A Preview of Things to Come

by Adrian Tullberg

The huge figure reclined on the throne.

The doors at the far side of the room swung open, and a retinue swept forward.

The figure in the purple robe bowed low, the soldiers and engineers following his example. "Lord Darkseid."

"Do you have what I requested Desaad?" Of course he had it; one of the coward's lackeys would have been sent in his place if there was failure to be reported.

Desaad smiled, and opened a metal box to Darkseid's gaze.

A green glowing ring was nestled among telepathic inhibitor circuitry.

Alongside was a similar yellow ring. The Ruler of Apokolips noted that they hadn't removed the finger in their haste to present their prize.

"How many died to bring Darkseid His prize?"

One of the generals snapped to attention. "Five thousand, three hundred and twenty-four."

"That few?"

"Yes my Lord."

"Award My personal commendation to their trainers."

"Yes my Lord."

"Post humourously."

"Of course."

Darkseid reached in, and took the rings from the inhibitor field that prevented them from escaping, flying off to select new bearers.

The rings trembled in his grasp, mostly due to the gaps in his massive fingers.

The beams of light bore from his eyes, encompassing the rings. The red luminescence filled the room with an unholy glow.

When the light faded, Darkseid was holding one ring.

Simple in design, it glowed red, like metal freshly taken from the heart of a furnace.

Darkseid handed the ring to Desaad. The torturer feared Darkseid more than he feared the contact of molten metal to his flesh, however the ring was cool to the touch.

"Duplicate this. As many as are needed."

Darkseid stood at His palace balcony, overlooking the result.

His instructions had been carried out.

His voice carried out to those He intended to hear it, because He desired it to be so.

One less thing to displease Him.

"I send you out on the greatest challenge any soldier can face: A two-front war."

"Those who are fighting either seek to preserve an old form of order, or to create a new order of their own designs."

"What none of them realise is this; there is no Order, there is no Chaos. There is only What Darkseid Desires. And I desire those who would challenge My Will to know the consequences of such an act."

"Those who embrace the old order embrace Will, the force of Mind. Those who oppose their dominance and wish to impose their own utilise Fear, the entropy of Order."

"They have made false idols of their tools and turned them into a philosophy of ignorance. They have ignored the power of Averace, Rage, Hostility, Infuriation. They have turned their back on the power that ignores the Will and burns away Fear."

"I have given it to you. I have given you the power of Anger and Hate."

"And what will you do with My Power?"

The twenty-five thousand beings in the massive parade ground punched the air in unison. The anger in their eyes almost drew attention from their glowing red rings.


All was As It Should Be.

"Go, My Crimson Furies ... and show them how Darkseid Defines Order."