Someone Else's Eyes

By Erythros


His Father always said he loved Mother's eyes the most.

He'd always said they were exquisite, that it had been partly the main reason as to why he had come to love her.

He had inherited his father's eyes—a pale, almost melancholic gray. Gray, like the silken sheets of his bed; gray, like the color of the sky when it rained, gray, like the mood of Father when he looked at Mother and thought that their son wasn't looking.

Father always seemed far off when he contemplated Mother's figure from a distance. She would be reading a book in her favorite chair in the sitting room, and he would look at her from his favorite chair by the window, studying her. Father called it admiration, but he knew admiration couldn't cause that slight downturn of his Father's lips, or the clouded look upon his features. No, it was not love or mere admiration that made his Father look upon his Mother in that way. Because he could tell, young as he was, that every time Father gazed at her like that, Father wished he was looking at someone else.

His Father said he loved Mother's eyes the most. Because they were exquisite—because they reminded him of Someone Else. He could tell, because Father saw Someone Else when Mother looked at him, and he always seemed almost sad. Because Someone Else wasn't really there, and it was Mother he was actually looking at and he couldn't do anything about it.

Father loved Mother, he could tell, but Father just seemed to love Someone Else more. And Father loved Mother's eyes because they were just like Someone Else's.

He had never said anything, however, because he supposed he was wrong. For after all, Father had no one else but Mother, and he loved her. He loved Mother's eyes the most, because they were exquisite, because they were kindly, and because who else, he fathomed, could possibly have such lovely, soft brown eyes as Mother did?

No one, no one else at all.


Author's Notes: A drabble in its own right. Wahahaha. Idea conceived after DH, and all the more strengthened when it was revealed Astoria Greengrass is, by canon, Draco's wife. Ugh. That bit of news broke my shipper heart a tad bit, yeah. But anyway! I shall write on. And review? Hehe.