sneeze was heard. Sniffling, too. Uh-oh.

"Sasuke-chan! You made Sakura-chan sick!"


"Sasuke-kuuun! Fwuff mhai pillow plea!" An ill Sakura said with her stuffled voice. She loved every second of his suffering.

He took her pillow and punched it. He then placed it back behind Sakura's head, which he thought was really big.

"I wan awimal cwackers!" She demanded, taking advantage of the time. She felt like a princess, ordering a servant to do her bidding. It would've been better if she wasn't sick, though. She could have done without that.

Sasuke wanted ever so much to say no, go get it yourself! And along the way, hit your head and lose your memory too, okay? Just then, his mother's voice echoed inside his head.

"Sasuke-chan, you are going to take care of Sakura-chan until she gets better. No ifs, ands, ors or buts. Got it? Good. Next time, think about doing something before actually doing something. Honestly, I thought you were better than this."

'She called me cute.' He sulked while he got the crackers.

"Fiwally!" She smiled when she saw the box. Taking it from his hands, she fished out a lion and bit its head off. Chewing, she suddenly remembered her manners. "You wan some?" She offered a monkey, but he declined.

"Okie dokie then, more for me!" Her hand stopped midway inside the box. She pulled out a random cracker and shoved it into his mouth. "It's Christmas, Sasuka-" "Sasuke." "-kun. That's your preshent. Mewwy Christmas!"

"I don't want any-" she stuffed another one into his mouth.

"Mewwy Christmas!"


My attempt to write a fluffy Christmas story. The thing is, I love Christmas, and I'm all hyper about it, but something is different this year. It seems like... everything has lost its spirit. But I do hope you guys out there are going to have a wonderful time with your family and all!