1"I'll bring Dustfinger back. This story will have a happy ending. I swear!"

That's what Farid told me when I asked him if he was coming with us. I knew the chances were slim but I had hopes. If no when we got Dustfinger back I would thank him for the rest of my life for giving Farid back to me. I could never repay him for that.

Mo had been less than enthusiastic about me and Farid. He still thinks I'm too young to be in love. I think so too but I am. Resa has no problem with us. As long as we don't go too far. But I don't think she has to worry about that for a few more years.

But our main mission was to get Fenoglio to write something that would let us trick the White Women into giving Dustfinger back to us. However, we had no time for that. Mo still needs to recover. He was still weak from being shot by Mortola. So all we could do now is wait.


That was weeks ago. Nothing much had changed. We had convinced Roxane to keep Dustfinger close to us, at least for a little while. "Meggie! Farid! I've done it!" Fenoglio called from his room. "I've written the words that I am sure will bring Dustfinger back."

I took the paper from his hands and read it silently. Dustfinger had died. He died for the boy. Just as the story had said. The story Roxane had always told him that he loved. He asked the White Women to send him back to the world of the living. "I am sorry but I must go back. It is not that I don't love your kingdom, it's beautiful. But I need to see my family and keep an eye on Farid. The boy I came here to save." He told them trying to persuade them once again. This time instead of just telling him no, they said that they would have to think about his offer. A day passed before they called him into their quarters. "Dustfinger, the fire bender wants to leave us." one of them said. "He has put up a good argument. I think we should let him go."

"thank you," Dustfinger breathed, "Thank you so much I ca-"

"Wait one moment fire-bender, I am sorry but there will be a price. For allowing you back into the world of the living, you will not be able to stay out during the day. If you do got out in the sunlight then you will be sent back here and we will not be able to send you back."

"Oh thank you."

"We will now send you back." the leader and the other White Women started chanting unintelligible spells. Before he could do anything he was back in the mine. In front of Roxane.

"Take it to Orpheus and have him read it."

Meggie and Farid obeyed and raced through the tunnels til they found Orpheus. He took the paper and read it aloud making the words dance. Now all they could do was wait one day.