What is this planet by Bluerock 7

I do not own Stargate Atlantis, Abbott And Costello, just adore them. Enjoy.


Colonel Sheppard entered the office of Colonel Samantha Carter, with the rest of the SGA1 team.

"Welcome back Colonel, how was the planet?"

"We survived it, by the skin of our teeth, learned its name."

"So report"

"The Wraith were on What planet" said Teyla

Carter said "I don't know? Which planet?"

"No, Which planet had the Genii" said Doctor McKay

"I don't know. What planet?" replied Carter

"No, What planet had the Wraith, Which planet had the Genii" said John

"The Genii were on This planet and the Replicators were on What and the Wraith were on Which" said Ronan

"The Genii are on THIS PLANET?"Shrieked Carter

"No, Ronan is incorrect" snapped Rodney "The Replicators are on This Planet, The Wraith are on What and the Genii are on Which"

"How the hell should I know? You were on the mission" yelled Carter

"No, we never went to The Mission, that had Michael" said Teyla

"You had Michael on the mission?" Carter was confused

"No, no, no" said John to Rodney "Michael was not on The Mission."

"So who was on The Mission" asked Rodney

"Not us" said John

"Where did you go then?" asked Carter

"When?" asked John

"Just now. You came back through the Stargate from being on a mission"

"Yes, but we weren't on The Mission."

"Where were you then?" asked Carter

"On What Planet."

"I don't know, I wasn't on the mission" said Carter"

"I should hope not" said Rodney "Bad Planet"


"No, The Mission"

"So you were on the mission?"

"No, we were on What Planet" said Ronan

"You were there, not me." Screamed Carter then took a deep breath. "All I want to know is what planet you were on, which planet had the Genii and if the replicators are on this planet. Michael can go to bedlam for all I care. "

"Oh no, Bedlam is a very good place to go, I've been there many times" said Teyla

"I feel like this place is bedlam, sometimes." Muttered Carter.

"It is very simple" said Rodney

"Then please explain it to me, Doctor McKay. You all went on this mission, yes?"

"Yes, we went on this mission but we didn't go on The Mission" said John

"Oh, that's very clear! So the Wraith was on what planet?"

"Yes" said John and Rodney

"No" said Teyla and Ronan

"WHICH PLANET?" Yelled Carter

" No" said John and Rodney

" Yes" said Teyla and Ronan

Colonel Carter started to cry. The SGA1 team looked confused and called for Doctor Keller, who injected the Colonel with a sedative.

The team watched astonished, as the Medical team carried Sam, who was in Lala-land, away.

"Was it something we said?" asked Teyla

"We sounded perfectly normal to me" said Rodney

"Colonel Carter is a strange one" said John

Ronan looked puzzled, shrugged "Let's get something to eat. I heard the Mess Hall had Turkey"

"Great" said John, looked at Teyla and Ronan, "After we can look at a DVD I just received from Earth. Two great Comedians, Abbott and Costello"