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Summary: Most people think that people who were born with a silver spoon on their mouth can be considered "lucky"; but, are they really lucky? This is a story about 2 strangers that are bound to a political marriage in order to uphold their family's name and to protect their family's reputation.

Chapter 1: The Cruelties of Life

Being an heir to a multi-million dollar company is not easy for people expect great things from you. Who would have thought that people born with silver spoons on their mouths can have such a complicated life? Most people think that people like these are so lucky for they can have everything and anything in this world! But for Toshirou Hitsugaya, it's the other way around.

He's rich, he's handsome, he's intelligent, he's good in academics, he's good in sports – you name it! He's always on top. The male populace look up to him; while, the females are aching for his touch. Yep, you can say that he's "the man". But the problem is, he hated his life. He hated how things revolve around him. He hated the thought that he cannot decide for himself. He hated that he cannot have his own freedom.

And the thing he hates the most, he cannot even tell his one true love, Hinamori Momo, that he loves her. He cannot confess his feelings because he's afraid that when his family found out, they might do something to Hinamori. He doesn't want that to happen so in order to protect her, he must submit to his family's wishes and demands from him. And their first demand, marriage.

He has to marry the daughter of Kurosaki Zaibatsu. He has to marry a girl he doesn't even know.


If you do not know the meaning of the word perfect, then better search for the name 'Karin Kurosaki' and you'll definitely know the answer.

She's one heck of a lucky girl! She's good in both academics and sports. She's rich and she's beautiful. She's perfect in all aspects. All the girls wanted to be her friend and all the guys wanted to be her lover. Indeed, she's one heck of a lucky girl!

Karin rolled her eyes upon reading the headline of the tabloid newspaper. "How can I be one heck of a lucky girl? I cannot even decide who to marry?" she thought.

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