Title: Thank You Mother Nature
Pairing: Pansy/George
Prompt: Snowed In
Rating: Any Age

Thank You Mother Nature

"You know, we need someone to blame."

"For sure."

"Or maybe someone to thank."

"What was that?"

"Nothing," George smiled, she shrugged and continued counting the boxes on the top shelf. She was reaching up with her arm, counting them by pointing at them, causing the jumper she was wearing to slide up, displaying a rather smooth batch of skin on her lower back.

"Twenty eight, that's not many," she mused, sitting down next to her glass.

"Daydream Charms are one of our most popular items, with the witches and the wizards."

"I imagine they would be," Pansy said, holding her glass out for him to refill. "You sure this isn't going to make me drunk?"

"Positive, it's for the underage witch or wizard, just gives you a delightful consequence free buzz," he smiled. "Our number one seller, of course Honeydukes hates it."

She giggled, hiccuping slightly, "They are not big on the competition. You know I saw Madge peeking in the back room yesterday, of course I stopped her right away."

"Good girl Pansy," he said, patting her on the shoulder, inconspicuously sliding closer. "That witch has a nasty side that you wouldn't believe. I would not put sabotage past her."

"She's just bitter," she laughed, draining the remaining cider from the glass. "I like this, why didn't you let me try it before?"

"But then I'd have to share it with everyone, this way you have it all to yourself. Surely that's the better option."

"Of course, more please," she held out the glass.

George poured the last of the cider into her glass, "Well I better get another bottle if I want some too."

"Yes boss," she grinned as he stood up. "Go get it, and some crackers too, I'm starving."

"Right," George moved into the storeroom. Grinning as he noticed the lack of special cider on the shelf, "Hey Pans, we are out of it, what do you say about moving onto the stuff Fred cooked up the other day?"

"Same recipe?"

"Yeah," choosing to not add that given it's freshness, the alcohol content wasn't quite as low as the stuff they'd been drinking. She didn't need to know that.

"Bring it out," she laughed loudly.

"Thank you Mother Nature," George whispered to himself as he walked back to her. He'd found the culprit and the hero in one. Snow was suddenly one of his favourite things in the world, and the snow packed around the store, a lovely sight indeed.

Title isn't very good, and George is borderline "bad", that's how he wanted to play it. ♥